November 2010


November 2010

Investment climate of a state is determined by a mix of factors
• • • • Skilled and cost-effective labour Labour market flexibility Labour relations Availability of raw materials and natural resources • Procedures for entry and exit of firms • Industrial regulation, labour regulation, other government regulations • Certainty about rules and regulations • Security, law and order situation


Incentives to industry
• • • • •

Investment climate of a state

Regulatory framework

Tax incentives and exemptions Investment subsidies and other incentives Availability of finance at cost-effective terms Incentives for foreign direct investment (FDI) Profitability of the industry

Physical and social infrastructure • Condition of physical infrastructure such as power, water, roads, etc. • Information infrastructure such as telecom, IT, etc. • Social infrastructure such as educational and medical facilities



November 2010

 Advantage Rajasthan  State economy and socio-economic profile  Infrastructure status  State policies and incentives  Business opportunities  Doing business in Rajasthan


ADVANTAGE RAJASTHAN Rajasthan November 2010

Rajasthan – State profile

Covering an area of 342,239 sq km, Rajasthan is the largest state in India.

The state has 33 administrative districts. Jaipur is the state capital; Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Bikaner, Alwar, Amber and Chittorgarh are the other key cities and towns in the state.
There are two major rivers flowing through Rajasthan: the Chambal and the Luni. The state has nine agro-climatic zones and a variety of soils that support cultivation of crops such as wheat, rapeseed, mustard, soy bean, bajra (millet), maize and cotton. The most commonly spoken language of the state is Hindi. Marwari, Jaipuri (Dhundhari), Mewari and Malvi are the other dialects popular in the state. English is the medium of education in most schools.
Source: Maps of India


The state is developing sector-specific infrastructure such as special purpose industrial parks and special economic zones for exports of handicrafts. Policy and fiscal incentives The state offers a wide range of fiscal and policy incentives for businesses. which makes it an important trade and commerce centre. biotechnology.ADVANTAGE RAJASTHAN Rajasthan November 2010 Advantage Rajasthan … (1/2) Easy access to largest consumer markets Rajasthan touches six major states of the Northern. through sector-specific policies for tourism. Source: Maps of India 5 . Facilitating infrastructure Rajasthan has well-developed social. IT and electronic goods. Western and Central India. IT and ITeS industries. It is a natural corridor between the wealthy Northern and the prosperous Western states of the country. physical and industrial infrastructure as well as good virtual connectivity.

58 polytechnic institutes and 846 industrial training institutes (ITIs). beautiful palaces. lakes and mountains. In addition. picturesque Thar Desert. Source: Maps of India 6 . the law situation in the state ensures good working environment. fascinating handicrafts and colourful culture make the state an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Unique tourist attractions Rajasthan‟s rugged forts. which is indicative of scope for value addition and exports.ADVANTAGE RAJASTHAN Rajasthan November 2010 Advantage Rajasthan … (2/2) Conducive environment for industrial growth Rajasthan has favourable industrial-relations environment with negligible incidents of labour unrest. Basket of unexploited resources The state offers a variety of unexploited agricultural and mineral resources. lively fairs and festivals. Competent talent pool Rajasthan has been investing in capacity building through development of a strong institutional network at all levels. bird sanctuaries and national parks. The state has 1.050 colleges including 80 engineering colleges.

as of 2007-08.0 11.981. March 2008 7 .8 22. RHS Bulletin.ADVANTAGE RAJASTHAN Rajasthan November 2010 Rajasthan in figures … (1/2) Parameter Economy GSDP as a percentage of all states‟ GSDP Average GSDP growth rate (%)* 4.548 133 Central Electricity Authority.9 992.976 70. 2001 Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Annual Report 2008-09 Airport Authority of India 60. 2000-01 to 2007-08.586. as of June 2010 As of October 2008 Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.398. current prices 5.162 4.449 5. current prices Rajasthan All-states Source Per capita GSDP (US$) Physical infrastructure Installed power capacity (MW) GSM cellular subscribers (No) Broadband subscribers (No) National highway length (km) Airports (No) Social indicators Literacy rate (%) Birth rate (per 1.487.000 population) *Calculated in Indian rupee terms 684. as of March 2010 Cellular Operators Association of India.585 6 159. current prices CMIE.398 145.5 64.4 25.4 27.050. as of 2007-08.5 456.5 CMIE.8 Census of India.8 CMIE.5 100.5 11.

ADVANTAGE RAJASTHAN Rajasthan November 2010 Rajasthan in figures … (2/2) Parameter Ease of doing business FDI inflows (US$ billion) Outstanding investments (US$ billion) Industrial infrastructure PPP projects (No) 54 515 www. www.nic.6 Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.972.5 53.sezindia.pppindiadatabase.in 0.2 1.6 120. non-conventional energy Adequate skilled labour available 8 . IT and ITeS.com Notified as of July 2010. SEZ: special economic zone Parameter Policy support Rajasthan Government Sectors with specific policies Availability of labour Healthcare. tourism. biotechnology. April 2000 to May 2010 CMIE. as of March 2010 Rajasthan All-states Source SEZ (No) 7 363 PPP: public private partnership.

ADVANTAGE RAJASTHAN Rajasthan November 2010 Key industries with policy thrust and factor advantages Industry attractiveness matrix High IT/ITeS and Electronics Tourism Policy thrust Auto components Biotechnology Medium Cement Mining and metals Low Medium Factor advantage High *Factor advantages include benefits due to geographical location and availability of factors such as talent pool. natural resources and capital 9 .

RAJASTHAN November 2010 Contents  Advantage Rajasthan  State economy and socio-economic profile  Infrastructure status  State policies and incentives  Business opportunities  Doing business in Rajasthan 10 .

4 75.239 33 165 56.8 Sources: Economic Survey of Rajasthan 2009-2010. Directorate of Economics and Statistics *Census 2001 11 .7 43.1 17.4 27.STATE ECONOMY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE Rajasthan November 2010 Socio-economic snapshot of Rajasthan Parameters Capital Geographical area (sq km) Administrative districts (No) Population density (persons per sq km)* Total population (million)* Male population (million) Female population (million) Population growth rate 1991-2001 (%) Sex ratio (females per 1.9 62.3 921 60.000 males)* Literacy rate (%)* Male (%) Female (%) Average life expectancy (years) Male Female Rajasthan Jaipur 342.5 29.2 62.

the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of Rajasthan was about US$ 46.4 19.4 43.1 17.9 36.0 CAGR 10.0 30. Rajasthan‟s GSDP 2009-10 2008-09 2007-08 2006-07 2005-06 2004-05 2003-04 2002-03 2001-02 2000-01 1999-00 0.9 25.0 40.1 17.0 Source: CMIE 10.1% • US$ billion 12 .0 46.0 50.8 20.4 billion in 2009-2010.5 28. from 1999-2000 to 2009-2010 was about 10.8 43.6 25.STATE ECONOMY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE Rajasthan November 2010 Rajasthan‟s GSDP • At current prices. The average annual GSDP growth rate.5 19.1 per cent.

8 15.9 20.6 22.0 CAGR 9.0 30.0 40. the Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) of Rajasthan was about US$ 40.1 15.4 38.5 16.2 31.4 billion in 2009-2010.3 38. The average annual NSDP growth rate between 1999-2000 and 2009-2010 was about 9.8 24.0 10. Rajasthan NSDP 2009-10 2008-09 2007-08 2006-07 2005-06 2004-05 2003-04 2002-03 2001-02 2000-01 1999-00 0.8 per cent.8 16.STATE ECONOMY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE Rajasthan November 2010 Rajasthan‟s NSDP • At current prices.0 50.7 22.0 40.8% • US$ billion Source: CMIE 13 .

Percentage distribution of GSDP CAGR 42.0 per cent). followed by secondary sector (30.8 30.2 per cent to the state‟s GSDP at current prices.7 2009-2010 Tertiary Sector • Source: CMIE 14 .2 11. agriculture contributing the major share.2 45.STATE ECONOMY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE Rajasthan November 2010 The tertiary sector has an increasing share in Rajasthan‟s economy • In 2009-2010.0% • 25. The share of the secondary sector in GSDP was driven by manufacturing that registered a growth of 9. The share of the primary sector in GSDP was 24.0 per cent in 1999-2000.0 1999-2000 Primary Sector Secondary Sector 24.9% 7.5% 32. the tertiary sector contributed 45.0 11.7 per cent in 2009-2010 vis-à-vis 32.7 per cent between 1999-2000 and 2009-2010.

9 per cent from 1999-2000 to 20092010.2 325.0 600.2.0 332.4 580.0 1999-00 Source: CMIE 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 15 .0 700.4 333.4 699. The per capita GSDP at current prices increased at a CAGR of 7.0 500.0 300.0 684. Rajasthan‟s per capita GSDP at current prices was US$ 699.0 100.0 0.7 462. Per capita GSDP 800.8 427.0 200.2 US$ 400.0 429.STATE ECONOMY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE Rajasthan November 2010 Per capita GSDP • • In 2009-2010.9 672.9 305.

