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Integration--What It is.cwk (WP)

Integration--What It is.cwk (WP)

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Published by Michael Drew Prior
Our basic commandment-love integration.
Our basic commandment-love integration.

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Published by: Michael Drew Prior on Sep 13, 2011
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The basic commandment is that we love integration. What is integration? Integration, basically, is putting things together.

Creating systems. Creating harmonies. Creating significant relationships. Creating unities. Creating wholes. It is the basic process, which occurs at all levels of nature. Matter and energy (which are well thought of as one thing--matergy) integrate to form atoms. Atoms integrate to form molecules. Molecules integrate to form cells. Cells integrate to form organisms. Organisms integrate to form families. Families integrate to form communities. Communities integrate to form ecosystems. Ecosystems integrate

to form biospheres. Biospheres integrate-to become healthier. This can be looked at in many different ways. As people integrate, they become more intelligent. Individuals integrate to become couples. Communities integrate to form nations. Groups of nations integrate variously. Stars integrate into galaxies. Cosmic dust integrates to form planets. As organisms and ecosystems integrate over long periods of time, evolution occurs. Complexity develops. As complexity of life-forms develops,

complexity of mental processes develops. As complexity of minds develop, complexity of culture, complexity of communication, complexity of technology, complexity of relationship, and complexity of thought increases. As people become more complex, their variety of activities and choices multiplies. As our freedom increases, so must our responsibility. Or else we disintegrate. If humanity consents to, and acts to, integrate as a global community, wars and their devastating suffering could become a thing of the past. However, integration is not necessarily simple. It can be extremely complex, and difficult to achieve.








But it is a unifying thread. And creating quite amazing integrities is sometimes surprisingly easy. Consider how hard it is to make a perfectly formed sphere--blow a soap-bubble.

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