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DCS-A-10C Flight Manual En

DCS-A-10C Flight Manual En

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In addition to the 2,050 waypoints that can be stored in the CDU database, you may also create Mark
Points (A-Z). There are three ways you can create a Mark Point:
Overhead Mark Point. If you press the MK (Mark Point) button on the CDU, a new Mark
Point will be created at the aircraft location. Each time you press the MK button, a new
Mark Point will be created in A-Y order (Z is reserved for a weapon release markpoint).
Designated Mark Point. A point on the ground can be set as a Mark Point as determined
by the line of sight of an aircraft designation source. These sources include the HUD TDC,
the Targeting Pod, Maverick Seeker, or TAD Cursor. To create a Mark Point in this fashion,
place the designation point at the desired location and then perform a TMS Right Short
press on the control stick. Each TMS right short press will create a new Mark Point in order

Weapon Event. Each time a weapon is released, a Z Mark Point is created. Each
subsequent weapon release replaces the last Z Mark Point.

Anchor Point Symbol

Anchor Point Data Block



Figure 355. Waypoint Information Page

Once you have created one or more Mark Points, you must set the AAP STEER PT dial to the MARK
position in order to select and cycle through the Mark Points you’ve created. With MARK selected on
the STEER PT dial, you may use the ± Rocker Switch on the CDU to select the desired Mark Point. If
you have HUD set as SOI and the AAP set up to MARK, you may also use DMS Up and Down to cycle
through Mark points. When cycling through Mark points in such a manner, the selected Mark Point
becomes the Steerpoint and SPI by default.

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