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LOTR Battle Games in Middle Earth Issue 16

LOTR Battle Games in Middle Earth Issue 16


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In Painting Workshop we show you how to paint your new Ugluk model. Sarurnan blends science and magic. having captured the Hobbits. creating'ah. 'L""kf like meat's back IJ1t the menu. there is little that will stop him from completing his mission. Lurtz leads Saruman's search for The Ring and tracks it to Amon Hen. 1 . In this Pack of Battle Games in Middle-earth we look at the opportunities for adventure you can create by writing your own Battle Game scenarios. -- I ~ ~- " - = ~ S . Compelled by Sauron to build a mighty army. and become his captains. Ugluk would surely have delivered Merry. Our second Battle Report reaches its thrilling conclusion with Frodo trying to escape Saruman's clutches. Ilgluk takes command of the Uruk-hai and. he heads straight back to his master in Isengard. HARSH TASKMASTER Ugluk's superior strength and ferocity make him a brutal leader of the Uruk-hai. the leaders of tneCfighting Uruk-haL _. c=GB Date: 200~. that is truly worthy oj Mordor. Driving the Uruk-hai at a relentless pace across the plains of Rohan."driving the warriors forward and carrying out Saruman's orders.army. they did not have The Ring. Even when his army encounters a band of hungry Mordor Orcs in the night. and Pippin into the hands of Saruman. The strongest and most intelligent of the creatures are loyal to Saruman alone. With Lurtzs death. The largest and most intelligent oj these Uruks become the captains oj this vicious horde. he would rather slaughter them all than let the Hobbits be taken to Barad-dur and the Dark Lord Sauron. Who knows what fate the wizard would have conjured up for the Hobbits when he discovered that .{{' Ag Ia ra n n a Digitally signed by Aglaranna ON: cn=Aglaranna. bo/ff J UGLUK'· . and in Modelling Workshop we expand your terrain collection by showing you how to create outcrops and ridges. creating the Uruk-hai. If not for Eqmer and the Riders of Rohan..06.08 23:09:08 +01'00' GUIDE TO MIDDLE-EARTH'· In the deepeifY~jts of Orthanc?t~nl!oJ thousands oj Uruk-hai are being bred by the sorcerer Sarumdn.aruman will stop at nothing until he has The One Ring.

the breeding pits of Isengard create thousands of powerful Uruk-hai to serve in the army of Saruman..these will be explained in full in Pack ITs Playing the Game . . heavy armour. WARRIORS OF THE WHITE HAND Lurtz was the first Captain oj the Uruk-hai. He was entrusted with the task of finding the Ringbearer and returning him to Isengard. Lurtz was the first natural leader of the Uruk-hai. Although his fighting Uruk-hai are the most feared warriors in Middle-earth.PLAYING THE GAME With the fires of industry burning day and night. shield and bow. Lurtz fought mercilessly and without fear at Amon Hen. ~he 1. Sarurnan's immense forges produce weapons at a rapid pace. Don't worry too much about the points values for now .. and the fearsome Warg Riders.. thrust into a position of power due to their extreme savagery and strength. 5/4+ '" 6 Move 4 \81 ~ \V 3 4 2 2 14cm/6" Wargear: Sword (hand weapon). and his entire army is equipped and ready for war. forces of Isengard comprise a host of deadly Uruk-hai. 2 . In this Pack we introduce the full rules and points values for all the forces of Isengard. they include among their number many powerful Captains. killing the heroic Boromir and almost claiming the life of Aragorn! . In this Pack we provide you with a complete reference guide of the profiles for Satuman's forces.. ready for use in your Battle Games. replaced by Ugluk when he was slain at Amon Hen.

