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The solution
MedITEX IVF is a software application that meets all daily requirements in your practice and helps to pave the way for the fulfillment of parents‘ desire for children. MedITEX IVF supports physicians and their teams in all areas of diagnostics and therapy. The software provides a structure, coordinates, assures and delivers excellent results.

MedITEX IVF provides: Efficient therapy documentation and quality assurance Collection of data relevant to diagnostics and therapy Coordination and synchronization of data from different sources Easy access to all information from the patient file Quick localization of the required information Comprehensive analyses and statistics Clearly-structured graphic charts User-friendly management of all administrative and communication tasks Time and cost saving in administration Continuous checking for invalid data records which can then be quickly corrected Data exchange with national registries


Designed by leading IT and medical experts: MedITEX IVF The patient file
The special medical part of the application facilitates treatment, communication, counseling, and allows for reliable prognoses. Problem and process-oriented documentation as text, word, photographic image, graphic, sound and video Findings, diagnoses, course of treatment, results, therapy including relevant correspondence Holistically integrated patient care Uncomplicated external-internal exchange of information Easy search, find and sort function: by keywords, formats, areas Detailed and clearly-arranged statistical analysis Control of the quality of results Management of material and sterile material Mobile devices Dialog with national registries

The talented organizer
MedITEX IVF facilitates administrative tasks, automates standard procedures, saves time, lets you control the costs and organizes accounting. Patient management, cryo management Documentation of information and sensitive data Medical reports, findings, contracts Comprehensive options to execute administrative data queries Electronic patient record Management of correspondence, archiving Outstanding items, reminder letters, credit entries Standard and user-defined forms To-do lists, duty roster, vacation planner Quick statistical analyses Orders, stock management MedITEX IVF offers more than just good software. For example professional consulting and training that allow you to use the system efficiently in a short period of time as well as updates that meet the changing and increasing requirements of the health care industry. We are also the right partner for the custom-tailored integration of MedITEX IVF in your practice system.

Ideally connected
The use of an application is not least defined by its versatility and the compatibility with all relevant interfaces. MedITEX IVF impresses with comprehensive options for the exchange of information. Laboratory diagnostics: Endo crinology, individual images, spermiograms Administrative systems for practices and hospitals Ultrasound scanners Microscope cameras Bar code and RFID Microsoft Office CASA systems Increased multiple-client capability