6 8.9 12.5 20.00 All-India 20.5 5.00 In per cent Rajasthan 10.00 25.6 18.00 2.6 52.1 per cent as compared to 26. 2009-2010 *See Annexure for socio-economic classification (SEC) of households 16 .2 7.00 40.5 3.0 23.1 10.4 21.0 11.2 6.00 In per cent A1 0.00 30.00 All-India 32.3 11.00 20.00 4. Distribution of rural households by SEC* R4 R3 R2 R1 0.6 43.1 per cent at the all-India level.7 Distribution of urban households by SEC* 18.6 10.00 Rajasthan Source: BW Marketing Whitebook.5 20.6 4.4 E2 E1 D C B2 B1 A2 9.00 6.3 9.00 60.STATE ECONOMY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE Rajasthan November 2010 Distribution of households by income • The estimated percentage of population in Rajasthan below poverty line is 12.4 40.6 Urban 15. • The share of urban households in educated and self-employed category in the state is in line with the all-India average.8 Rural 50.

0% Food Education All-India Medical Rajasthan Durable goods 7.6% 2.2% Urban 52.0% 40.0% 20. the state is comparable to the all-India level.9% Rural Source: Household Consumer Expenditure in India.2% 4.0% 30.0% 30. 2007-08 NSS 64th Round 17 .7% 2.8% 3.0% 5.STATE ECONOMY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE Rajasthan November 2010 Consumer expenditure on household goods and services • • Rajasthan is ahead compared to all-India in share of per capita expenditure on food.3% 53.0% 10.8% 6.0% 10.0% 40.3% 5.1% 8.2% 39.0% 20.0% 50. With regards to share of expenditure on education and medical.0% 0.6%42.0% 0.2% 3. Share of average monthly per capita expenditure on household goods and other services 50.0% Food Education All-India Medical Rajasthan Durable goods 3.5% 4.4% 60.

tourism. Bureau of Investment Promotion (BIP) and Rajasthan Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) are responsible for promoting investments and developing industrial infrastructure in the state. IT. automotive and agrobased industries. electronics and textiles.STATE ECONOMY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE Rajasthan November 2010 Key industries in Rajasthan • The natural resources. ceramics. policy incentives and infrastructure in the state are favourably suited for investments in sectors such as cement. IT and ITeS. Key industries in Rajasthan • • • • • • • • • • Cement Auto and auto-components IT and ITeS Ceramics Mining Tourism Textile Agro-based industry Gems and jewellery Marble • • 18 . handicrafts. The Government of Rajasthan is promoting development of several SEZs across the state for sectors such as gems and jewellery.

8 million tonnes) and soy bean (1. soybean and coarse cereal.4 36 . *As of 2007-08 2. In 2007-08. with an annual production of 5.0 414. The other key crops of the state are cotton. sugarcane.5 18.827 .0 million tonnes).0 750.034.0 • • 19 . Rajasthan was among India‟s three largest producers of rapeseed and mustard. the total production of the top eight crops of the state was over 12.0 1.754 .8 million tonnes. It is followed by rapeseed and mustard (2. Wheat* Crop Annual production in 2008-09 („000 tonnes) 5. potatoes and rice. Wheat is the major crop of Rajasthan.0 million tonnes. mustard and soybean are the key agricultural products • In 2008-09.0 92. rapeseed.0 • Rapeseed and mustard* Soybean* Cotton* Guar seed* Sugarcane Potatoes Rice* Onions Arhar* Source: CMIE. guar seed.0 920.STATE ECONOMY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE Rajasthan November 2010 Wheat.0 23.

handicrafts.5 7. Annual exports growth trends (%) 2008-09E 2007-08 -25.0 150.1 16.0 50. It is spread over an area of 26. The state‟s major exports include textiles. etc.5 per cent between 2001-02 and 2008-2009.0 E: Estimated Source: Capital Markets • 20 . which serves as an international habitat and convention centre. handloom.0 39. “Expocity Jaipur”.5 15.2 0.STATE ECONOMY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE Rajasthan November 2010 Rajasthan‟s exports trends • Rajasthan‟s exports increased at a CAGR of about 19. has been developed by Jaipur Trade Expo Centre Private Limited.2 141. state-of-the-art business centres. the State Government is laying emphasis on developing export promotion industrial parks (EPIP).1 -19.0 100.9 23.400 sq m and houses multi-utility homes.0 • 2006-07 2005-06 2004-05 2003-04 2002-03 2001-02 2000-01 • -50. minerals and auto components.0 33. In order to boost exports from Rajasthan. gems and jewellery. entertainment zones.

6% Services Mining Non-metallic mineral products Chemicals 19. food & beverages. metals & metal products.3% 1.8% 4.3% 13.6 billion.8% Others Electricity Construction Machinery • • 18. FDI inflows from April 2000 to May 2010 amounted to US$ 470 million.7% Others include chemicals.5% 5. As of March 2010. Electricity accounted for over 33 per cent of the state‟s total outstanding investment followed by construction.1% 33. Break up of investments by sector 3. textiles and irrigation Source: CMIE. outstanding investment in the state was US$ 53.STATE ECONOMY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILE Rajasthan November 2010 Investments and FDI inflows • According to the Reserve Bank of India. as of March 2010 21 .

RAJASTHAN November 2010 Contents  Advantage Rajasthan  State economy and socio-economic profile  Infrastructure status  State policies and incentives  Business opportunities  Doing business in Rajasthan 22 .

2009-2010 • 23 .585 km of National Highways.673 • Source: Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. Rajasthan had 5. Road type National Highways State Highways District roads Road length (km) 5. km in 2009-2010. The road density in the state has increased from 54. km in 2008-09 to 54.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Roads … (1/2) • As of March 2010. 11.673 km of major district roads.6 km per 100 sq. Under various schemes such as the Missing Link project and the Central Road Fund. 200809.9 km per 100 sq.758 km of State Highways and 7. Economic Review of Rajasthan.585 11.758 7. new roads are being constructed to link all villages in the state.

1.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Roads … (2/2) • In 2009-2010.This project is being implemented by Road Infrastructure Development Company of Rajasthan (RIDCOR).7 km of road had been constructed. • • Source: Maps of India 24 .045. about US$ 316. The Rajasthan Mega Highways Project for improvement and maintenance of 1. As of March 2010.053 km of road is underway with an investment of US$ 326 million.9 million had been spent and 1.300 villages were connected under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sarak Yojana (PMGSY).

6 km. of which 3.4 km (68. Rajasthan had a total railway network spanning 5. Jodhpur-Jaisalmer. Important routes in the state are JodhpurMarwar. The railway route length per 1.683 km.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Railways • As of March 2008.3 per cent) was covered by broad gauge.885. Lalgarh-Kolayat and Lalgarh-Merta Road station. Source: Maps of India • • • 25 .000 sq. The Indian Railways also runs famous luxury tourist trains – Palace on Wheels and Heritage on Wheels – that connect some of the important tourist destinations of Rajasthan with Delhi and Agra (in Uttar Pradesh). km of geographical area was 16. as of March 2008.

Bikaner and Kota with regular flights from New Delhi. Mumbai. Udaipur. Kolkata. Sharjah. Hyderabad. and inland container depots (ICD) at Jaipur. Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Jaisalmer. Domestic airports are located at Jodhpur. An air-cargo complex at Jaipur. • • International airport Domestic airport 26 . with flights to Dubai. Jodhpur. Bangkok and Singapore.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Airports • The state has a fully operational international airport at Jaipur. Bhilwara and Bhiwadi facilitate trade within and outside India.

as of March 2010.398 Internet/broadband subscribers: 195.525. According to estimates by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Telecom • As of June 2010. Cellular Operators Association of India. As of 2009.214 Sources: Economic Review of Rajasthan 2009-2010. The state had 195. there were 33.487.879 Wireline subscribers: 1.316 post offices and 2. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ^As of 2009 • • • Major telecom operators in Rajasthan • • • • • • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Bharti Airtel Tata Teleservices Reliance Communications Vodafone Essar Etisalat DB Telecom • IDEA Cellular Services 27 . Rajasthan had 25.5 million wire-line subscribers in Rajasthan.316^ Telephone exchanges: 2.334 telephone exchanges with 284 customer service centres.118^ Post offices: 10. the state has about 10.740.118 Internet/broadband subscribers in 2009. Telecom infrastructure (2010) GSM cellular subscribers: 25.5 million GSM subscribers.334^ Customer service centres: 284^ Wireless subscribers: 33.7 million wireless subscribers and 1.

1 5. 1.0 3.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Power … (1/2) • As of March 2010.0 MW (62.0 2.000.3 per cent) under the private sector.967.0 4.7per cent) under central and 1.0 7.030. Rajasthan had a total installed power generation capacity of 7.0 6.768.5 MW comprising 4.0 8.910.000.000.426.242. The private sector controlled capacity is based on renewable energy sources.0 1.827.9 6.2 7.000. 11 per cent of gas-based power plants and 25 per cent of hydro-power plants.768.9 6.000. • Source: Central Electricity Authority • 28 .000.6 (24. which are regulated by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.0 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 7.000. Installed power capacity (MW) 9.607.000.5 • The capacity owned by the state utilities comprised about 64 per cent of coal-based power plants.0 5.0 per cent) under state utilities.9 MW (13.000. Renewable energy sources such as the wind power and the biomass are being actively promoted by the State Government.