Of these new Captains. he mercilessly attacks the Orc! ~ CAVALRY CHARGE The Riders of Rohan charge the Orcs. will have to test again next turn. the strongest Uruk-hai used their strength and brutality to take control and ensure that the orders of Saruman were carried out. Ugluk immediately stops fighting . who quelled the treachery of the Mordor Orcs. 5/4+ 4 " 5 Move 2 2 4 14cm/6" 3 Wargear: Sword (hand weapon) and armour. Likewise. Rolling a 7. Ugluk stops fighting the Orc. ~ MORDOR SCUM! With the Riders of Rohan outside his charge range. Ugluk reverts to normal . At the end of the Fight phase. then he may move as normal. However.but.THE FORCES OF ISENGARD'" After the death of Lurtz. Ugluk tests to see whether or not he will charge the closest Mordor Orc. the most powerful and intelligent was Ughik. 3 . but at least one Mordor Orc. for example) in the same phase. Mordor scum!': At the start of each Uruk-hai Move phase. then Ugluk stops fighting and does not count as being part of the combat. Special Rules 'Get back. then Ilgtuk must take a Courage test. then he instantly reverts to normal and fights the enemy model rather than the Mordor Ore. if there are no visible enemies within 14cm /6" of Ugluk. If he passes the test. if he fails the test he must charge the nearest Mordor Orc and fight it in the Fight phase. regardless of what happens. if applicable. 'wkd now has tke fdWer to Jtand againJt tke armies 1 IJengard and Mdrddr? J SARUMAN'" ~ CHARGING UGLUK A Rider of Rohan charges Ugluk from 24cm110" away.his hatred of the Rohirrim outweighs his distaste for the Mordor Orc. if the Orc is charged. If Ugluk is charged (by a cavalry model. and instead must defend himself against the rider.

strong. or as a two-handed sword. 5/4+ 4 Wargear: Sword (hand weapon) and armour. They feel no pain and fight with a blood-driven frenzy. 6 2 8 Move ~ 14cm/6"- If!J W 4 .PLAYING THE GAME The leaders of the Uruk .. they are a formidable presence on the battlefields of Middle-earth. muscular and fearless. "" 4 . An Uruk-hai with a pike may not choose any extra wargear.hai are particularly aggressive and powerful examples of their race. 3 Move 14cm/6"- ij If!J W Options: Shield Orc bow Pike Crossbow 1 point 1 point 1 point 2 points Berserkers are the most dangerous of all Uruk-hai. The Berserker may not change from one mode to the other during the same Fight phase. In any turn the Berserker can choose to wield the long. and no other weapons or armour. Commanding their warriors through a combination of fear and respect. " 5 Move ~ 2 2 4 14cm/6" 2 If!J W 5 points 5 points 5 points Options: Shield Orc bow Crossbow Sarurnan's Uruk-hai are Orcs perfected . They are equipped with tough armour and brutal weapons from the forges of Saruman. as he requires two hands to wield the pike effectively. Wargear: Armour. wielding swords almost as tall as themselves! 4/- Wargear: The Berserkers carry extraordinarily long swords. "" 4/4+ 4 " 5 . heavy sword either as an ordinary sword (hand weapon).

If a model's shield is included under Wargear and not Options. unless it is mounted on a Wargo A model may not take a shield if it also has a double-handed weapon. Options: Throwing spear Orc bow Shield free I point I point Optional Shields If you choose a shield as an option for any model. where he was presumed dead! Sharku Warg 4/- v" . remember to • add +1 to its Defence value. . unless it also carries a bow. then its Defence bonus will already be included in the profile. picking off stragglers and spying out the land. He rides a Wargo Wargs are huge. so large that Orcs can ride on their backs as if they were horses! Warg Riders scout ahead of Orc forces. Dispatched by Saruman to attack the Rohirrim. he clashed with Aragorn and sent the Ranger tumbling over a cliff. 4 4 Move 3 3 14cm/6" ifJ '& ~ 3 4 4 2 2 3/- o 24cm 110" - Wargear: Orcish armour and a sword (hand weapon). A model with a shield may use the Shielding special rule in combat. and the boldest by far of that murderous horde.THE FORCES OF ISENGARD'" Sharku is the chief among the Warg Riders. pike or crossbow. wolf-like creatures. Warg Rider 3/5+ 3/- v" Move 4 4 ifJ '& ~ 3 2 14cm/6"24cm 110" - 4 o 3 Wargear: Orcish armour and a hand weapon.

