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in production

► Vinegar

may be defined as a condiment made from various sugary and starchy materials by alcoholic and subsequent acetic fermentation (Cruess 1958).Vinegar can be produced by different methods and from various raw materials.Wine (white, red, and sherry wine), cider, fruit musts, malted barley, or pure alcohol are used as substrates.

Types of vinegar
► Vinegars

are two types► (A) Brewed vinegars,(B) Artificial vinegars ► Brewed vinegars Brewed vinegars are made from various fruits,starchy materials(potato) and sugar containing substances by alcoholic and subsequent acetic fermention.

Fruit vinegar ► Potato vinegar ► Malt vinegar ► Molasses vinegar ► Honey vinegar ► Spiced vinegar

► Artificial

vinegar Artificial vinegars are prepared by diluting Synthetic acetic acid or glacial acetic acid to a legal standard of 4 per cent and are coloured with caramel. Artificial vinegars are also called as synthetic vinegar or non brewed vinegar

► Two

distinct steps involved in its production. 1 Converstion of the sugar in fruits,etc.,into alcohol by yeast(alcoholic fermention) 2 Converstion of alcohol into vinegar by acetic acid bacteria(acertification)

Preparation of vinegar
► (A) (B) (C)

Vinegar is prepared by the following methods: Slow process Orleans slow process Quick process

Problems in vinegar production
► Wine ► Lactic

flower acid bacteria and worms

► Insects

► Fruit

and vegetable preservation by; sreevasthav

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