2010 38. a wholly-owned subsidiary of JSW Energy Limited.1 billion.080 MW (eight units of 135 MW each) lignite-based pit head power plant in the Barmer district. is setting up a 1.336 villages have been electrified and about 950.000 wells have been energised under the Rural Electrification Programme. The Rajasthan State Electricity Board. As of March 31. formed in 1957. The estimated project cost is US$ 1.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Power … (2/2) • Raj West Power Limited. was restructured in 2000 to form the following companies: Segment Power generation Power transmission Power distribution Name of company Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Limited Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Limited Jaipur Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited Ajmer Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited Jodhpur Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited • • 29 .

storm water drainage.gov. 14 projects costing US$ 280. Sources: JNNURM. water supply improvement. Bikaner. The towns covered under the project are Ajmer. http://www.in • • 30 . Jaipur. Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project (RUIDP) has been sanctioned by the Government of Rajasthan with loan assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Jodhpur.The target areas of development are solid waste management. In addition. Ajmer and Pushkar. The projects have been sanctioned for completion between 2007-08 and 2009-2010. Kota and Udaipur. drainage.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Urban infrastructure • Under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM). roads and solid-waste management.4 million have been sanctioned for the cities of Jaipur. sewerage. The key areas of development under this project are water supply.ruidp. and bus rapid transport system. Ministry of Urban Development.

0 131. BOOT: Build-own-operate-transfer.3 Stage Construction In operation Construction Construction Construction Under bidding Construction Under bidding Construction Construction Reuse of recycled-water-tertiary.8 108. EOI: Expression of interest 31 .4 42.3 43.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Key public private partnership projects Project name Gurgaon-Kotputli-Jaipur road Mahapura (near Jaipur)-Kishangarh road Deoli-Kota road Palanpur-Swaroopganj road Mahua-Jaipur road Narmada road Bharatpur-Mahua road Sector Roads Roads Roads Roads Roads Urban development Roads PPP type BOT-Toll BOT-Toll BOT-Toll BOT-Annuity BOT-Toll BOT-Toll BOOT BOOT BOT-Toll Project cost (US$ million) 363.pppindiadatabase.5 43.8 54.treatment Urban development water plant Jalmahel tourism project Agra-Bharatpur (NH-11) road Tourism Roads Source: www.com BOT: Build-operate-transfer.9 140.2 105.0 77.

Ajmer R N T Medical College. nine medical colleges and 12 dental colleges. Udaipur Jhalawar Medical College.036 seats in the public sector and 712 ITIs with 80.7 per cent and the female literacy rate was 43. There are 1.369 lower primary.151 High schools^: 14. 2008-09 ^As of 2008-09 *As of 2009-2010 Government medical institutes in Rajasthan • • • • • • • • Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College. the male literacy rate was 75. Jhalawar Government Medical College.050 colleges in the state. with a capacity of 4. Rajasthan has made significant progress in the field of higher education from 2007-08 onwards. 2009-2010.Udaipur Sardar Patel Medical College. The state‟s school infrastructure consists of 57.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Education sector • The state has a literacy rate of 60. 54. there are 134 industrial training institutes (ITIs) (including eight for women) with 20. they provide vocational training.540 students.792 seats in the private sector.151 higher primary and 14.100 high schools. 32 Rajasthan‟s primary education statistics Schools (No) Pupil-teacher ratio^ Net-enrolment ratio in primary schools^ Lower primary^: 57. Department of Education and School Literacy Flash Statistics.4 per cent according to Census 2001.100 28:1 99. including 80 engineering colleges.369 Higher primary*: 54. There are 26 government polytechnic colleges including seven women polytechnic colleges.9 per cent. Bikaner SMS Medical College. As of 2009-2010. Jaipur Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital. Kota • .5 • • Source: Economic Review of Rajasthan.

Economic Survey 2009-2010 ^As of 2006-07 *Per thousand persons **Per thousand live births Source: Economic Review of Rajasthan. Sample Registration System. A number of initiatives such as the Chief Minister‟s „Jeevan Raksha Scheme‟ and the World Bank assisted „Rajasthan Health System Development Project‟ have been taken up to improve the healthcare facilities of the state.8 4.369 1.5 6.2 62. community health centres and sub-centres. health units.487 Beds in government medical institutions: 43.8 63 • Health infrastructure • • • • • Female Government hospitals: 127 Community health centres: 368 Primary health centres: 1.541 Sub-centres: 11.864 Sources: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 2009-2010 33 .372 27. Health indicators as of 2008 Population served per medical institution^ Population served per hospital bed^ Birth rate* Death rate* Infant mortality rate** Life expectancy at birth (years)^ Male 62.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Health infrastructure • Rajasthan has a three-tier health infrastructure comprising primary health centres. 2008.

34 • • • • . • • • • • Golf is another popular sport in the state.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Cultural infrastructure • Cricket. along with a record of the forthcoming and past cultural events and exhibitions. Jaipur House of museums: Displays ethnic art pieces emitting Rajasthani folk culture. Most important stadiums of the state include Sawai Mansingh Stadium. Chaugan Stadium. Mansarovar Stadium (Jaipur). jeep safari and elephant safaris. Hostel: Residential facilities • The state has various district associations operating under the purview of the Rajasthan Cricket Association. Arts gallery: Displays arts and crafts created by well known artists. In addition. Key cultural centres in Rajasthan include Jawahar Kala Kendra and Radha Krishan Cultural and Convention Center in Jaipur. Studio: Exhibits paintings and sculptures by well known artists. Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal and Meera Kala Mandir in Udaipur. Pratap Stadium. House of theaters: Plays with high literary value are staged here. paragliding are the popular sports in Rajasthan. • Jawahar Kala Kendra. polo and aero-sports such as parasailing. Library: Has books and magazines. and Desert Cultural Centre in Jaisalmer. water sports are an upcoming area. horse safari. Rajasthan offers various adventure activities including camel safari.

33 per cent of their total turnover. Jodhpur. A state-of-the-art special economic zone has been developed by Mahindra and Mahindra with an investment of US$ 244 million. a joint venture of Mahindra Gesco Limited and RIICO Limited. It has established a satellite earth station in the Sitapura IT park of Jaipur along with the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI). packaging and export of spices (especially coriander) from Rajasthan. A multi-product SEZ is being developed by Mahindra World City (Jaipur) Limited. This public private partnership initiative envisages an investment of about US$ 241. A spices park is proposed to be set up at Ramganj Mandi for processing. The units operating here have export orders accounting for. in-principle approval had been given to 11 SEZs and there were seven notified SEZs. Bhiwadi and Bhilwara. The EPIP in Jaipur is among the largest export parks in Northern India. Neemrana (Alwar) and Boranada (Jodhpur). The park will be set up in an area of 30 acres at a total cost of around US$ 3 million.1 million. For ease of movement of cargo. at least. EPIPs have been set up at Sitapura (Jaipur).INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Industrial infrastructure…(1/2) Infrastructure Theme parks Primary industry Multi-industry Details RIICO is developing theme parks with a special set of infrastructure and facilities for establishing industries in line with the designated theme. It has attracted many domestic investors such as Infosys and Wipro as well as substantial investment from foreign investors. The state is developing SEZs for industrial growth. ICDs have been set up at Jaipur. Export promotion industrial parks (EPIP) Multi-product SEZs Multi-product SEZ for IT Inland Container Depot (ICD) Spices park IT Logistics Food processing 35 . formal approval had been given to eight SEZs. as of July 2010.

The location will be decided by the State Government in conjunction with CII. possibly along the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). Alwar and Jaipur are two of the locations being considered. A detailed project report and the exact location is being finalised by the State Government. A skill development centre will be set up by the Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) in conjunction with the State Government to provide skills training for the unemployed youth of Rajasthan.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Industrial infrastructure…(2/2) Infrastructure Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI) Skill development centre Industrial infrastructure upgradation centre Primary industry Footwear Details A FDDI is proposed to be set up at Jodhpur at an estimated cost of around US$ 22 million. 36 . This Institute will provide specialised training in footwear technology and design. An industrial infrastructure up-gradation centre will be set up.

Jaipur Notified SEZs Company name or developer Mahindra Gesco Somani Worsted Limited Mansarovar Industrial Development Corporation Vaitka Jaipur SEZ RNB Infrastrucure Private Limited Location Jaipur Khushkera Industrial Area. Bhiwadi Jodhpur Jaipur-Ajmer expressway Bikaner Primary industry IT/ITeS Electronics hardware and software/ ITeS Handicraft IT/ITeS Primary industry Gems and jewellery Handicrafts IT/ITeS Textile (in-principle approval granted for woollen sector) Light engineering Handicrafts Mahindra Worldcity (Jaipur) Limited Jaipur Mahindra Worldcity (Jaipur) Limited Jaipur Source: sezindia.nic.in 37 .INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 SEZs in Rajasthan … (1/2) Operational SEZs Company name or developer Jaipur SEZ Jodhpur SEZ Mahindra Worldcity (Jaipur) Limited Location Jaipur Jodhpur Kalwara village.

in Neemrana. Alwar district Bhanpur Kala. Jaipur Alwar district Primary industry Gems and jewellery Multi-product Multi-product Multi-product Multi-services Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Limited Jaipur district. district Alwar Near Bhiwadi. Kotputli tehsil Suncity Rajasthan SEZ Developer Pvt. Ltd. district Alwar Alwar Neemrana.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 SEZs in Rajasthan … (2/2) SEZ with formal approvals Company name GENPACT Location Jaipur Primary industry IT/ITeS SEZ with valid in-principal approvals Company name or developer Rockman Projects Limited Omaxe Limited Parsvnath Developers Limited Adani Exports Limited Location National Highway (NH)-8 Jaipur Alwar district Jaipur-Ajmer road. Ltd. Delhi-Jaipur road (on NH-8) Udaipur district Multi-product Multi-services Building materials Gems and jewellery Multi-product Multi-product 38 .nic. village Sangtera. Ltd. Arihant Infratech (India) Pvt. SRM Infrastructure Private Limited Society for Innovative Education and Development ('EMPI' Vittal Centre INNOPOLIS) DLF Limited P S Jaipur SEZ Developers Pvt. Source: sezindia.

INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 SEZs and industrial clusters … (1/2) Operational and notified SEZs RNB Infrastructure Jaipur SEZ (Gems and jewellery) Mahindra Worldcity Limited (IT/ITeS) Vaitka Jaipur SEZ Jodhpur SEZ (Handicrafts) Mahindra World city Limited (Handicrafts and light engineering) Mansarovar Industrial Development Corporation Index Operational SEZs Notified SEZs Mahindra Gesco (Jaipur) Somani Worsted Limited 39 .

gems and jewellery Chemicals 40 .INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 SEZs and industrial clusters … (2/2) Industrial clusters in Rajasthan Index Cement grade limestone Automotive Tourism IT and ITeS Handicraft.

8 1.504. Infrastructure type Investments (US$ million) 6.087.3 2. over US$ 12.8 203. Roads.6 277.2 billion of investments have been made towards improving Rajasthan‟s infrastructure.020. attracting investments. About 53 per cent of the investments made in infrastructure have been in the area of power (both generation and distribution). as of March 2010 • • 41 .1 Power* Roads Oil and gas Airport Coal and lignite Railway Total *Generation and distribution Source: CMIE.1 2.5 12.077. oil and gas are the other key infrastructure sectors.INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS Rajasthan November 2010 Infrastructure investments • As of March 2010.171.

RAJASTHAN November 2010 Contents  Advantage Rajasthan  State economy and socio-economic profile  Infrastructure status  State policies and incentives  Business opportunities  Doing business in Rajasthan 42 .

sick industrial enterprise for its revival – US$ 210 per employee per year of completed service for general category. Total amount of subsidy shall not exceed 20 per cent of the amount of taxes deposited by the enterprise. • 43 . Key initiatives: • • • Subsidises and incentives for new units or those undergoing diversification/expansion. The scheme is valid until 2018. to attract investments. US$ 253 per employee per year of completed service for women with disability. tourism and education. Special emphasis to encourage investment in industries such as biotechnology. 2010 (RIPS-2010) Aim: To facilitate investment in establishment of new enterprise(s) and/or investments made by the existing enterprise(s) for modernisation/expansion/diversification. Key subsidies: • Maximum 50 per cent subsidy of the total taxes (Value Added Tax or Central State Tax or State Goods Service Tax) whenever introduced and deposited into the government exchequer.STATE POLICIES AND INCENTIVES Rajasthan November 2010 Sector-specific policies … (1/12) The Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme. Employment generation subsidy for new enterprise and project for common social cause. Additional subsidy to the extent of 10 per cent of the said tax which have become due and have been deposited into the government exchequer will be allowed to women entrepreneur with disability. modernisation/expansion/diversification. Simplification of investment planning mechanism for investors by using the single-window mechanism.

• • 44 . To reduce water contamination. To use renewable energy to attain energy efficiency. 2010 Aim: To conserve and enhance environmental resources. Key initiatives: • • • • • • To ensure availability of water in the state where the supply is lesser than the demand. To conserve flora and fauna. To protect forest areas and biodiversity.STATE POLICIES AND INCENTIVES Rajasthan November 2010 Sector-specific policies … (2/12) Rajasthan State Environment Policy. To manage tourist arrivals. A State Environment Mission has been formulated to assure implementation of this policy. assure environmental sustainability of key economic sectors. A climate change agenda has been prepared for the state to take forward the provisions of the National Action Plan on Climate Change. tourist destinations and tourist operations as the sustainability of tourism hinges on the quality and availability of natural resources it is dependant on. improve environmental governance and build capacity.

The State Government to provide 50 per cent of the capital cost for establishment of common effluent-treatment plants (CETP). Key incentives: • • • • • • • • • • RIICO to provide land at 50 per cent of the prevailing district level committee (DLC) rates. Small and Medium Enterprises Development Assistance Scheme. All MSMEs of the state having acknowledgement of entrepreneurs Memorandum-I and II are eligible for the benefit under this scheme. ISO certification. except fuel).STATE POLICIES AND INCENTIVES Rajasthan November 2010 Sector-specific policies … (3/12) The Rajasthan Micro. processing and packaging material. Establishment of national laboratories by providing land at 50 per cent of DLC rates and part of capital cost. sharing patent. Exemption from entry tax for inputs (raw material. Encouragement of private sector investment for setting up industrial parks by providing a level playing field vis-à-vis RIICO. 2008 Aim: To make the state‟s MSMEs globally competitive. subject to fulfillment of certain conditions. Key thrust: To develop and support MSMEs in increasing capacity and quality for supplying to domestic and export markets. RIICO to develop separate areas for MSME with 24-hour uninterrupted power supply and enabling infrastructure. Reimbursement of expenses incurred towards filing. 45 . To get at least 10. Exemption of 75 per cent from electricity duty to the units located in rural areas. Khadi and Village Industries Board (KVIB)/ Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) registered units to continue with preVAT tax structure.000 artisans credit cards issued per year from different banks in the next five years.

investing a minimum of US$ 1. 50 per cent exemption from stamp duty and land conversion charges.000 for hospital and specialty centre.1 million for 50-bed hospitals.0 million for colleges. To develop standards for infrastructure and operation and create a regulatory body with supportive role. research institutes and hospitals in the area of traditional Indian medicine.0 million for pharmacy and US$ 0. US$ 1. 2008 Aim: To promote private investment in healthcare facilities offered by the Indian system of medicine. Key initiatives: • • • • To promote private sector investment in education. Land at concession rates to new institutes. Key incentives: • • 46 . Exemption from duty on captive power generation as per RIPS-2010 for a period of seven years. policy to remain in force until December 2013.STATE POLICIES AND INCENTIVES Rajasthan November 2010 Sector-specific policies … (4/12) Ayush Healthcare facilities. To promote public-private participation in the health sector. US$ 500. To develop super specialty facilities for the Indian system of medicine to ensure delivery of quality health care at reasonable costs.

health spas. a provision has been added for exempting payment of conversion charges for investors/developers of hotels or any other tourism unit on the land. All concessions available in the RIPS-2010. e. Minimum special reserve price (MSP) for five-star hotels and other tourism units fixed at less than 50 per cent of the commercial reserve price. golf academy and golf course) under its purview. 2006. minimum and maximum areas have been prescribed for land to be auctioned from the land bank. Under Rule-7 of the „Rajasthan Land Revenue (conversion of agricultural land for non-agricultural purpose in rural areas) Rules 2007‟. A provision has been added to the „Rajasthan Municipal Corporation (land utilisation conversion) Rules 2000‟ according to which heritage property owners would not have to pay 40 per cent of residential reserve price for conversion of the property into a heritage hotel provided that the property has a minimum of 10 rooms. 2007 Aim: This policy enhances the scope of the Hotel Policy. Key incentives: • A land bank with information of all land available will be made available online. to allow construction of an additional floor. For the budget.STATE POLICIES AND INCENTIVES Rajasthan November 2010 Sector-specific policies … (5/12) Tourism Unit Policy. MSP ranges from 10 per cent to 45 per cent.g. • • • • • 47 .. shall also be available to all tourism units. three-star and four-star units.7 to two. The floor area ratio (FAR) of existing hotels increased from 1. by including all other categories of hotels (heritage hotels and other tourism units.

STATE POLICIES AND INCENTIVES Rajasthan November 2010 Sector-specific policies … (6/12) IT and ITeS Policy. 2007 Aim: To create and expand economic opportunities in the knowledge economy. Promoting economic development of the state through investments in IT and ITeS sector. creating talent pool for the ICT industry. Formulating proper framework and guidelines for maintenance. taking it to rural areas and providing adequate incentives. Developing e-governance framework for charting strategic growth plans and formulating appropriate policy measures. Making IT available for the masses by promoting computer education. generating employment. Promoting public private partnerships in e-governance. Electronic tourism kiosks to be set up at important locations for the benefit of tourists coming to the state. Implementing structured business process re-engineering (BPR) in all the key departments. accreditation and updating of various state department websites. The local IT industry shall be encouraged to develop and offer the necessary IT products and services relevant to the tourism industry. • • 48 . attracting investments to the state and enhancing employment opportunities. Key initiatives: • • • • • • • Strengthening information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure for e-governance.

and 6 a. Assistance in procuring land and change in land use as in master plan. • • 50 per cent exemption from stamp duty to eligible IT/ITeS companies as per provisions of Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme (RIPS-2010) or as amended from time-to-time. uninterrupted power supply and central air-conditioning. provided that every individual has at least one day off every week and a compulsory day off in lieu of working on bank holidays. to the private IT park and IT unit developers. seven days a week.m. • 49 . wherever feasible.m. for new IT units.. provided special arrangement is made for ensuring their security. Various exemptions related to labour laws including: • • • Permission to work 24 hours a day. Flexi-time operations since working hours could be decided as per company needs and three shift operation is allowed. as per provisions under RIPS-2010 or as amended from time-to-time.STATE POLICIES AND INCENTIVES Rajasthan November 2010 Sector-specific policies … (7/12) IT and ITeS Policy 2007 (continued) Key incentives: • Land and office infrastructure incentives: • Facilitation for the creation of infrastructure such as high-quality office space serviced with all basic amenities of high-speed telecommunication links. • • • 50 per cent exemption from the payment of electricity duty for seven years. Electricity tariff for IT and ITeS units as per low-tension industry category. Closing an establishment and granting of a weekly holiday as per company requirements. Permission to engage female employees between 8 p.

