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Estate for Sale Near Munnar V1

Estate for Sale Near Munnar V1

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Published by Nataraja Upadhya
Proposal attached
Proposal attached

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Published by: Nataraja Upadhya on Sep 13, 2011
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Esrare Iand near Esrare Iand near Esrare Iand near Esrare Iand near Munnar Munnar Munnar

Munnar tor SaIe tor SaIe tor SaIe tor SaIe
Schedule of the property
Nataraja Upadhya
+91 9632824391
Proposal Summary
• A family owned estate land in Kerala near Munnar for
• Total 1035 acres of land with 920 acres of plantations,
100+ acres of commercially usable land
• Suitable for
– Further development of the Estate for Agriculture including
Medicinal Plantation and excluding Rubber plantation
– Green Tourism with options to build 65 Tree Houses
– Mineral Water Production Plant
– M-Sand Production
• Is available on total sale including building and other
infrastructure to a single entity for a value much below
the market price
• Owner Estimated Market Value: 204 Cr, but the owner is
open to offer discounts, make your best offer!
• Motivation to Sell: The owner wants to retire and go
abroad to join the rest of the family
Key Success Factor for the Sale
• Initial sale will need to generate 15 Cr minimum for the
owner to get approx. 250 Acre land related papers
released from the Bank
• The sale process need to complete within next 3 months
• First Come First: The owner will make the deal to
whoever meets his minimum price criteria
• Since the plantation yields more than 10% return per
annum, ability to manage the plantation post sale
becomes a win-win equation for the sale!
• The owner will cooperate with the sale process if the
buyer needs to do it through institutional financing!
• The market value and the legal status of the land enable
institutional financing on mortgage for the buyer
• Best suited for the businesses which will leverage
plantation based tourism along with plantation
agriculture, and plantation based commerce
Land Location Summary
• Location:
– At Santhapura, 32 km from Munnar, 3 km from
Mathikettaan Wild Life National Park, 40 km from
Eravikulam National Park, 45 km from proposed
Idukki Airport, 60 km from Thekkady, 130 km from
Kochi International Airport, 180 km from
Coimbatore Airport
• Boundaries:
– National Highway on the North, Koodampara
Estate in the South, Kerala Border in the East,
Kumily Highway in the West
• Height: 2500-5000 Ft from Sea Level
Estate Location on Google Map - 1
Estate Location
Estate Location on Google Map - 2
Estate Location
Land Acreage Summary
• Total 1035 Acres
– 660 Acres of Cardamom Plantation
(Cardamom Pattayam)
– 260 Acres of Coffee Plantation (Kuthaka
– 115 Acres of land that can be used for
commercial purpose (Purayida Pattayam: or
LA PAttayam Suitable for any purpose)
Estate Infrastructure Summary
• 28 km of Estate Mud Road inside
• 3 Check Dams for irrigation purposes
• Buildings: Approx.
– Main Bunglow, Guest Bunglow in Concrete
– Staff Quarters and Mess in GI Sheet Roof and false ceiling
– Stores in GI Sheet Roof
– Dryer Unit in GI Sheet Roof
– Vermic Compost Unit
– Spices Factory
– Fertilizer Unit
– Godown
– Dairy Farm with capacity for 400 animals
– Labour Lines
– Mahalakshmi Temple
• Vehicles:
– 2 Tractors
– 1 Tata Estate Vehicle, 4 wheel drive
Agriculture Activity Details
• 450 Acres of Cardamom
– 1.5 Years old Cardamom across 250 Acres, Njellani Hybrid,
export quality
– 3.5 Years old Cardamom across 200 Acres, Njellani Hybrid
• 200 Acres of Coffee Plants
– 60,000 Coffee Plants
– Kaveri Coffee: 100 Acres
– Robesta Coffee: 100 Acres
• More than 1,000 Fruit bearing trees like Guava, Orange,
Pomegranate, Lemon planted to suit Green Tourism
• 10 Years old Pepper all over 650 acre plantation along
with Cardamom and Coffee
• Current Annual Income from Plantation : 20 Cr, can be
enhanced to 35 Cr.
• 22 Permanent Labors, contract labors 150 at peak
Owner’s Estate Valuation Summary
• Total Market Value: Aprox. 204 Cr
– Estimated Market Value of Land: 192.5 Cr
• Market Value of 140 Acre Tourism development suitable land
at conservative price of 50L per Acre = 70 Cr
• Market Value of 660Acre Plantation Land at conservative
price of 15L per Acre = 99 Cr
• Market Value of remaining 235 Acre land at conservative
price of 10L per Acre = 23.5 Cr
– Estimated Market Value of Plantations: 5.5 Cr
– Estimated Market Value of Trees: 5 Cr
– Estimated Market Value of Buildings and Vehicles:
0.7 Cr
Legal Status
• The Estate is owned by a family partnership firm
where the Father, Mother, Daughter, and Son in
Law are the partners
• Approx. 15 Cr worth loan with the bank when
cleared, the title associated with approx. 250
Acre land will get cleared
• Govt leased land by the current owner will
become legitimate for the buyer as the seller has
held it for long enough time
• Owner will work with the buyer to reduce the
registration burdern for the buyer
(To be included later)
From outside In
Guest House Area 1
Guest House Area 2
Guest House Interior
Plantation Area 1
Plantation Area 2
Plantation Tourism -1
Plantation Tourism - 2
Plantation Tourism - 3
Plantation Tourism - 4
Plantation Tourism - 5

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