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CP R71 Provider-1 Admin Guide

CP R71 Provider-1 Admin Guide

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Published by Jef Peeters

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Published by: Jef Peeters on Sep 14, 2011
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Provider-1 Components Installed at the NOC

The following components are deployed at the Network Operation Center:

Multi Domain GUIs (MDG)
Multi Domain Servers (MDS), including Multi Customer Log Modules (MLM)
Customer Management Add-on (CMA)
Customer Log Module (CLM)

Selecting MDS and CMA Licenses

Similar MDS components must be installed on different computers. Two Managers cannot share the same
computer. Each Container must also be on a separate computer. However, a Manager/Container
combination can be housed on the same computer. Licenses are available separately or combined for the
MDS components.

When considering which licenses to buy, a second MDS Manager is recommended for disaster recovery. A
standalone MDS Manager is available to be used for management purposes only, serving as an entry point
to the system.

If many CMAs will be supported by the system, or if the CMA load increases, more MDS Containers are
needed, not Managers. CMAs are maintained only on Containers. Licenses for MLMs (dedicated log
servers) are inexpensive, so they are a cost effective alternative to storing logs by default on

The MDS license is per IP, and is based on the following factors:

The MDS type, whether Manager, Container, combined, or Log Manager (MLM).
For Containers, the MDS license depends on the number of CMAs managed.
Provider-1's licensing is geared to match its scalable architecture. Licenses are matched to needs, and can
be purchased to accommodate a growing Customer base. Components are licensed according to the
number of CMAs and Security Gateways. New CMAs can be seamlessly integrated, by upgrading to a
larger license.

Each CMA requires its own CMA-level license. These are obtained per CMA's IP address. The exceptions
to this are the VSX Bundle license (see VSX Bundle License (on page 42)). Pro Add-ons for multiple CMAs
are purchased in a bundled product, called Pro Add-ons for MDS. The way to generate the CMA Pro Add-on
licenses in UserCenter is as follows: Perform the "Activate License" operation on the bundled product, using
the IP address of the first CMA, to generate the license for this CMA. For each additional CMA, perform the
"Change IP" operation on the bundled product, and change to the IP address of this CMA.

Install the generated licenses at the respective CMA level.

The MLM license is comprehensive so there is no need for separate licenses per CLM. A single license
installed on the MLM applies to both the MLM and the CLMs it maintains. CLMs are per Customer and can

Licensing and Deployment

Planning the Provider-1 Environment Page 41

receive logs from all of the Customer's gateways, regardless of their number. The number of gateways that
report to the same MLM is unlimited.

The MDG does not require a license.

Provider-1 Enterprise Edition

Provider-1 supports the new licenses for Provider-1 Enterprise Edition Products. The new licenses enable
an MDS with 3 or 5 CMAs (depends on the license purchased). Each CMA has a Pro license level and can
manage an unlimited number of gateways.

Managing Licenses

Provider-1 uses SmartUpdate to incorporate newer versions and licenses. Required components and
licenses can easily be upgraded using the SmartUpdate view in the MDG.

Licenses are additive. For example, an MDS Container license for 50 CMAs and an MDS Container license
for 25 CMAs add up to 75 hosted CMAs.

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