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Gaziantep University

Gaziantep University

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Published by: Mehmet Sabri Genç on Sep 15, 2011
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FACULTIES AND DEPARTMENTS Faculty of Engineering (The medium of instruction In all departments of engineering IS English) Department Department Department Department Department Department Department Department Department of of of of of of of of of Mechanical Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering Physics Engineering Food Engineering Civil Engineering Textile Engineering Industrial Engineering Computer Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Engineering Faculty of Medicine Department of Anatomy Department of Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry Department of Biophysics Department of Physiology Department of Histology and Ernbriology Department of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology Department of Medical Biology Internal Medicine Department Surgical Medicine Department Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of History Department of Mathematics Department of Turkish Literature and Language Department of Biology Deparment of Western Languages and Literatures Department of Chemistry Department of Archeology Department of Sociology .

The University has 7 faculties with a number of majors and minors offered as well as master and Ph. Student 13. degrees in most departments. population is currently about • • • .• The University of Gaziantep is an individual full member of European University Association.500. The University was awarded an Erasmus University Charter by the European Commission and Diploma Suppliment (DS) Label.D.

Gaziantep is a tourism paradise with its natural beauties. It is the largest trade and industrial center as well as culturally and socio-economically the most developed city in its region. In the center of the city stands the Gaziantep Fortress and the Ravanda citadel as reminders of past The citadel was restored by the Byzantines in the 6th century. Gaziantep is the 6th largest city in Turkey.ABOUT THE CITY • The university is located in the city of Gaziantep. historical sites. geography. • • • • . rich variety of food and shopping possibilities. which is one of the oldest culture centers of Turkey.

This is the world's second biggest mosaic museum. varieties of kabab and local foods. The city lent its name to the Turkish word for 'pistachio'. the copper-ware products and "Yemeni" slippers.• The Archeological Museum. with its important collections from and the Hittite ages as well as the Roman Commagene and times. "Antep Fistigi" meaning "Gaziantep Nut". A recent addition to the Museum's riches are the Roman mosaics discovered in Zeugma. It is home to the world's best dessert (baklava). attracts many visitors. specific to the region. Gaziantep is famous for its regional specialities. • Gaziantep is known to have best Turkish food in the country. are two examples. • • .

Meals • • Students are offered lunch at the Central Dining Hall with capacity for 3500. . scouting. modern dance. cinema. folk music. Special low-cost. pop music. environment. mountaineering.CAMPUS FACILITIES Leisure activities • • • The university organizes a series of concerts and events throughout the academic year. motor-sports and much more. aviation. high-quality housing is available to exchange students in the dormitory and the University Hotel in the campus. literature. Accommodation • • Accommodation needs of students are met by student dormitories located in the campus. Turkish folk dancing. chess. The meals during weekends and holidays are available at the dormitories and private cafeterias in the campus. bridge. painting. Various student clups carry out activities such as drama. Cultural activities are held within the campus in various social and cultural centers.

athletic training and practice halls. there are two indoor sports halls one of which is in the dormitory complex. . • Travel from and to the city can be done by by modern intercity buses. and 1000 kilometers away from Istanbul. • The Medical School in the campus has one of the largest hospitals in the region with all specialties and treatment options serving to public in the city and neighboring cities. Ankara. • Gaziantep International Airport is about 20 kilometers to the university main campus. carpet football playing fields.Transport • Gaziantep is 700 kilometers away from the capital city. volleyball and football fields. Sports • On the campus. one of which is in the dormitory complex. table tennis. colligative size swimming pool and an artificial turf field. by train. many outdoor basketball. tennis courts. which makes all kinds of sports activities possible for the students Medical Facilities • Medical Center is located in the campus providing healthcare services to students and staff. • There are two gymnasiums. an olympic size wrestling ring. physical fitness hall. and by airplane.

researchminded. but higher education on campus began as early as 1973 when the institute was an extention campus of the Middle East Technical University. technical. The University of Gaziantep has always tried to train its students as enlightened. • • The main objectives of the university are: • • • Cultural. responsibilities • Technical. scientifically-oriented graduates of good character. with particular attention to European Higher Education Area • . The main campus is located in the city of Gaziantep with its extention campuses situated in the neighbouring cities.ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY • The University of Gaziantep was founded as a state university in 1987. scientific and cultural exchanges with similar institutions at national and international levels Professional adaptation to our rapidly changing society and the world in general. medical and vocational education and training Fundamental Development and applied research of perspectives with respect to and ethics social issues. scientific.

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences Department of Economics Department of Business Administration Department of International Marketing and Logistics Faculty of Education Department Department Department Department Departrment Department of Fine Arts Education of Computer and Teaching Technology of Turkish Language Teaching of Foreignh Language Teaching of Education Sciences of Secondary Education Faculty of Architecture Department Department Department Department of Architecture of Interior Architecture of City and Regional Planning of Industrial Design Faculty of Dentistry .



The International Office • The office coordinates student exchange programs within the scope of Erasmus programme currently with 18 countries in Europe and through bilateral agreements with many universities around the world.edu. University of Gaziantep International Office University Boulevard 27310 Sehitkamil.gantep.edu.tr Web: www.tr . • The office takes active role in Europian Volunteer Service (EVS) Action 2 as both sender and hosting institution within the scope of EU Youth Programs. Turkey Tel: 90 342 3171547 Fax: 90 342 3609378 E-mail: intloffice@gantep. Gaziantep.

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