The goal for ICI is to be the industry leader in the production and sale of products, which benefit society. ICI provides a safe and healthy workplace for both staff and contractors, and will act responsibly towards the communities and environment in which it operates. This will be achieved by the continuous improvement of their first class SSHE performance through corporate leadership. HEALTH AND SAFETY CASE STUDIES 2004-2006 Health and wellness programs ICI sponsored a health and wellness program that included a health fair with cholesterol, blood sugar, and body fat testing for employees. The results were concerning, when 40% of the employees were tested for body fat, they were into high risk. A health fair was organized included a get fit challenge with prizes for employees achieving the greatest weight loss. Almost half the site’s employees attended this fair and one-third participated in the get fit challenge. The 105 employees who completed the program lost a total of 811 pounds. The health and wellness program is continuing. Occupational health program At the beginning, on-site medical services were introduced, a small medical consultancy room constructed and a company doctor contracted. A basic health plan involving health and hygiene monitoring of employees was introduced. And later an occupational health plan was established, including respiratory and hearing protection programs and manual handling risk assessments. These programs have been extended in scope and now include personal health promotion activities, sports workshops and a personal health open day. Measures for Noise level There were increased noise levels from relief valves on degasser blowers that supply air to machinery used at ICI Pakistan’s Port Qasim site. The area was barricaded and warnings were mentioned to wear ear muffs. Safety to hand The employees are required to wear hand gloves and preventive costumes in order to stay free from injuries. So, variety of weekly activities was held to promote hand safety awareness. The aim was to reduce hand injuries, activities were organized and included a series of hand safety quizzes throughout the month, hazard stickers were placed on equipment, and games called the "Hand Olympics" were in use. Employees at the site have welcomed this safety awareness training.