Emma Watson could accompany Hugh Jackman in the musical “les miserable”!

The young actress Emma Watson, which was seen in the Harry Potter, could join the l musical "Les

Potter The Deathly Hallows Part 2", as several of these projects are:

 "My Week with Marilyn" is a biopic about the life of the legendary Hollywood actress.  A new version of "Beauty and The Beast" real image, in the production of director

Guillermo Del Toro.

Johnny Depp and Amber heard in the first trailer for the rum diary!!!
Comes the first trailer for "The starred Amber Rum Diary," Depp in a that and biopic

Miserable" with director Tom Hooper and starring Australian actor Hugh Jackman. This film started its

shooting next October for release late next year.

This is not the only project that the young actress has signed since he already having has projects signed after "Harry



Johnny Heard

Puerto Rico to write in a newspaper of San Juan. and which although relationship businessman she has with who a a gets also has fallen behind in its schedule of releases. By adopting this lifestyle soaked in rum in the fifties version of Hemingway.quite expected. where he is tired of the noise and craziness of New York at the end of the Eisenhower era in the United States. decides to travel to the island virgin involved in local urban dark speculation. This film tells the story more insane travel journalist Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp). . Soon came the love life of Paul where he began a relationship with an attractive Chennault (Amber American Heard). wait until you get to the cinema to enjoy it. This is a small preview of this wonderful movie.

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