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Article Dubai

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Published by: Raghavendra Rao on Sep 14, 2011
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Parenting rights (and wrongs


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Parenting rights (and wrongs)
WRITTEN BY Bandana Jain

January 26, 2009, DUBAI - Over a hundred Dubai parents gathered at the Indian Consulate last week to attend the Positive Parenting Workshop conducted by Puneet Rathi. Besieged with common problems related to adolescence and teenage, parents looked up to Puneet Rathi for advice and practical solutions to their seemingly never-ending dilemmas. A certified Parent Coach and founder of ‘Atmachetna’, Puneet Rathi has over 17 years of experience in the area of Human Resources & Improvement Consulting. He has also conducted similar parenting workshops in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, India and Singapore. Adolescence and teenage issues “Managing adolescent and teenage behaviour seems to be a Herculean task for most parents today. With behavioural problems like disrespect and talking back, homework battles, whining and complaining, spending more time with friends, parenting has become more daunting than a pleasurable task. In majority of the cases, the culprit is the media that causes communication gap between parents and the children,” explained Puneet Rathi, discussing the present–day scenario of family life. With his Positive Parenting Workshop, Puneet Rathi aimed at making parents aware of various parenting styles and the advantages and disadvantages of the same and how Positive Parenting concepts, if applied, could bring much desired happiness to both parents and their wards. Puneet added, “We give the parents ideas on some basic methods to manage parenting as an enjoyable journey rather than making it a painful process, thus building mutual trust and healthy relationship in the family. Our workshop is just a beginning and not an end in itself. We try to help parents ask themselves relevant questions and devise a plan best suited to their family. The ultimate motto of these workshops is about creating positive environment at home with an idea of raising happy families.” Going by the saying, ‘Children learn what they live’, Puneet stressed on the right behaviour pattern of the parents, thus instigating them to be role models for their children so that they emulate the right values. “Positive parenting is warm, nurturing and encouraging while enforcing the rules and limits. It involves high expectations, high respect and high nurture. Positive parents set rules and boundaries and provide limits, while giving higher independence,” he points out. In a nutshell, positive parents have the following three characteristics1.Nurture with love, care and affection; 2.Discipline by setting and enforcing the rules and



Avoid criticism and harsh language. With 'Atmachetna'. The more often the talks occur between the two.Express love. Puneet started an organization named 'Atmachetna' (meaning 'self awakening') in the year 2007.Parenting rights (and wrongs) Page 2 of 3 3. encouragement and physical bonding to let him know that he is loved and accepted. 8. reinforce and bonding between the family members. creative and exploratory activities. Be an active listener to their talks. as a whole. “It was a self awakening indeed. security and acceptance.asp?PageID=17226 1/29/2009 . A few simple strategies to make the idea of positive parenting much simpler: 1.Engage the kids in age-appropriate. Thailand and Indonesia. 'Atmachetna' is our passion. 3. which is done through a series of dialogue in workshops. the society at large should play a positive role in nurturing the brand new generation. Having received good response from South East Asian countries like Malaysia. quality time.Respect child’s beliefs and opinions. According to Puneet. we want to make positive changes in family lives by spreading more happiness and http://arabeastern. faith and guidance. 9. conferences and seminars.Give frequent.equipped to deal with conflicts. go easy on hugs and kisses. The kids can also be asked to give their say on a family matter. We find lot of similarities in the parenting issues in Asia region. Effective communication can be fostered by parents by sharing their thoughts with the children. with lesser stress and more happiness in their hearts.There should be open lines of communication between the children and the parents. 6. 4.Peer effect is automatically weakened when there is a close–knit relationship between the parents and the children. using positive body language and taking responsibility for one’s actions. Puneet says. we must acknowledge that all children are multi-talented and unique – each with his own strengths and positive aspects. which can be nurtured to shape them into well-rounded individuals.” “My vision is to create a training institute to develop more trainers and coaches on parenting. control. I aim to help the parents to seek their answers through introspection. we intend to cover more countries in the Middle East.Dinner time should be used to unwind. 2. are respectful to others. the closer the kids are to their parents.com/pages/Printcontents. Puneet underlines that the best supportive gifts that a parent can give to his child are love. wherein I started working for a bigger cause than merely continuing as a leader in the corporate world.Use positive strategies like praising. Secondly. Display physical affection. children raised by positive parents do well at school. 5.Be patient and tolerant. initiating conversations. 7. Mission behind ‘Atmachetna’ Moved by the rising number of suicide rates amongst children and wanting to work on reducing pressure on the kids.” When asked about his ideology behind 'Atmachetna'. Puneet described the fundamentals governing the same. have less chances of depression and engaging in risky behaviour and are well. “Firstly.

kids tend to copy your behaviour Consistency is important in following the rules Develop a sense of mutual trust and respect Encourage frequent and positive communication http://arabeastern.” Signature tips from Puneet Rathi on Positive Parenting Create a safe.asp?PageID=17226 1/29/2009 .com/pages/Printcontents.Parenting rights (and wrongs) Page 3 of 3 love……. secure and loving environment for kids to thrive in Create a positive learning environment at home Have reasonable expectations from kids Mind your own behaviour..

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