000 people in ITeS industries to be defined as mega projects. such projects are entitled to a special package of incentive of US$ 217 per employee. VAT on all products rationalised to be at par with the minimum floor rate of 4 per cent. to the first five IT/ITeS companies investing in the state and directly employing more than 50 employees in IT or 100 employees in ITeS sector. by contributing US$ 20. small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to promote their growth. Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) or any such organisation in the creation of a library for making available information on trends in technology. for developing the small and medium enterprises sector. 2003 or as amended from time to time. Subsidy up to US$ 50.000. market intelligence. research reports and analysis. • • • 50 . at the rate of US$ 217 per employee. • Special package of incentives to the micro. Support to NASSCOM. Incentives linked to mega projects: Projects creating direct employment of more than 500 people in the case of IT industry or 1.. Some of the key incentives are: • Reservation of land for preferred allotment to MSMEs in the IT parks.000 per annum.STATE POLICIES AND INCENTIVES Rajasthan November 2010 Sector-specific policies … (8/12) IT and ITeS Policy 2007 (continued) Key incentives: • All the fiscal incentives as per the Rajasthan Investment Promotion Policy. etc. such employment should exist for a period of at least two years for persons domiciled in Rajasthan.

To ensure delivery of quality healthcare at reasonable costs. 50 per cent exemption from the payment of electricity duty for seven years 50 per cent exemption from the payment of stamp duty and land conversion rate. To develop standards for infrastructure and operations. it is linked to size of investment. geographical location and hospital in areas of tourist importance. • • • • • • To develop complementary and alternative medicine centres. blood banks and paramedical training institutes. Key incentives: • • • 51 . Key initiatives: • To promote private sector investment in medical and healthcare institutions. To promote development of centres of excellence for medical care. To create a regulatory body with supportive role. policy to remain in force until December 2010. medical and dental colleges and support units such as diagnostic centres.STATE POLICIES AND INCENTIVES Rajasthan November 2010 Sector-specific policies … (9/12) Policy to Promote Private Investment in Healthcare Facilities 2006 Aim: To encourage private investment in healthcare facilities and promote Rajasthan as a destination for medical tourism. To develop super specialty healthcare institutions. Rebate related to land allotment (ranging up to 75 per cent).

Key incentives: • 50 per cent exemption from electricity duty for seven years. Wheeling and banking facilities for power generated. Exemption from payment of entry tax. • • • • • • • 52 . Allotment of land on 10 per cent of district-level committee (DLC) rate. 2004 Aim: To encourage investment in non-conventional sources for generation of electricity. 50 per cent exemption from conversion charge. Interest subsidy and wage/employment subsidy on new investments. 50 per cent exemption from stamp duty. Exemption from merit order dispatch regulations.STATE POLICIES AND INCENTIVES Rajasthan November 2010 Sector-specific policies … (10/12) Policy for Promoting Generation of Electricity through Non-Conventional Energy Sources.

Creating and developing human resources in biotechnology. including projects covered under modern biotechnology. is made at the rate of development charges prevailing in the area. The land rebate.STATE POLICIES AND INCENTIVES Rajasthan November 2010 Sector-specific policies … (11/12) Biotech Scheme. is allowed after the required minimum fixed investment has actually been made on the allotted plot within the period stipulated for investment in the package. Creating and continuously upgrading biotechnology infrastructure in the state through government and/or public private partnerships. 2004 Aim: To facilitate the growth of biotech industries and development of clean bio-technologies. • • Key incentives: • Land allotment for setting up of various biotechnology and bio-informatics industries. Key thrust areas: • Positioning the state as an attractive destination for development and growth of biotechnology industries. by way of reimbursement. • 53 .

especially. 2001 Aim: To ensure optimum utilisation of rich tourism resources of the state to generate employment. for unemployed rural youth.STATE POLICIES AND INCENTIVES Rajasthan November 2010 Sector-specific policies … (12/12) Tourism Policy. in the rural areas. Key initiatives: • Optimum utilisation of rich tourist resources of the state in order to attract maximum number of domestic and international tourists. Increase employment opportunities. To facilitate the growth of tourism in the state and to further involve the private sector in the development of tourism in Rajasthan. special emphasis on conservation of historical monuments in Rajasthan. Preservation of rich natural habitat and bio-diversity. To make tourism a people's industry in the state. • • • • 54 . especially. historical architectural and cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

RAJASTHAN November 2010 Contents  Advantage Rajasthan  State economy and socio-economic profile  Infrastructure status  State policies and incentives  Business opportunities  Doing business in Rajasthan Company logos cited in this section are registered trademarks of the respective companies 55 .

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Cement • Rajasthan has huge reserves of cement-grade and steel-melting-shop (SMS) grade limestone. As of 2009-2010. SMS grade limestone of the Jaisalmer district is supplied to various steel plants in the country. Key players • • • • • • ACC Ambuja Cement Limited Birla Corporation Limited Mangalam Cement Limited Grasim Industries Limited Shree Cement Limited • • • • Binani Cement Limited Laxmi Engineers Limited JK Lakshmi Cement Limited 56 .3 million tonnes per annum (MTPA). 14 major cement plants and two medium cement plants are in operation with a total installed capacity of about 20.

manufacture and distribution of portland cement and clinker in India. Chhattisgarh and West Bengal.5 MTPA. its plant at Bundi. The company‟s grinding unit is located at Khush Khera (Alwar). The company owns seven cement plants.000 retailers. the company has a a wide network of 28 sales offices. Shree Cement • • • • 57 . The total cement capacity of the company is 18. Maharashtra.8 MTPA.5 MTPA. has a production capacity of 1.193 dealers and 4. The company‟s manufacturing facilities are located at Beawar.P. Punjab. ideal for the manufacturing portland cement. Birla Corporation Limited is the flagship company of the M. Ambuja Cements Limited has cement plants in Rajasthan. Rajasthan. located in West Bengal. Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Shree Cement manufactures its products under the Bangur Cement brand name. The production facility in Rajasthan has a capacity of 2 MTPA. • Ambuja Cements Limited • • • Birla Corporation Limited • • • Mangalam Cement Limited • • • • The company‟s sister firm Mangalam Timber is getting merged with itself. 1. It has a plant in Kota. The company is planning a 1. The company is also the largest manufacturer of ready-mix concrete in India. Birla group. Besides. Madhya Pradesh. Mangalam Cement Limited is principally engaged in the development. 185 km from Jaipur.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Cement – company profiles … (1/2) ACC Limited • ACC is the largest cement producer in India. Gujarat. with a total annual manufacturing capacity of 5.2 million tonne expansion at its Chanderia plant in Rajasthan. The company has limestone deposits at Morak. Himachal Pradesh.

8 MTPA as of March 2010. has 1. the company began operations in 1991. Grasim is setting up a 4. Binani Cement Limited (BCL) is a subsidiary of Binani Industries Limited (BIL). polishing machines and tiles for construction. The company‟s manufacturing plant is located at Binanigarm. Rajasthan. JK Lakshmi Cement is the first cement producer of Northern India to be awarded an ISO 9002 and be accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibrating Laboratories (NABL).BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Cement – company profiles … (2/2) Grasim Industries Limited • • Grasim Industries Limited is a flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group. Sirohi. Grasim Industries Limited has hived off its cement business as Samruddhi Cement for a merger with another group company. JK Lakshmi Cement Limited has a state-of-the-art plant at Jaykaypuram. The company's mini-cement plant has the production capacity of 50 tonnes per day. it is a leading cement player in India. With the capacity expansion and further commissioning of a split-location grinding unit in Gujarat. The group companies manufacture cut stones and marbles. the combined capacity of the company is 4. Government of India. along with its subsidiary UltraTech Cement had a capacity of 48. both in Rajasthan.4 MTPA plant at Shambhupura.75 MTPA. Laxmi Engineers Works s a cement manufacturer with headquarters in Rajasthan.5 MTPA greenfield plant at Kotputli and another 4. • • Binani Cement Limited • • • Laxmi Engineers Works • • • JK Lakshmi Cement Limited • • • 58 . Grasim. Department of Science and Technology.5 MTPA cement unit at Shambhupura in Rajasthan. UltraTech Cement. for its lab quality management systems. The Binanigram facility has an upgraded capacity of 6 MTPA. Rajasthan. Sirohi.

silver Udaipur.2 per cent copper. phosphate fluoride. calcite. copper Gold Gold. clay. marble. Raisamand. gypsum. and 639 million tonnes of copper ore reserves containing 0. gold. granite. zinc. Alwar. zinc. rock phosphate. platinum • Ajmer 59 .BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Mining and mineral processing industry … (1/2) • Rajasthan is among the largest mineral producing states in India.8 to 1. copper. emeralds and garnets. Sirohi.5 per cent lead and zinc. Prospective locations for metals Copper Lead. Jhunjhunu Banswara Banswara Banswara Copper. Around 79 varieties of minerals are available in the state and 58 minerals are produced on a commercial scale. Important minerals are silver. The state has about 210 million tonnes of identified reserves of lead-zinc ore with 1. sandstone. dolomite.

g.000 million tonnes of lignite reserves in the districts of Barmer. Ceramics: The availability of clay and feldspar in Rajasthan makes it an excellent location for ceramic-related industry (e. In recent years. some lignite blocks in three districts have been allotted for setting up thermal power plants. floorings and bone-china). Rajsamand. Lignite is being produced in Barmer and Matasukh area of Nagaur. Bhilwara. it covers Alwar in the North to Banswara and Dungarpur in the South and passes through the districts of Jhunjhunu.000 sq km. Jaipur. Key players in mining industry • Hindustan Zinc Limited • Hindustan Copper Limited • Key players in ceramic industry • • • Kajaria Ceramics Limited Liberty Whiteware Limited Jaipur Ceramics Private Limited • Key players in marble industry • • Elegant Marble and Granite Inc Maadhav Marbles and Granites Limited • 60 . sandstone and slate with tremendous potential for exports forward linkages with the construction industry. granite.. Lignite: Rajasthan has more than 4. Dimensional stones: The state has substantial reserves of different varieties of dimensional stones such as marble.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Mining and mineral processing industry … (2/2) • Base metals and noble metals: Rajasthan has immense potential for mining base metals and noble metals in a belt that extends over an area of about 58. white-ware. Sirohi and Udaipur. Bikaner and Nagaur. Ajmer.

