Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan is a well known public speaker from Kerala, India.

He, along with a few others founded Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage in 1999. Dr. N.Gopalakrishnan is a scientist and Hon. Director of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage, having M.Sc. (Pharm. Chem); M.Sc. (Appl. Chem); M.A., (Soc.); Ph.D. (Biochem); D.Litt. (Science in Sanskrit). Talk on : Rishish vision on leader ship On : 12-08-2011 ,2pm-3.30pm His talk comprises with 1) We are not permanent here. A human be in earth on an average 26000 days only. SO the life should be "USEFUL, PURPOSEFUL, FRUITFUL & MEANINGFUL". 2)It is my duty to evaluate myself , nothing in the world is there for block you on your success. 3) Never degrade yourself in any circumstances. 4) Don’t miss any chances that you get, no need of try the things but it is needs that the doing..... 5) Doing the same thing in same way by same people expecting different result is nothing but insanity 6) Think different from others & be creative always. 7)"Give credit of success to colleagues and take of failure yourself" -A P J ABDUL KALAM 8)Most valuable things in life a) ADDITION b) DELETION c) MODIFICATION d) CORRECTION 9)expansion of life is growth and stagnation is death

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