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CP R71 Provider-1 Admin Guide

CP R71 Provider-1 Admin Guide

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Published by Jef Peeters

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Published by: Jef Peeters on Sep 14, 2011
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Once a Customer has been assigned a Global Policy, it is possible to update the policy by re-assigning it.

To Reassign/Install a Global Policy for a Specific Customer who already
has been Assigned a Global Policy

When performing a Reassign/Install the user does not choose the policy. The policy is already selected.
You can also re-install the Customer policy to the Customers' gateways at the same time, but note that this


Global Policy Management Page 88

is for all the gateways at once and will only work if there is already a Customer policy resident on the

1. Select a Customer, then choose Manage > Reassign/Install Global Policy..., or right-click the
Customer and select Reassign/Install Global Policy...
2. The Reassign/Install Global Policy window will display the policy currently installed.
3. Select the specific gateways for which to re-install the policy. Click OK. The Global Policy is assigned to
the Customer's CMA and the resident Customer policy is re-installed on the selected gateways.

To Reassign/Install a Global Policy for Multiple Customers

1. Right-click a Global Policy and select Reassign/Install Global Policy from the options menu.
2. In the Reassign/Install Global Policy window, select on or more customers.
3. Enable the Install last Policy on all gateways of assigned Customers option, if you wish to
automatically re-install the last policy installed on all gateways belonging to the selected customers.
4. Enable the Install last IPS Sensor Policy on all IPS-1 Sensors of assigned Customers option, if you
wish to automatically re-install the last policy on all IPS-1 sensors belonging to the selected customer.

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