Hindustan Copper Limited is a public sector undertaking under the administrative control of the Ministry of Mines. Sindesar Khurd has annual ore production capacity of 0.8 KT of contained zinc and 8. Rampura Agucha is also one of the lowest cost zinc producer globally. RSMML is a public sector enterprise of the Government of Rajasthan. Sindesar Khurd mine has reserves and resources base of over 60 million tonnes.5 MTPA and achieved a production level of 19. Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Limited (RSMML) • • • 61 . refining and casting of refined copper metal into downstream-saleable products. lead and silver. beneficiation.4 KT of contained lead in 2009-2010. Rajpura Dariba mine has annual ore production capacity of 0. In 2009-2010.9 million tonnes and achieved a production level of 21. Bulk concentrate production at Rajpura Dariba has resulted in significant recovery improvements in zinc. It is a vertically-integrated copper producing company with facilities of mining.0 KT of contained lead in 2009-2010. • • Hindustan Copper Limited • • • HCL has four operating units of mines and plants.10 KT of contained lead. The company plans to increase the current ore production capacity of Sindesar Khurd from 0. the rock phosphate SBU is located at Udaipur. Going forward. The company has various strategic business units (SBUs) in Rajasthan. primarily. limestone SBU at Jodhpur and lignite SBU at Jaipur.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Mining – company profiles Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) • • HZL is a part of the Vedanta Resources Group and has four mines in Rajasthan.50 MTPA. engaged in mining and marketing of industrial minerals.9 Kilo Tonnes (KT) of contained zinc and 55. RSMML is targeting cost effective technological innovations in mining and diversifying into mineral-based downstream projects.5 MTPA to 1. Rampura Agucha produced 612. smelting. Rampura Agucha mine is a zinc mine with a production capacity of 6 MTPA. one of which is the Khetri Copper Complex (KCC) at Khetrinagar in Rajasthan.9 KT of contained zinc and 5. gypsum SBU at Bikaner.

the capacity is about 18 tonnes per month. The company has two manufacturing plants.000 pieces per annum. including ISO 9001 (for quality management). It also has an in-house facility for making kiln furniture and can produce tiles and pillars for captive use.1 million sq m.500 tonnes per annum. ISO 14001 (for environment management). Rajasthan. Jaipur Ceramics has a ceramics plant on the outskirts of Jaipur. located at Neemrana in Rajasthan. The company exports tiles to more than 20 countries around the globe. OHSAS 18001 (for safety and health management) and SA-8000 (for commitment to society). Liberty Whiteware Limited has a sanitary-ware unit. with a total annual capacity of 21 million sq m. Kajaria Ceramics has a manufacturing plant at Gailpur. with a bone china capacity of 1. Kajaria has several certifications.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Ceramic – company profiles Kajaria Ceramics Limited • Kajaria Ceramics is the largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles in India. The company has an annual production capacity of 500. • • • Liberty Whiteware Limited • • Jaipur Ceramics Private Limited • • • 62 . including highly-skilled and semi-skilled employees. with an annual capacity of 14. The company has a workforce of about 700 people.

France. Greece and Nepal. It also imports marble from Italy. Spain. Singapore and Australia. Maadhav Marbles and Granites Limited exports its products to over 20 countries including the US. Germany. • Elegant Marble and Granite Inc.. The company has acquired two wind-turbine generators (each of 1. • • Maadhav Marbles and Granites Limited • • • 63 . Norway.5 million sq ft. markets and processes marble and granite and offers over 84 colours in the Indian market. It has an installed capacity of 751. The company‟s total installed capacity for processing marble and granite is 2.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Marble – company profiles Elegant Marble and Granite Inc.25 MW) and has diversified into power generation.338 sq m per annum for processing granite tiles. Holland.

Key players • • • • • • • • • • • • Amtek Auto Limited Ashok Leyland TAFE Hi-Tech Gears Limited National Engineering Industries (NBC) Autolite India Limited Honda Siel Cars India Limited Caparo Fasteners Federal Mogul Goetze Ocap Chassis Parts Pvt Limited MICO Continental Engines • • 64 .BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Automotive • The Alwar and Jaipur districts are close to major auto production hubs of the country such as Noida (Uttar Pradesh). Nearly 100 units are currently functional in the Bhiwadi region of Alwar. Gurgaon and Dharuhera (Haryana). A special auto and engineering zone has also been developed in the Pathredi Industrial Area and another special zone is being planned in Bhiwadi. offering excellent advantage for setting up of auto and auto ancillary units.

machining and sub-assemblies. has an engine plant at Alwar and transmissions plant at Parwanoo. TAFE is in the tractor manufacturing business. to manufacture high pressure die-castings and aluminium products. Finland. The company‟s manufacturing facilities are located at Alwar (Rajasthan). It supplies over 300 varieties of components and assemblies to leading domestic and global vehicle manufacturers. Rajasthan. it is a leading Indian supplier of auto components with operations in forgings. • • The company‟s plants are located at Alwar and Bhiwadi.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Automotive – company profiles … (1/4) Amtek Auto Limited • Amtek Auto Limited is a flagship company of the Amtek Group. The company‟s machining capacity is 40 million parts and its forging capacity is 225. The diesel engine plant at Alwar. the company entered into a joint venture with the Alteams Group. In July 2007. produces a range of air-cooled and water-cooled diesel engines of up to 80 HP. it is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India. Ambattur and Hosur in Tamil Nadu and Bhandara in Maharashtra.000 tonnes per annum. TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited. besides Ennore. • Ashok Leyland • • • Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE) • • 65 . its subsidiary. Ashok Leyland is a flagship company of the Hinduja Group. for the automotive and telecommunications sectors. predominantly.

The company‟s manufacturing plant is located at Jaipur. horns. It produces ball bearings. and shaft and timing gears. steel balls. work lamps. the unit employs around 70 people. was founded in the year 1946 for manufacture of bearing under the name of National Bearing Company Limited (NBC).8 million bearings per month in over 500 different sizes ranging from 6 mm bore to 1. It serves as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the domestic. globally. The company produces precision forging. halogen bulbs and incandescent bulbs.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Automotive – company profiles … (2/4) Hi-Tech Gears Limited • Hi-Tech Gears Limited was incorporated as a public limited company in 1986. auxiliary lamps. it has ISO 9002 and QS 2000 certifications. Komatsu and FIAT. manufacture and market automotive lighting products. European and Japanese vehicle manufacturers in India including Eicher. National Engineering Industries Limited. The company manufactures nearly 3. with an objective to design. The company has facilities to manufacture bearings up to 2.000 mm outer diameter. Jaipur. The company has manufacturing facilities at Jaipur and Gunsi (Newai). the current product range includes head lamps. a joint venture of GETRAG Corporation and Hi-Tech Gears Limited is engaged in production of engine timing gears. It has ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation.300 mm outer diameter. Autolite India Limited was established in 1970. tapered roller bearings. cylindrical roller bearings and axle boxes for railway rolling stock. transmission gears. the company has a plant in Bhiwadi. Getrag Hi-Tech Gears India Private Limited. • • • National Engineering Industries Limited • • • Autolite India Limited • • • • 66 .

has operations in Italy in Valperga. As of 2009. In Rajasthan. a leading manufacturer of fasteners. Busano and Oglianico. Caparo Fasteners • • Caparo Fasteners India supplies fasteners to leading OEMs including Ashok Leyland. Ocap. (Alwar). the total manufacturing capacity of the company is 100. Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Limited was established in 1954 as a joint venture between Escorts and Goetze-Werke of Germany. the company has a plant located at Tapakura. Caparo Atlas Fastenings. Bentley..000 MT of fasteners per annum.000 units of cars. Maserati and Renault. Ford. Caparo Fasteners started its Indian operation in 2005 from Chopanki (Rajasthan). the company is a supplier to automotive. UK. Feletto. catering to the European automobile industry. Japan and Siel Limited. OCAP Chassis India is located at RIICO industrial area. • • Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Limited • • • Ocap Chassis Parts Pvt Limited • • • 67 . a Siddharth Shriram group company. the total investment made by the company in Rajasthan plant was US$ 130 million. The company has production facilities at Bhiwadi which is accredited with TS 16949. It is backed by complete technical support from the group company. ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001.000 cars. Asia Motor Works.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Automotive – company profiles … (3/4) Honda Siel Cars India Limited (HSCI) • • HSCI was incorporated in December 1995 as a joint venture between Honda Motor Co. Tata Motors. Bhiwadi. The company has a capacity to produce 26. which will translate in to capacity addition of 60. HMSI. Lamborghini. The company started its operations as a spare manufacturer for steering and suspension parts for the aftermarket. It is the largest manufacturer of pistons and piston rings in India. truck and agricultural manufacturers such as Audi. General Motors. it is one of India‟s leading manufacturers of high tensile fasteners. further investment of US$ 86 million is planned. At present. founded in 1975. for the last 100 years. Eicher Motors.

