Ready to Rock Your World? An Enlightening Visit with Dianne Collins, author of Do You QuantumThink?

©Liz Sterling 2011 Standing on the balcony overlooking the Atlantic, author and visionary leader, Dianne Collins, beckons me to behold the panoramic view. The shimmer that dances atop the ocean barely matches the infectious fervor that Collins exudes. Maybe this is what happens when you become a first time author, I surmise; yet I sense that Dianne’s passion is fueled by the enthusiasm that has been incubating her new book: Do You QuantumThink?, New Thinking that Will Rock Your World. Gracefully gesturing across the full expanse of the sea with her arm, she says to me, “This represents the field of ‘Infinite Possibility’ a term Collins wants us to understand early in the book. Science, we learn, has determined that the old adage, ‘what you see is what you get’ can now be enhanced by the view, ‘what you see is what you expect. It turns out expectations influence outcomes because, as Dianne explains, “we live in an Observer-Created Reality!” OK. OK. You didn’t sign up for a science class and you’re not into learning about the fundamentals of string theory ; yet the quantum world Collins speaks of is as infinite as the ocean, as majestic as a bird in flight, as powerful as the sun and as accessible as your breath. As Dianne concludes her sweep of the vast horizon before us, she laughs, gathers her papers from the veranda table, opens the sliding glass door and beckons me into a new world – the world of QuantumThinking, a system that will undoubtedly rock your world too. I discovered in our short conversation that we (collectively and individually) are thinking inside a realm that has become antiquated. We made the leap from the Industrial Age to the Conceptual Age, a term coined by career analyst Dan Pink; and now, according to Collins, we are in the Quantum Age, a new era that calls us to attune to and experience a higher state of awareness and to honor our evolutionary process. I remember when Gary Zukav, author of Seat of the Soul, became a regular on Oprah at the turn of this century and wooed us to recognize our multi-dimensional nature. Oprah got a lot of flak for

espousing this information from Zukav and later from Eckert Tolle, Oprah’s Soul Series guest and facilitator of the Webinar that attracted over 35 million viewers, but she stood steadfast in the face of the critics. Why? Because there is a fundamental tenet in our universe that says, “The truth shall set you free.” When we step into the Quantum realm and learn the principles of QuantumThinking, as I have recently experienced, all things are possible and all things are revealed. So let’s peak behind the curtain as our friend and teacher Dianne Collins brings to light the truth that may indeed set you free. Everything we see, think, choose, envision, desire, create and manifest, until now, has come from a ‘least action pathway’ the habitual, conditioned roadmap that lives in our minds. It is the sum total of our thoughts and experiences from a bygone era. Even though we think we have choices and make decisions, you and I are merely the net effect of what has happened in the past. The QuantumThink system opens the doors of awareness to a realm that Einstein discovered, a new field of possibility. This field is infinite. This field is where our thoughts are things that have wings and travel to influence our lives, our loved ones and the entire universe. This is the new frontier where we can consciously evolve and live fully dimensional lives. In the QuantumThink world, your life becomes a song, with a musical resonance that uplifts and allows you and others to soar. It is the world of non local living where images of mind can dance upon the horizon and be seen by others. It is the home that we have been seeking and a world that is waiting for us to enter. When you read Do You QuantumThink?, New Thinking That Will Rock Your World, you will know this new world, for it is your inheritance. The words and concepts become the teaching which becomes the new paradigm for living and thinking. The good news: there is enough to share with everyone on our planet, for this is an infinite resource that fills all the oceans and truly shimmers ….. from sea to Quantum see.

Word count: 750

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