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Power Distribution | Soldier Wearable Integrated Power System (SWIPES

RDECOM CERDEC Army Power developed an immediate solution to overcoming the “energy shortfall” for numerous man portable devices. The Soldier Wearable Integrated Power System, or SWIPES, utilizes the MOLE vest and integrates force protection, electronics and communications equipment with advanced power sources. This provides power and protection for extended mission times without the burden of power source swaps or separate power source charging. SWIPES utilizes variety of pouch-mounted chargers and power cables for batteries, GPS units, shot detection systems and handheld communications. The System consists of a Lightweight, High Capacity Zinc Air battery, Battery cable, 4 port power distribution Hub, radio chargers and direct power cables. It is designed for use with the following batteries: Primary Zinc Air, BA 8180, ZA 8140 (Short and Conformal), BA 5590, BB2590 and LI 145. SWIPES allows for individual tailoring by the Warfighter and is designed to accept new applications as they become available. Projected Benefits:  The Zinc-Air batteries are safe in military environments and have high energy density well beyond Lithium-ion batteries, thus extending operating times of systems for surveillance equipment and search/rescue operations. The Soldier Wearable Integrated Power Equipment System (SWIPES) keeps the warfighter’s radio batteries and other high drain applications charged up at all times Combined, the warfighter has a highly versatile system that is easy to use, greatly reduces the number of batteries carried, and can save 30-50% of his battery weight on long missions.

For more information contact CERDEC Public Affairs, (443) 861-7566, or visit the CERDEC Army Power Division: