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Questions for Analysing the Solidarity Service

Questions for Analysing the Solidarity Service

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Published by: Stuart Henderson on Sep 13, 2011
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Something to chew on...

“ALL the sex in Brave New World is destructive.”

To what extent do you agree?

This is something I want to return to at the end of the week as a means of gauging how your understanding has developed.

The Solidarity Service
Simile - Identify/Explain 1) Identify the simile used on p.69/72 (Longman/Vintage) 2) Why might it be considered an unusual image? Allusion - Identify/Explain 1) What is “Orgy-porgy” an allusion to? 2) How does this use of allusion impact on the tone of the sequence? Consider the impact on the ‘adultness’ of the whole sequence)

1) How might this sequence reinforce the infantile and superficial nature of the World State? (Patterns/Motifs) 2) By making the sequence almost comic, Huxley makes it difficult for the reader to connect with/understand the Solidarity Service. Why might this be important in terms of his overall desire to help us see the flaws in the World State? (Reader Positioning)

3) How could the connection between sex and violence be used to suggest Huxley’s distaste for the World State? (Theme-Purpose Connection)

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