clutch housings. engines and business process outsourcing (BPO) sectors. which are used in commercial vehicles to follow gas emission requirements. these distribution pumps will be made Euro-IV compliant. compressor mounting brackets. Continental Engines is a part of Bakshi Group. is a manufacturer of pumps. transmission cases. a three decades old Indian multinational company with interests in auto components. Inc • • MICO Inc.. MICO has planned to double the capacity of its Jaipur plant. flywheel housings. The company has a manufacturing plant at Jaipur with a capacity of 10 million units per annum for pumps that comply with Euro-II and Euro-III norms. • Continental Engines • • • 68 . It is engaged in the manufacture of automotive components for domestic and global auto majors. Post-expansion. crank cases. etc. inlet manifolds. The company‟s product range includes fully-assembled cylinder heads (multi-cylinder heads and singlecylinder heads).BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Automotive – company profiles … (4/4) Motor Industries Company (MICO).

• • • Key players • Availability of raw material and trained labour has promoted the growth of textile industry and drove many textile units to locate in the state. Jaipur. lowweight fabric (at Pali. Sanganer and Bagru). Type of textiles in Rajasthan • • Block printing-Sanganer. Balotra.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Textiles • Rajasthan has a leading position in the production of polyester viscose yarn and synthetic suiting material as well as processing of low-cost. Bhilwara has emerged as India's largest manufacturer of suiting fabrics and yarn. Rajasthan‟s textile industry offers significant competitive advantage. primarily for exports. Pali. Jaipur. With a network of backward and forward linkage. Udaipur and Nathdwara Zari/Zardosi Quilting • Jaipur is also a well-known centre for manufacturing garments. • Rajasthan Spinning and Weaving Mills Limited JK Synthetics Banswara Syntex Limited Shree Rajasthan Syntex Limited Shriram Rayons Bhilwara Spinners Limited Ginni International Limited Modern Threads • • • • • • • • 69 . Bagru Bandhani-Jodhpur.

fabric. Mordi. made-ups and worsted suiting. • Banwara Syntex Limited • Banswara Syntex Limited was incorporated in the year 1976.000 spindles and produces 100. Kharagram and Rishabdev. polyester staple fibre and tows and acrylic staple fibre.23 million pieces of trousers and 10. The plant is located at Udaipur in Rajasthan. it is one of the largest producers and exporters of polyester-viscose-blended yarn in the country.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Textiles – company profiles … (1/2) Rajasthan Spinning and Weaving Mills Limited (RSWM) • RSWM produces yarn. it has a spinning capacity of 133. garments and denim.000 MT of yarn per year. It also has 194 shuttles-less looms.g.588 ring spindles including 14. 12 air-jet-jacquard looms and six stenters. The company operates around 3. • • Shree Rajasthan Syntex Limited • Shree Rajasthan Syntex Limited is a manufacturer of synthetic-yarn including acrylic. fishing industry. • 70 .400 spindles for worsted-yarn spinning and 576 air-jet spindles.. polyester. e. • • JK Synthetics • JK Synthetics produces a wide range of synthetic fibres including nylon yarn and high-tenacity yarn for industrial application.000 pieces of jackets per month. with a processing capacity of 4 million meters per month. The company‟s manufacturing facility is located in Banswara. with installed capacity of 0. polyester-filament yarn. tyre cord. The company also has a readymade garment production plant at Daman and Surat (Gujarat). It has plants in Banswara.60. The plant is located at Kota in Rajasthan. the company manufactures fabric. viscose and polypropylene multi-filament yarn. readymade garments.

a part of the LNJ Bhilwara Group.256 spindles. it is one of the largest synthetic yarn spinning plants in India. it is a 100 percent export-oriented unit. • Bhilwara Spinners Limited • • Ginni International Limited • • • • Modern Threads • • • 71 . Bhilwara Spinners Limited. In Rajasthan. tapestry and industrial fabrics. engaged in weaving. The company also manufactures various value-added products such as polyester/acrylic. The manufacturing plant is located at Kota. Established in 1996. is a manufacturer of cotton-synthetic blended yarns of various counts and blends. the technology partners of the company are Beunit Fibres Inc. It employs around 700 people. viscose-carpet yarn. is among the country's major manufacturers of high-grade rayon tyre cord. It is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of products including grey. it also has a capacity to produce worldclass quality woven fabrics with 54 picanol air-jet looms. spinning and knitting activities. USA. and products suitable for other uses including upholstery.496 spindles manufacturing facility is located at Bhilwara. linen yarn. Alwar. dyed and fancy yarns made of polyester viscose. The installed capacity of the plant is around 32. Ginni International Limited has a unit at the RIICO Industrial Area. Modern Threads is a unit of Modern Group. the 18. the company has ISO certification since 1997. which a capacity of about 50. it has nylon and rayon conversion facilities catering to the needs of the domestic and international markets. USA and Chemtex Inc. sewing thread.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Textiles – company profiles … (2/2) Shriram Rayons • Shriram Rayons. a part of DCM Shriram Industrial Group. slub yarn. mod-acrylic flame-retardant yarn. they are located in village Raila in the Bhilwara district. Neemrana.000 spindles.

IT parks with special infrastructure have been set up at Jaipur.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 IT sector • Rajasthan has a vast pool of trained professionals. Moreover. low cost of operations in well developed cities of the state makes them attractive locations for IT and ITeS units. Jodhpur. Key players • • • • Infosys Tech Mahindra Genpact Wipro Technologies • • Nagarro 72 . Kota and Alwar.

design. insurance. IT-infrastructure It recorded a turnover of US$ 1. software. has opened BPO campuses at the Mahindra Worldcity. • • Tech Mahindra • • • The company has set up two software development centres in Jaipur. Tech Mahindra provides a wide variety of services ranging from IT strategy and consulting to system integration. SEI-CMM level 5 assessments and is also CMMI level 5 certified for software development processes.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 IT and ITeS – company profiles … (1/2) Infosys • Infosys was set up in 1981. China and US. Genpact • • • • 73 . Microsoft. Genpact was set up in India in 1997. Jaipur. maintenance and product engineering. Rajasthan. Formerly known as GE Capital International Services. Oracle. Tech Mahindra is a global systems integrator and business transformation consulting firm.000 people in the Jaipur facility. procurement and supply chain. Tech Mahindra has accreditations such as ISO 9001:2000 certification. it is engaged in IT consulting. Infosys BPO. implementation. The company provides a wide range of business process. application development. The company employs about 43. The company has also launched various industry-specific programmes in Rajasthan where it collaborates with universities in the state to improve the BPO-specific skill sets. The company recorded a turnover of US$ 4. etc. modular global sourcing. and BPO services. Intel. analytics.8 billion in 2009-2010. focused on the communications industry.300 professionals in total and over 3. Rajasthan.5 billion in 2010. IBM. technology and knowledge services in finance and accounting. collections and customer relations. It also has marketing and technological alliances with FileNet. the company has operations in Australia. the BPO-services division of Infosys. process reengineering.

The company is developing its campus in two phases. business intelligence and customer relationship management. Middle East and Europe. the company has 54 development centres and 30 offices spread across India. • • Nagarro • • 74 . Wipro Technologies has set up a campus at the Mahindra World City in Jaipur. Based in Bengaluru. helping them achieve their strategic goals. it is engaged in IT services. BPO and other consulting solutions. North America. It also provides services such as application development. the first phase – spread across 25 acres. product engineering. It recorded a turnover of US$ 6. The company has signed an MoU with the Mahindra World City for developing a five-acre site in the Mahindra World City SEZ.000 employees – is operational.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 IT and ITeS – company profiles … (2/2) Wipro Technologies • Wipro Technologies was established in 1945. technology infrastructure services. deployment and maintenance. Nagarro provides outsourced software development services to companies ranging from early stage start-ups to the global 50 market leaders. with a seating capacity of 1.0 billion in 2009-2010.