They are up against 11of the Uruk-hai and are completely surrounded! Graham rolls seven dice for the Uruks against only two for legolas. Lurtz ha~ led some of troops.who has wlmessed. Aragorn and Boromir have moved ahead to clear the exit of the bridge. . over the river and the' situation ~ lOO. Gandalf had been separated from the rest of The Fellowship by the magic of Saruman and is now racing back to the Ringbearer's side. Can the ' Rlngbearer escape? We "join the. preventing the Uruk-hai from swarming over behind them. But the Elf's superior Fight value means that when both players roll a 6. The Uruls-hai are closing in. while Gimli and Legolas hold the other side. In the middle of the bridge .' .Part 2 In the first part of the Battle Report.Battle Report . Sam and Pippin. legolas wins the combat and promptly kills an Uruk-hai. The Uruks fighting against Gimli win the combat but are unable to roll high enough to get past his Defence of 8.stands Frodo.kjng desperate.the death of two of his companions. action now at the start of TUrn 6• GOOD KEY SIDE MOVES EVIL SIDE MOVES .It Gimli and legolas stand • together at the foot of the bridge.

He then moves to attack a third (c) and kills that one too. charging into two Goblins (a and b). . the exit is clear and The Fellowship can break out from the bottleneck created at the bridge. after failing to cast 1mmobilise on Frodo. right in front of Saruman! Gandalf tries to follow but rolls a 1 for his Jump test and remains stuck on the bridge. Frodo and Merry leap • off the bridge and into the open. Frodo spends Might to raise his to 6. Gandalf casts his Sorcerous Blast at Lurtz instead. Saruman. he wins and scores a wound on the Ringbearer. They both roll only one dice in combat and both score a 5.. charges into combat with him. he fights a Heroic Combat. At the head of . Boromir wins his combat and kills the remaining Goblin (d). killing the Goblins he was facing. With these Goblins dead.With Uruk-hai closing in on both sides. Unable to help Frodo... As Saruman has the higher Fight value. Seeing The Ring within his grasp. and the sorcerer does the same. the bridge. . who prevents it by spending a point of Fate.. knocking the Uruk-hai leader to the ground. Then. Aragorn uses his free point of Might to declare a Heroic Move. using another point of Might.

But with Gimli blocking the way onto the bridge and the ford being too far away. but unfortunately this time Graham rolls a I on the Jump test. The Uruk-hai lands in the river and is swept away.Turn! 7-8 Legolas darts along the bridge to • engage an Uruk-hai and prevent him from charging Frodo. the only option left for him is to jump over the river. Jumping across the river worked earlier for Lurtz. leaving the two wizards to face off one on one. Over the next two turns Gandalf and Saruman engage in a mighty duel. Saruman proves the better fighter but is only able to inflict one wound on Gandalf. The model is removed as a casualty. Graham needs to get his • Uruk-hai archer across the river in order for him to be in shooting range of the Ringbearer. . The Uruk-hai that try to charge Gandalf fail the Courage test required by his spell and turn to flee. never to be seen again. Gandalf casts Terrifying Aura on himself and then attacks Saruman for the same reason.

more than enough to kill Legolas. Graham has to bide his time and position his force so that it is ready to strike at the earliest opportunity. which means that the Uruks will catch up with them eventually. only this time he loses the fight. The Fellowship are managing to keep ahead of the Uruk-hal. Graham surrounds the Elf with Uruk-hal. Legolass Defence of 4 means the Uruk-hal only need to roll a 4 or more in order to cause a wound.Unable to get any of his models past Eegolas on the bridge. However. With Aragorn using his free point of Might every turn to declare a Heroic Move. the Hobbits have a Move of only 10cm /4" compared to the Uruk-hai move of 14cm /6". A W . Legolas still manages to win the combat and kill an Uruk-hai but spends all his Might points doing so. Graham manages to score 5 wounds . In the next turn Legolas is surrounded again. A V Lurtz (a) and Ugluk (b) close in and position themselves alongside The Fellowship as they move towards the table edge. Rolling 8 dice.

