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pathophysio CRF2 --revised

pathophysio CRF2 --revised

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Published by: deborah malnegro on Oct 10, 2008
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- Reduction in renal capillaries -Scarring of Glomeruli - Atrophy & Fibrosis of Renal tubules

> 90 % of kidney damage

Malfunction of RAAS

Nitrogenous wastes impairs platelets Bleeding tendencies ANEMIA

Decreased Erythropoietin Production Continuous decline in renal function -fatigue - weakness

Toxins irritate pericardial sac Pericarditis Cardiac Tamponade

Toxins impair immune system Decreased Immune system Risk for superinfection

Urea deposits on the skin Uremic frost

Na & H2O retention

┼ Decreased Urine Output Oliguria Hypertension Increased blood pressure Edema Pulmonary Edema, Peripheral Edema Stage IV END-STAGE RENAL DISEASE (ESRD) GFR <10% Continuous Multisystem Affectation Multiple Organ Failure Sepsis

Toxins affect CNS

Uremic Encephalopathy -changes in mentation/ psychiatric symptoms -irritability -fatigue -insomnia

Heart Failure

┼ ┼


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