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Submitted by: Kevin Get Heavy Machine Gun During gameplay, type "ioihgun" to get the heavy machine gun. Submitted by: adams42 Codes Type in the following during the middle of gameplay: IOIGOD - God Mode IOIFLYMO - Flymo Ragdolls IOICHARISMA - Charisma IOIAMMO - Unlimited Ammo IOIBLIND - Invisibility IOIFASTMO - Fast motion IOISLOWMO - Slow motion IOISHOTGUN - Shotgun IOIROCKET - Rocket launcher IOIHGUN - Hgun IOISNIPER - Sniper rifle IOIRIFLE - Rifle IOINAILGUN - Nailgun effect god 1 - God mode giveall - All weapons infammo - Infinite ammunition Additions by Paawan Submitted by: backyard3000 Unlock Liberty Island To unlock the extra stage, Liberty Island, just beat the game on any difficulty.