In the last turn. the others with pikes are able to lend support without needing to take a test at all because they are not part of the combat. However. duel right up to the very last turn of the game. Gandalf loses the fight and finds himself trapped and facing off against Saruman and seven Uruk-hai. Graham rolls another 16 dice to wound and. kills Gandalf the Grey.GAME Turns 9-12 Completely surrounded by Uruk-hai. but unfortunately for him he rolls two Is for his attacks in the Fight phase. with Gimli trapped and many of the Uruk-hai supporting their comrades with pikes. Gimli's high Defence of 8 means the Uruk-hai need to roll a result of 6 to score a wound. Each is unable to score a wound on the other until the Uruk-hai that killed Gimli arrive. the Uruk-hai head across the bridge . With Gimli dead. Graham gets to roll 16 dice to wound the Dwarf! Only four dice roll a 6 but it is enough to kill him. With two of the Uruks passing their Courage test to charge. Gandalf and Saruman continue their • . • Gimli bravely fights on. scoring six successes. .

Boromir loses the fight to six Uruk-hai including both Lurtz and Ugluk. In the last Turn of the game Aragorn declares a Heroic Move and leads Frodo off into the wilds of Rohan. killing the two Uruks he was facing with ease. . If Merry dies. Andy realises Graham's plan. If he can kill them then he has a chance! of catching Frodo before he leaves the board.. The next turn.. only Frodo and Aragorn survived. W A Andy is the winner as Frodo has escaped. Before the last turn of the game.A A hail of arrows from the Goblin archers leaves Frodo . He paid a terrible price for the victory though. Too late. preventing them from moving after Frodo. Merry charges the Uruks. The rest lie dead at the river Isen while Sarurnan survives to continue his hunt for The Ring. causing a total of eight wounds and killing Boromir! Aragorn fares better. Graham charges as many Uruks as he can into combat with Boromir and Aragorn. both Lurtz and Ugluk can charge and fight again. The brave Hobbit dies but he may just have bought Frodo the time he needs to escape. this time with Frodo. The Uruks easily win the combat but amazingly manage to score only one wound. as. 16 dice are rolled yet again. of all The Fellowship. Unable to reach Frodo. with only one wound remaining and no Fate left. Lurtz and Ugluk charge into Merry and then declare a Heroic Fight with the last remaining point of Might. which Merry saves with his Fate. The Horn of Gondor is blown but Lurtz passes the Courage test.

. Andrew Tipper played the Good side.' ~ OLD FRIENDS Saruman ana Gandalfface off for the final time.. In our 'Gap of Rohan' scenario. Mighty Hero 'Aragorn's Mighty Hero rule proved this game.. G realised the advantage of Herok Moves and used his Heroes' Might to achieve the same result.to make their Heroic Move first. concern. However. ~~.. Tn hK mu I . . even if I lost the roll to see who got..This the bridge first] so I could positi keep Frodo as Safe as possible. him combats later in the game: ITP1A1 . Frodo would never have survived. over and the Ringbearer htls ' i1wdy and Craham now tqke timeout to share with us their final thoughts on they played the game. Graham:~as ~sing up Might that would have .-~...ffiEi within 14 _ rago to niove es.). THE GOOD SIDE ..iw and Compel abilities on 'Graham's decision to use If could have used his it was better to save Even though Gandalf useful asa A HERO OF THE DAY Without Aragorn. ~The game is.. Did everything go to plan? What would they do differently? The conclusions they draw lend a greet insight into how you can improve your tactics for the next battle ...-.dJtclUJid1tJ .. I used his free point Might declare a Heroic Move~in a of the ga \\fing..

