Fix Economy in One Year

1) Win Afghanistan War in 30 Days. a) We have the greatest Air Force and Navy in the World.

[It is Criminal to be fighting with ground troops. Send three Aircraft Carriers with specified Destroyer Fleets and maximum number of fighter/bomber plans.] b) As President Obama destroyed Libyia to establish an Islam (Enemy) nation, in like manner destroy Afghanistan – with warnings of dated air attacks – on three major cities (Electric plants, Water works, bridges, highways, airports). c) Bomb sea port and oil wells. d) Napalm bombs for poppy fields – every year (also in Mexico and Chili). e) Ban Muslim immigrantion and Mexican immigration. 2) All US government offices deal in Spanish. Ban all Government communications in Spanish. Mexicans have more rights in US than I do. 3) Stop all Foreign Aide. We send foreign aiode to all nations recouping American exodus jobs. J) We have supported Japan sice 1945. I) We have supported Israel and Egypt since 1948. One-third of all Foreign Aide to these two countries. M) We have supported Europe since 1949 (N.A.T.O., and Marshall Plan.) N) We have supported South Korea since 1952 – 200 Billion dollars. O) Canada – 300 million dollars – 2010. We support almost every nation in the world – even – Russia! A little comon sense and we would be back in the black in no time at all. Sid Williams, Seven Lamps Library Note: I watched the President’s speech tonight, and he is totally ignorant of what is going on. In his speech to Egypt, he said, “Brothers of Esau, greetings …” He did not consider himself a United States citizen! God said, “Jacob I have loved, Esau I hated” – Malachi 1.2-3.

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