That is how it was that is how The painting got painted with You in it and the artist telling You how to sit and where and How to have the hat positioned On your head and at what angle And don’t smile too much girl he Said or look too dour and so you Sat there in that antique chair with

Your hands held together on your Knees and your legs crossed ladylike And your feet on a small stool with The shawl wrapped about you to Keep out the cold you felt that day You posed and looking back years later You think what a hat to wear and what A bored expression to have upon your Face and you note he painted that small Glass vase of flowers and that round Mirror on the wall to capture the others Who stood across the room posing in their Childhood play only now you recall that It all was fiction on the artist’s part there Were no others there across the room To play their games that cold spring day.

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