' 'Almost all the other Heroes of The Fellowship had died as well by the end. with. once their stores of Might were all gone. even beating back the combined prowess of Lurtz and Ugluk to protect Frodo.e"rest of The Fellowship.~~tf~if1 Uruk-hal reinforcements and' fil1a1ty' t1rdught down the Good wizard. Frodo orrly just managed to reach . charging into Frodo. It was particularly fitting that even though the circumstances were different.garne thece was a prolonged combat between the two. starting with two of the Hobbits. Later in the . Ugluk (rpssed at the ford to cut off their escape.Graham' "'>'Well.the edge of the board before' Ugluk and Lurtzcioght him. through the whole battle. as Sarumans Transfix . Although Aragorn and Boromir would undoubtedly haye slain them with ease.Ne'ither could do much damage until I bti.-:. well fer me.t1i~'iOngblng duel between Gandalf and Sa~rurriaAj'~hich ran. IfstaF 'Qff.' " -~~g(~~! '"U~[ lORe of.Ul'uK-hai closed in behind.aiid{ . the Uruks' sheer weight of numbers took them down. If my Evil Heroes had killed the Hobbit. Gimli and BOI·emir were immensely tough but 'eventually. The game was very dynamic. it mighithave slowed them down for one or two turns . and probably wil)ning the game for me!' WhatWent Wrong? " Boromir'sfinal act is to sacrifice his life for the safety of the Ringbearer. they could have completed their Heroic Combat. my favourite parts of this galne was . the high Defence score granted by his Mithril shirt meant they needed 6s to wound him. Th~ Fellowship racing for the bridge as tbe. it was still Lurtz who slew Boromir.'121 powers left Gandalf lagging behi~Q"rll. and with Aragorn and Boromir getting in the way as much as possible" they reallydidn't achieve rnuch.' Death of The Fellowship The only thing I wish I had done differently was tJ{e'way l-used my Goblin archersAlthough they fired dozens of arrows at Frodo. while. none of that-would have been necessary if it hadn't been for Merryl This little halfling did unbelievably well. In hindsight I think it would have been more useful to put'them directly in Frodo's path.just long -en'ougn for the Uruk-hai to catch the Ringbearer: 'Of course. Legolas. .

can be very useful. he is a formidable opponent. Lurtz. undercoat the whole model with black paint or spray in the usual manner. yellow. PAINT[NG Extra Tools Although for most models a craft knife will be sufficient for cleaning off flash and mould lines. green and flesh acrylic paints. it is ready for painting. Such is his dominance. ready for painting. . Once your Ugluk model is undercoated. with his light hair and long coat making him stand out from the crowd. Ugl6k tried to return the Hobbits to Isengardj only JO be foiled by the Riders of Rohan.. Hero of the White Hand Ugluk is a distinctive Uruk-hai. Once the glue has dried.. red. . while the craft knife will still be an invaluable tool for ESSENTIALS I Preparing Your Model Clean off any areas of flash using files and a craft knife. 14 ( . you might find it useful to get a collection of modelling tools to prepare your models. We will look at how to paint Ilgluk's distinctive dark blond hair. that he even stamps his authority onto the Mordor Orcs who accompany them. In this Pack we show you how to make Ugluk appear particularly ferocious and stand out among the rest of your Uruk-hai. A small pair of clippers may also be useful for snipping off large tabs and bits of flash. brown. A selection of small files. A cleaned and prepared Ugllik model. silver.PAINTING WORKSHOP Ugl6k is a fearsome captain of Saruman's Uruk-hai. . especially as they come in different shapes and sizes to get at hard-toreach areas. at Amon Hen. and glue the model to its base using superglue. Files are gently drawn across mould lines and wear them down to produce a smooth surface. you will need black. Fearless and capable. To paint your Ilgluk model. Takingcommand of the Uruk-hai aftel( the loss of their leader.. or 'needle files'. His cunning intelligence and brutal strength allow him to quickly take control of the leaderless Uruks. and weathering techniques to make your model look road-weary and battle-worn. white. .

