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Get Multiple Lovers Without Getting Caught

Get Multiple Lovers Without Getting Caught

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Published by mmoreal
Get the women you want
Get the women you want

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Published by: mmoreal on Sep 13, 2011
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The Ultimate Guide

Get Multiple Lovers without Getting Caught
Find Multiple Women Online Have Sex With Them Be Drama Free Protect your Identity

ALL Without a real relationship

Proven Methods

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If you are looking for a “dating guide” or “relationship guide” this is not for you. This method is designed to meet multiple women online for sexual relationships, not get caught, and be drama free. If you want to cheat on your wife/girlfriend/lover or date multiple girls at once without being someone’s “sugar daddy” or “provider” this is for you.

First off, l am the most average person you will meet. I am of average looks, I dress average, and make an average income. I don’t have a fancy car, house, or anything wonderful to brag about. Those things really don’t matter anyway when it comes to sexual relationships. What I do have is a girlfriend and handful of hot friends with benefits that I all met on online dating sites with no drama and not being anyone’s sugar daddy. I have sex at least 4 to 5 times a week with different women. Dating sites today are the perfect medium for this type of dating or “hooking up”. Why? Two main reasons, anonymity and the mass amount of sexual dating sites out there today. The intention of these sites are not for relationships but sexual relationships. (Again more on this later)

Goals of this method
• • • • • • • • • Meet Girls Don’t get caught Learning to cover your tracks and not get noticed Be Drama Free Be anonymous or untraceable as possible No fluff about love Have sex Have lots of sex Did I mention the sex thing?

Now, let’s into it!

Copyright 2009 – Get Multiple Lovers Without Getting Caught

First I want to explain the prep work you will need. It seems like a lot, but its not. These items are essential to the methods listed below and should only take about 10 minutes to setup.

What you will need to start:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Email Addresses Instant messenger accounts Pictures (more on this later, don’t freak out) Prepaid Cell Phone (optional) Prepaid credit card Sign up on a dating site

RULE #1: The guy that these girls meet is not 100% you, it’s a part or persona of you. Be creative and have fun with your accounts online. Just don’t make it crazy or too complicated and don’t include any details that are too specific.

EMAIL Accounts
This is an often a step that people don’t pay enough attention to or use an email address tied to them personally. Use a throw away or free account from one of the following providers to keep anonymity in communications: • • • • Gmail Yahoo AOL Hotmail

Don’t use one that you already have, this is important. Those accounts must have to be expendable and have no ties to you at all. If you happen to get a girl that is too clingy or drama builds up, be prepared to drop that account and move on. I suggest getting a few, just keep them straight and don’t use any personal info except possibly your name. Tip: Don’t pick a email address like HugeDick@hotmail.com or Lookingfor69@gmail.com. Pick something like RocketMan@gmail.com or DodgeballKing01@aol.com. You will get better responses, trust me. The last thing you want to be labeled as a horn‐dog or loser. You want to be a fun‐loving, normal, non‐ psycho guy that is also a bit of a rebel or bad boy.

Copyright 2009 – Get Multiple Lovers Without Getting Caught

Instant Messenger Accounts
Okay, the reason to do this is to communicate off of the dating site; which is what you want. Dating site communication can be restricted, slow, and annoying. Make an instant messenger (IM) account with both Yahoo and MSN for each email address you have. If you want you can just use Yahoo IM since it is the most popular on the dating sites.

Pictures [Important]
This is where I hear everyone say “How can you stay anonymous and not get caught with a picture of you on the site?”. The truth of the matter is you won’t get much of a response without one, but the picture doesn’t necessarily be exactly you or all of you. You can crop yourself out, put a black box over your eyes, show yourself with a group of people or far away. The main point is to have one up or you will be ignored. When picking your profile picture make sure it isn’t you just standing there or a picture of your dick, ass or something like that. Pick picture of you at a bar, club, concert, playing with dogs, anything that shows you do get out and like to have fun. Again, this can be you in a crowded bar smoking a cigar, playing football, or even some guy on the internet that kind of looks like you. Just be sure to keep it as close to you as possible without being too identifiable. Tip: Change your picture every week or so. Women think it’s someone new or hasn’t seen before and will get you more attention. It’s also a good way to test which pictures work for you.

Pre‐paid Cell Phone ‐ Optional
If you are planning on talking on the telephone at some point, this is a necessity and the best way to stay anonymous and leave no long term tracks . They can be purchased at almost any gas station, pharmacy, grocery store, or cell phone store. Activate with phony info if required, use and throw away. Don’t keep it turned on and when it is on, make sure the ringer is low. If someone finds a phone that is off, you can always say it’s a friends or you found it. A cell phone that is turned off is usually believed to less suspicious than one that is on and active. If you do get it a situation that you are cornered or need a way out, just throw the phone away and get a new one later. Tip: Don’t stock pile phones, use them and throw them in the trash.

Copyright 2009 – Get Multiple Lovers Without Getting Caught

Prepaid Credit Card – Optional (but recommended)
Most dating websites save the best features for their paying members such as videos, profile views, amount of contacts, and other services. Most of these packages cost anywhere from $9.99 to $19.99 depending on the level you want to be at. This is where the Prepaid Credit Card comes into play. They are almost untraceable and leave no direct evidence to you or what you used them for. So go to a gas station, grocery store, or pharmacy pick one up and use it to register. NEVER EVER EVER pay for a dating site with a form of payment that has your name on it. With a Prepaid credit card even if you personal statement or receipt ends up in front of the wrong eyes, they just see gift card or a innocent line item and not a dating site. Also the dating site can’t get your information and send you offers. Tip: If you plan to date or go out on dates, use cash or prepaid credit cards. Limit the footprint of financial transactions that can be tracked back to you. More on this later.

