Daddy Yankee is one of the best reggaeton artist today.

He has won a grammy and has sold over one million albums and has traveled around the world. He was born in P uerto Rico and raised there. He once got shot for being with a gruops of people that w ere bad but he recoverd and left that life to follow his dream of being a great reggaeto n artist and he made it. Daddy Yankee is now very successful and he says he has much more to accomplish i n his life and is working in lots of projects. He did a album with other new artist called Sangre Nueva and it is selling very well. Now he is going to to make a album that is called Barrio Fino En Directo which h as the older songs from Barrio Fino and five new ones which one of them is Rompe and it is already very popular and coming in December. Another album he is working hard is Cartel Which he is making with other great a rtist and he says he is very proud of this album that is going to come out very soon. Daddy Yankee is one very successful artist and has many more dreams to accomplis h. ZZZZZZ

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