with a crooked nose and high cheekbones. Using a mix of black and silver paint. so concentrate on these areas for your highlights. Ugluk's flesh is first painted like ordinary Uruk-hai skin.. Once you are happy with the colour. leaving the original flesh colour showing through just in the dips and rec~s~es of the skin. Next.. One of the most distinguishing and unusual features of Ugluk is his fair hair. . ~ character model. with this lighter mix. dry-brush the armour on the chest. such as the brow. . Paint the hair brown first. amfbrown paint. Als a powerful .'To 'add detail to the areas of skin. mix up black _... Ugltik's unusual light hair colour can be achieved with a mix of brown and yellow paint. adding water to form a dirtycoloured wash. lighter dry-brush. but is very different from that of other Uruk-hai.o Painting Painting Your"Miniature Metal Paint the metal areas on your Ilgluk model first. hair and flesh are now complete. use' pure silver paint to apply silver edging to the armour and sword blade. Adding flesh paint produces a subtle highlight tone. If you think that this is too dark.palnt the flesh with a dark mix of red and'brown. as the dry-brushing technique is quite messy. mix-a Ilitle flesh paint into your red and brown rnix to get a lighter tone. Ugluk will benefit from further highlights.. give the hair a very thin wash with watered-down brown paint. A dark wash of brown and l5Iack paint will make the armour look well worn.. • The Flesh Just as you dld for your other: Uruk-hal models. and carefully paint this onto the most prominent edges. Leave this to dry thoroughly before moving on to Step 3. • Painting the Hair ~ A very watery wash' of brown. will mute the yellow on the hair. and the blade of the sword. mix up a dark yellow colour by adding a tiny amount of brown paint to yellow. and dry-brush this mix all over the hair. . Now carefully paint all the raised areas of the flesh.. cheekbones and muscles. .. When this is dry. Finally. then add more yellow to the mix and give it a second. A The armour. nose. 15 . Ugluk is quite distinctive for an Uruk-hai. This blond colour is not as light as Legolas's hair. and apply this over the armour. Mix a little more flesh paint into your lighter skin colour..

and benefits from a little more attention than the rest of the model. blotchy effect. The coat is a major feature of Ugluk.. In addition. Mix up a light grey colour using black and white paints. • Weathering the Coat ~ Stipple the light brown mix onto the coat' to represent mud splatters. Apply this colour to the coils of the whip. Finally. add a little white paint to your light brown mix and apply a highlight to the edges of the coat. carefully leaving the dark brown colour in all the gaps to provide a little shading and definition. so it doesn't have to look too neat! . Remember that this represents mud splatters accumulated over weeks of life on the plains. Apply this over the first coat sparingly.. Your model at the end of Step 6. mix up brown and yellow paint to make a light brown colour. adding brown until you get a very muted shade that is slightly lighter than the ease colour. Use a mix of brown and yellow for these highlights. complete with weathering effects.PAINTING WORKSHOP • Painting the Leather ~ A light mix of brown and All the leather areas on Ugluk can be painted brown. loincloth and straps.. You want to create a rough. with the first weathering mix showing through the gaps in the second. Paint this roughly onto the lower portions of the coat. Paint this over most of the coat. but be careful not to get the paint on other areas. straps. A different tone of brown makes the whip stand out more. a single highlight to the edge will look fine. gloves and boots. Mix equal amounts of flesh and brown paint together. so paint it brown first. To represent the weathered coat. caked in grime from all the dust and mud churned up by the constant marching of the Uruk-hai. leaving the original brown base showing through in the deepest recesses. add even more yellow paint to your weathering mix. Once this has dried. . yellow provides a highlight for the leather straps. The whip can be highlighted with a different shade of brown to differentiate it from the rest of the leather. 16 . paint the whole coat with brown paint. You are aiming for a 'dappled' effect. Ugluk's coat is very dirty in The Two Towers film. • Painting the Coat ~ The final highlight goes right on the edges of the coat. such as the legs or sword. the different areas can be separated with the black lining technique if you wish to make a contrast between the sections. . First. For the wristbands. including the belt. The coat is quite dark.

Use a mix of flesh and white to paint the Orc head. mix flesh paint with white to make a very pale skin colour. carefully pick out all the teeth with pure white paint. If you want to add a small stone or two to the base. ~ Your finished Ugllik model. leaving the dark brown showing through in the nostrils.UGLUK'" • Painting the Orc Head . ~ Paint the hair grey before carefully drybrushing with white. as you can always neaten up any slips afterwards. The whole face can be painted brown first. pick out the teeth with pure white paint.. and then dry-brushed with a light grey mix. Paint this all over the raised parts of the face. There are several buckles on the various straps on the coat and armour. lightly dry-brush it with white paint. Next. eyes and mouth. Using a fine detail brush. ~ Once you have painted the mouth black. Use a fine brush to do this. now would be a good time. Don't worry too much about going over the light brown colour. which can easily be coloured in with brown paint. 'Burn every village! ) SARUMANm • Finishing Touches Paint the base green in the usual way.. The whip handle has a pattern modelled onto it. with almost white hair.. Do the same on the Orc head. The Orc head that Llgluk holds is very pallid. Stones can be painted black first. . Shade the handle of the whip with brown paint to bring out the sculpted detail. and use PYA glue to apply flock to the top surface.. • Bringing Out the Detail Paint the inside of Ugluk's mouth black. Paint the hair with a grey colour mixed from black and white. These can be carefully picked out with silver paint. You might need two coats of this skin colour to cover the surface evenly. ready to battle against the Rohirrim! 17 . Once this has dried.

