characteristics of water quality introduction to water quality concepts the need for water quality studies and water

quality standards physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water water related diseases treatment of water supplies introduction to water treatment processes screening aeration plain sedimentation coagulation flocculation and sedimentation filtration disinfection waste water treatment introduction to waste water treatment processes primary, secondary and tertiary treatment methods water and waste water systems water supply systems collection, treatment, transmission and distribution works sources of water supply population growth water demand and variations in flow problems dealing with reservoir capacities and pumping rates using mass diagrams application of pump and system characteristic curves to water supply problems waste water systems collection, treatment and outflow of disposal works types of waste water collection systems estimation of the quantities of waste water including storm water and application of partial flow diagrams design periods for water supply and waste water structures and the factors affecting them water pollution and its control types of sources of pollution outline of the overall effects of water pollution and control measures

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