Sign Up on a Dating Site
Okay, now is where you use all of the information above to bring it all together. Sign up at a dating site anyone will do, but the ones below are what I would recommend and what I have had the most luck with. • • Anatasia Date – The largest adult dating site on the internet. If you have to start somewhere, I would suggest here. Asian Beauties – A fetish site owned by Anatasia Date

Tip: Don’t pay for a membership when you first sign up. Try it out, build your profile, and see if you like it before you buy something. Don’t worry too much about profile creation at this point. We have 24 hours before it is really active anyway. The main point is to get signed up and see if this is a site you want to spend the time to create a profile on. More on profile creation in the next section anyway.

Copyright 2009 – Get Multiple Lovers Without Getting Caught

Time to Create Your Profile Text Part of the Profile
Profile creation can be a daunting thing, but not to worry. With a few tweaks of the following examples, you will be on your way to meeting women in no time. The goal of your profile should inspire the following traits: Sociable, Fun, exciting things happen to you, youthful, adventurist, and an alpha male. Do not ever say that you have nothing to do or bored. Never ever give the reader the impression that you life is not full, exciting, and fun to be part of. How far you take it is up to you. A Few Rules for writing a profile: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Short, not to descriptive In the about me section, focus on examples of traits that you want to intail Don’t say your fit, horny, got a 9” dick, keep it kind of clean and just hint at those things Use traits that imply what you want to get across In the ‘What you are looking for section’, make her qualify her traits to you.

Example: About me “ My name is XXXX and I am XXXX tall with XXX hair and XXXX eyes. I am active in my football/rugby/soccer this season, Go Lions! Something important about me is that I am addicted live bands at the moment. I love heading out with a few friends discovering a new bar/shop and rockin’ out. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to dress up and get out and have a good time. Its great to let go and be someone outrageous every once and awhile. Who I am looking for I tend to gravitate towards women that like to get out and have an adventure every so often. I can be spontaneous at times and love women with the same spark. If you love live music and are a bit of a punk get extra points.

Tip: If you are getting writers block or want to know what the more popular profiles are doing, sign up as a girl, post a fake pic (or not) and see what happens. It is definitely a learning experience.

Copyright 2009 – Get Multiple Lovers Without Getting Caught

Uploading pictures and additional content
Make sure you fill out as much of the additional content and questions as possible. I know that when I use Adult Friend Finder I get much better results when these forms are filled out. Make sure you keep it “R” rated or below, at first anyways. You do need a place to escalate to when talking to a woman. (More on that later) Participate in chats and forums that are on the sites. It helps, trust me.

Interacting with Women on dating sites or Closing the Deal
First off, NEVER EVER act desperate or wanting. Women can never be attracted to a wimp. Don’t be to eager, make sure she has to prove that she is good enough for you. She has to work a little bit to prove to you that she is worthy of your time, not the other way around. Never beg, turn it around. It’s her loss if she doesn’t spend time with you. Women rarely jump in bed with you the first time you chat so make sure you leave her wanting more in your conversations. Never say you are bored, stuck at home, or anything that conflicts with your ‘life of the party’ lifestyle. If she says she is bored or stuck, don’t offer to come satisfier right off the bat. Be playful. Say how about a game of strip checkers on yahoo chat or some other game where it can turn naughty. Don’t make it just about her taking clothes off, you have to participate as much as her to keep her comfortable. When asking for an email, offer yours, and then ask for hers. Trust me on this one, if you give yours first there is little hesitation not to return the favor. Worst case scenario, she has yours. NEVER ACT LIKE A STALKER. Even if you are waiting on her on IM or the site, play it off like it’s a pleasant surprise, but never like you are there just for her. A good tactic is to say you are just answering email or someone wanted to chat. Jealousy is good. Go slow. Use the dating site communications, then email or IM, then phone, then meet up, then sex. Although it varies from girl to girl, just keep it progressing, don’t stall. Don’t hide that you are on the site for sex. You are a sexual being and won’t apologize for it. Just don’t be rude or vulgar about it. 99% of the time, that’s why they are on there. Have a few women that are friends. Women are comfortable with men on the sites that have women as friends. Think of them as free advertising and qualification you are a good guy to have sex with. Keep any information that could allow her power over you to a bare minimum.

Copyright 2009 – Get Multiple Lovers Without Getting Caught

Getting out Quick!
This guide has been written on many years of dating online and my friends dating online with the goal of getting laid. Where most of drama came up was when I went past the friend‐with‐benefits level. Neither you nor her should go past friends or drama will happen, maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but some time guaranteed. So if things are starting to go where you don’t want them to here are a few suggestions: • • • • First, talk to her, explain that this is going to far and remind her of you limits in your first conversations Start distancing slowly. Start interacting less and less with her. Hopefully she will find someone new. Change phones, block her from IM, ignore emails In case of crazyness, dump and run. Change accounts on the site, change phones, change emails.

Putting all together – Final Thoughts
• • • • • Remember you want to stand out and not be a psycho or a stalker Keep the mind set that you need them more than they need you Keep it sexual, don’t get into a relationship Present your life as fun and exciting so that she wants to be part of it Don’t be needy and keep it casual

This method is just a framework to get you started. Expand on it, explore what works and doesn’t. Change personalities or alter egos as often as you like. The main point is protect yourself, have fun, and get laid! Good Luck!

Copyright 2009 – Get Multiple Lovers Without Getting Caught

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