M~ddleearth. . ' rocky formations of Rohan.PI~~arthr~l!g~QQt. am:s . We . -" The Rohirrim attempt to . .Y~Uf:~a. BLACK AND WHITE ACRYLIC PAINT JUNIOR HACKSAW COARSE SANDPAPER SHEET OF CONDENSED POLYSTYRENErSTYRENE') SOME SMALL STONES AND GRAVEL MODELLING SAND MARKER PEN Available from your-local Games \ Workshop store All available from your local DIY store I 18 . roc 'fIJI "'B""!'rl . because it is tougher and less '.just . 'styrene') the most 'suitable for this kind ot' modelling project. with polystyrene the main material ysed. white p3lystyrene. You ~i11 also need plenty of stonesrgravel and s3n~. J ~ ~I'- -~~ CHARGE OF THE ROHIRRIM '--.!te G" Th~se outc~p~ a:. and are used In oU. The techniques used for making hills in Pack 4 s Modelling Workshop are the starting 'point for outcrops.1 ' some 'rock Y outcrops~qr .__ ~--'--------~~--:--------"-' d' . find condensed pink p01ystyrene (or . flaky than regular. -r 'J You WrLL NEED PYA GLUE MODELLING FLOCK LARGE PAINTBRUSH CRAFT KNIFE GREEN.k'BaUle Report (pg 6-13) to represent some of he natural. BROWN.repel an Uruk-hai am'Dush.NG WOR'ESROP t"'_ 'if II' ~" I n this Pack's M~delJj'ng WQrkshop we shqw you the simple \echhJqrres heeded to build .

To recap. leaving a rough surface that is indented into the hill. 19 . circular shape on a sheet of condensed polystyrene. ov~r /' Angle the sides by sawing a rough 'slope' all the way around With the saW. and is made in exactly the same way as the one in Pack 4's'Moaelling. NB.tomake 'ours about . however. • Using a marker pen.OUTCROPS AND RIDGES The hill forms the base of the model. but first it needs a little preparation. although we chose. .and then sand down the-edges. carefully cut if out using a lunlor ha<:Ksaw. Using a craft knife. or even a fork. about two-thirds of the way around the hill. With your fingers. as sawing polystyrene creates clots of mess and dust. A ROUGH SECTION One side is ready to be covered in rubble. "'MAKING THE INDENT Pull out all the scored bits of styrene with your fingers. This time. Once you have drawn the circle.24cm 19~" in diameter. It can be any size you like. make lots of little scores all over this area. as they will be useful later to make rocks and rubble. "'CARVING THE SLOPES Carefully angle the sides of your hill with a small saw. leaving part of it rough.jie offcuts of styrene handy. only sand. mark Preparing the Outcrop The rough section of the hill will be covered in rocks and other texture. pull out the scored bits of polystyrene. Mark out the area where you want to place your textured materials. # o The Bask Hill . In our example you can see that we extended the rough area onto the top of the hill.Make sure that you do this a sheet of newspaper.'Worksho~ (pg 18-21].' ventllatedrarea. draw a rough.. ina well. Keep some of j. CIRCULAR HILL Cut the hill out of a sheet of polystyrene.