The company has two nitrogenous fertiliser plants near Kota in Rajasthan with a capacity of over 1.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Chemicals • The key chemicals produced in Rajasthan include fertilisers. • P I Industries Limited • • DCM Shriram Industries Limited • 75 . seeds and biofertilisers.7 MTPA of urea. agri-inputs. drug intermediates. polymers and solid insecticides. organic and inorganic chemicals. Kota. shipping containers and processed cotton yarn. DCM Shriram Industries Limited is a diversified group with operations in sugar. minerals and allied products. the principal industrial complexes for chemicals are at Jaipur. The company has its plant at Udaipur in Rajasthan. rayon tyre cord. P I Industries mainly produces organo-phosphorous insecticides. Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited (CFCL) • CFCL manufactures and distributes urea. producing liquid insecticides. Udaipur and Bhilwara. caustic soda and pesticides. alcohol. plant protection chemicals. it is among the largest fertiliser complexes in the private sector in India. fertilisers.

epoxy powder paint and galvalum range of aluminium sacrificial anodes. the paint division is in Alwar. Alwar and Jaipur. The company's products include protective coatings for steel pipes. Most of the re-rolling units belong to the small scale sector. The steel-bars unit is located at Bhiwadi. mainly. Kamdhenu Ispat Limited PSL Limited • • • • • 76 . PSL manufactures steel pipes. The company‟s products are mainly used in the paper and rubber industries. It is involved in iron-ore processing. Its units are located at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan as well as in Punjab. Asian Alloys Limited (AAL) • • • AAL manufactures steel ingots and castings.BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Rajasthan November 2010 Steel • Rajasthan‟s steel industry comprises re-rolling and stainless steel units located. epoxy coatings for reinforcement bars. in Jodhpur. Kamdhenu is a manufacturer of international quality steel bars and paints.

RAJASTHAN November 2010 Contents  Advantage Rajasthan  State economy and socio-economic profile  Infrastructure status  State policies and incentives  Business opportunities  Doing business in Rajasthan 77 .

DOING BUSINESS IN RAJASTHAN Rajasthan November 2010 Key approvals required … (1/2) Approvals and clearances required Industrial licence Sponsorship for raw-materials and inputs Land allotment Incentives Sanction of loan Site approval and environmental clearance Adequacy certificate No-objection certificate Bureau of Investment Promotion Rajasthan Financial Corporation (RFC) Department of Environment Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board Respective departments of state 15 days Estimated time Industrial Commissionerate and State Revenue Department 30 days 30 days at the district-level 60 days for state government approval 30 days for district-level clearance 45 days for state-level clearance 60 days 90 days Green category: 30 days Red category: 45 days 78 .

Banswara. Dholpur. Bhilwara.000 KW: issue of demand notice 60 days Release of connection: 90 days from issue of demand notice *Responsible for 12 districts of Rajasthan. Nagaur. 79 . Alwar. Bundi. namely Ajmer. Doongarpur and Pratapgarh. namely Jaipur. Jhalawar. Bharatpur. Jhunjhunu. Rajsamand. Tonk and Karoli. Sawaimadhopur. Baran.DOING BUSINESS IN RAJASTHAN Rajasthan November 2010 Key approvals required … (2/2) Service/facility Concerned agency Timelines Load up to 60 HP: issue of demand notice in 21 days Release of connection: 30 days from demand notice Load from 60 HP-300 KW: demand notice in 30 days Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd* Release of power connection Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd^ Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd Release of connection: 60 days from issue of demand notice Load 300-3. Chittorgarh. Sikar. Dausa. ^Responsible for 11 districts of Rajasthan.000 KW: issue of demand notice in 60 days Release of connection: 75 days from issue of demand notice Load above 3. Udaipur. Kota.

000 kl: US 35 cents 40.22 to US$ 2.76 to US$ 1. Rajasthan HP: horsepower.000 to 40.7 cents Fixed charge: US$ 0.1 to US$ 2.05 to US$ 0.DOING BUSINESS IN RAJASTHAN Rajasthan November 2010 Cost of doing business Cost parameter Industrial land (per sq ft) Labour cost (per man year) Hotel costs (five-star) Office space rental (per sq ft) Residential space rental Power cost (per kWh) Cost estimates US$ 75 to US$ 151 US$ 2.28 per sq ft per month (rates depend on the type of structure and location) Industrial use (Jaipur): US 7.5 US$ 95 to US$ 385 per room per night US$ 0.6 cents to US 8.5 per month US$ 0. kl: kilolitre 80 .000 kl: US 24 cents 15.000 kl and above: US 50 cents Source Industry sources Industry sources Leading hotels in the state Industry sources Industry sources Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (Jaipur Discom) Cost of water (per kl) Public Health Engineering Department.96 per HP Commercial and industrial: 0 to15.

DOING BUSINESS IN RAJASTHAN Rajasthan November 2010 Single-window clearance mechanism • District Single Window Clearance Committee for each district in the state which is chaired by the Deputy Commissioner. with senior-most officers of concerned departments in the district as members. Empowered Committee chaired by Chief Secretary to Government of Rajasthan and with Principal Secretaries of concerned state departments as members. State Board with the Chief Minister of Rajasthan as its Chairman and ministers of state departments as its members. Under the chairmanship of Board of Infrastructure Development and Investment (BIDI) Chief Minister of Rajasthan Nodal Agency Bureau of Investment Promotion • State Level Empowered Committee (SLEC) Chief Secretary District Industry Centre – district level • District Level Empowered Committee Deputy Commissioner 81 .


Key investment promotion offices
Bureau of Investment Promotion (BIP)

BIP is the State Government's nodal agency for attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) and non-resident Indian (NRI) investments. BIP functions as a single-window agency for clearing all medium and large scale investments. BIP assists in investing in Rajasthan in many ways such as identifying investment opportunities, providing access to information that is critical to setting up of project, translation of investment possibilities into concrete investment proposals, site-selection activities and obtaining infrastructural facilities. It helps in interfacing with government departments for required clearances. RIICO is the sole agency in the state that develops land for the industrial growth. It provides financial assistance and other vital infrastructural facilities for industries. RFC provides medium and long-term loans for new industrial units in the SME sector. It also assists in planning a balanced development of industries in the state. The corporation identifies commercially viable infrastructure projects, prepares detailed feasibility and investment reports and offers to the private sector for implementation.

Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) Rajasthan Financial Corporation (RFC) Project Development Corporation



Contact list
Key agency Contact information Udyog Bhawan, Tilak Marg Jaipur - 302005, Rajasthan Phone: 91-141-2227 274, 2227 812, 2227 713 Fax: 91-141- 2227 506 E-mail: bip.raj@nic.in Website: http://www.investrajasthan.com/ Udyog Bhawan, Tilak Marg Jaipur, Rajasthan Phone: 91-141-5113 200 /5113 208/5113 211 E-mail: md@riico.co.in Website: www.riico.com Udyog Bhawan, Tilak Marg Jaipur - 302005, Rajasthan Phone: 91-141-2385 522 Fax: 91-141-2385 503 E-mail: info@rfconline.org First Floor, LIC Jeevan Nidhi Building Near Ambedkar Circle, Bhawani Singh Road, Jaipur - 302005, Rajasthan Phone: 91-141-2747012-14 Fax: 91-141-2747045 E-mail: info@pdcor.com

Bureau of Investment Promotion (BIP)

Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO)

Rajasthan Financial Corporation (RFC)

Project Development Corporation



Annexure … (1/3)
Socio-economic classification (SEC) of urban and rural households – urban grid Certificate course, but not graduate School up to four years/ literate, but no formal schooling School up to five to nine years Graduate/post graduate general D B2 B2 Graduate/post graduate professional D B2 B2 SSC/HSC D C C Illiterate E2 E2 E2


Unskilled workers Skilled workers Petty traders

E2 E1 D

E1 D D


Shop owners
Entrepreneurs: employee none Entrepreneurs: employee < 10


C B2

B2 B2

B1 B1

A2 A2

A2 A1

A1 A1

Entrepreneurs: employee > 10
Self-employed professionals Clerical/salesman Supervisory level Officers/executives: junior Officer/executive: middle/senior
Source: Market Research Society of India

D D D C B1

D D D C B1

D D C C B1

B2 C C B2 B1

B1 B2 B2 B1 A2

A2 B1 B1 A2 A1

A1 B1 A2 A2 A1



Annexure … (2/3)
Socio-economic classification (SEC) of urban and rural households – rural grid

Type of house
Education Illiterate Literate but no formal school Up to fourth standard Fifth to ninth standard SSC/HSC Some college but not graduate Graduate / post graduate (general) Graduate / post graduate (professional)
Source: Market Research Society of India

Pucca R4 R3 R3 R3 R2 R1 R1

Semi pucca R4 R4 R3 R3 R3 R2 R2

Kuccha R4 R4 R4 R4 R3 R3 R3





7 45.3 48.DOING BUSINESS IN RAJASTHAN Rajasthan November 2010 Annexure … (3/3) Exchange rates Year 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 INR equivalent of one US$ 46.6 48.0 40.2 45.0 45.6 43.4 Average for the year 86 .2 46.0 42.0 47.

the content is not to be construed in any manner whatsoever as a substitute for professional advice. The same may not be reproduced.RAJASTHAN November 2010 DISCLAIMER India Brand Equity Foundation (“IBEF”) engaged ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited (IMaCS) to prepare this presentation and the same has been prepared by IMaCS in consultation with IBEF. Neither IMaCS nor IBEF shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to any act or omission on the part of the user due to any reliance placed or guidance taken from any portion of this presentation. While due care has been taken during the compilation of this presentation to ensure that the information is accurate to the best of IMaCS‟s and IBEF‟s knowledge and belief. This presentation is for information purposes only. IMaCS and IBEF neither recommend nor endorse any specific products or services that may have been mentioned in this presentation and nor do they assume any liability or responsibility for the outcome of decisions taken as a result of any reliance placed on this presentation. All rights reserved. modified or in any manner communicated to any third party except with the written approval of IBEF. 87 . All copyright in this presentation and related works is solely and exclusively owned by IBEF. wholly or in part in any material form (including photocopying or storing it in any medium by electronic means and whether or not transiently or incidentally to some other use of this presentation).

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