“Christmas Friend”

Ur Christmas friend is someone special to you…

How it works???
1. Chits containing the names of all the PRM 31 participants will be put in a ‘CHRISTMAS FRIEND LOT’ box. 2. Each participant will be called one by one and will get their chance to pick a fellow participant name (lot) from the box.

The process of selecting your Christmas Friend is totally random selection and based on pure luck. Once a friend has been selected, no exchange would be allowed. Offering bribes, kick backs and any other such malpractices should be refrained from. 3. Participants are not allowed to reveal the identity of their Christmas friends 4. A ‘LETTER BOX’ would be placed in each class. TEASER MESSAGES to your Christmas can be posted in this Letter Box

and we would make sure that the message is delivered promptly and identity of the sender kept anonymous. The aim is not to let your Christmas Friend know your identity till Christmas day.


On the day we celebrate Christmas, each participant is

expected to present a gift to his/her Christmas Friend. (Do keep in mind that you would also be getting a gift from your friend  )

Let us celebrate


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