rop sttaignt away.Jf.(II.. available from most supermarkets.t.l>'. .. (t's~time topai.•.~ed·Qn:. cover .rough area. all...'~". sprinkle sana over the whole area.. 'be~(to.rwnite and black' paint. IlHlcl..." ..y. _t~ __ '. model.r'e':'Superglue should never he .>/§"'''' "..."''"''':.ancl y.. that occur ~aturaU~ oJ$outctops. liberally. ~ ~»' ' Once the PYA glue has"ariea.~"". or scree._ ofer. This reRresents~t§floose stones. • Painting Jhl . you might find that it falls off before the glue has stuck properly.ireq. tMem onto the..(). FILLING THE GAPS o@C. the excess now..:..:<:...:'_.. to fill in the gaps.'.. but it is much llghter and takes paint quite well. A great alternative material to use is cat litter.'J"~.. Irgnter dry-brush will really pick out ..7.- 20 .. and although it works well. y.puhave.:~_" . e:nd use PYA glue to stick Large.""c.. ' Finally.~.. because. '"0' "1.. . A secontf.'-'}.wtrll"PVA g..' .Jron:) Step 2.Test:.(J)fa"'e labyrinth d_/ razor ibarf rllekf. :.~ shaken off the excess sand.'.GraveJ is-quite heav.. 'F'~~>' ~".tty .y-brush it with Egrey colour ll}i~e4:!f()fu. An imj1.'.". if .. 4._ ~ :~l-'. to-dry first' .#' __ .~'P.0 Take<somepoflITh'I<rrger stones and leftover ~ GLUING ON THE STONES pieces.. styrene will #meltif you use spray ~ridercoat. :'i:?"-' "'': ~i~" #'w.. . "..i%.-'''''''''... C'7~'-"Dnce tITe large-'stones are fairly s~@Ire.-:+'1 'jjil' 'Emyn Muil.¥l .... -_-~"" '€c. leaxiJ~e. and some of the offcqts.. Again.. tne!rocks.ktne te~xttl...¥6u will need toIet" thfs' dfy"for -at least 'an hp!ll' hefote adding the.-------==""!P~.+ "-'<s.\t~ Use « heavy sprinkling of sand to fill in the gaps between the stones."4'" ""."b _.thldetail. / ..!t .1~/JeaYil1g oply """"all f.. It is more expensive than gravel. .. Undercoat the textured area'with.*~~~._~_ ''''_.-'-'-''''..f1t the. even thoughltsets Jaster.I'.the styrene! ~~p'~< -:.+of S"IYI€f)e. l\dafn·gthe Texture ~_H...J~~del Once the textured are~ is ary.}<d' the rough... paint it by hand-with a large brus nt the smooth par~Qf the outcrop O"I'""hl"'~~ .. o Undercoarfng ': ~ ': the Outcrop Ai. thinned-down black paint. rough stones add weight ¥ and texture to the model.::'. Sprinkle small pieces of ""gF8yel.~. c#{ .·arid if 'f e tli.stifeAe....".__ . J GIMLIn. tlTeglue.. snowing.. Rather than shake !qff.Jt will melt.. c~ . TOP TIP Gravel can be a bit heavy for projects like this. '"".'s':-of f~Uoff.

21 . you can create a convincing outcrop. .. made from brush bristles. ~~ndcover it in flock in the usual way. as shown in Pack ITs Modelling Workshop.. and it\is possible to carve a convincing rock face into tile side. Alternative Approaches Textures Cork bark is a lightweight material available from most specialist hobby stores. styrene is quite a good material to cut into. such as long grass made from brush bristles. Gravel will be used to cover the gaps before painting it. Also. as you will need to use a craft knife extensively. really enhance the model. made from cork bark. and looks Just like rock when painted. It is reasonably' easy to cut with a junior hacksaw. A few washes of green and brown paint applied sparingly on the rocks can create a very realistic effect.You can add extra details to the hill..OUTCROPS AND RIDGES • Finishing Touches Give the smooth... CARVED ROCK FACE Simply by carving rock shapes into the styrene and painting it. and undergrowth made from pan scourers. " ~ CORK BARK OUTCROPS This outcrop looks very effective with a sheer rock face. . ADDING DETAILS Long grasses. This outcrop was made by gluing large pieces of cork bark to one side of the hill. green area a thin coat of PYA glue.. Be very careful when attempting this. . This outcrop has been carved so that one edge looks like a worn and weathered crag.. THE FINISHED OUTCROP The outcrop is now ready for use on your battlefield.

.Battle Games in Middle-earth is just one part of The Lord oj The Rings tabletop gaming hobby. Pictured below are just a few items from the extensive and ever-growing range.

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