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HR Manual of OSDRA

HR Manual of OSDRA


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STRATEGIC Human Resource Management

Submitted To: Miss Ayesha Submitted By:
Tariq Yousaf Midhat Batool Irfan Zafar Atif Talal Sana Munir

Self created organization to provide the HR Manual Particulars

Our motto is Bring Smile on Every Face Sector: Social Welfare Competitors: HOPE, Islamic Relief Pakistan, Adult Basic Education Society, Agha Khan Health Services Pakistan, Caritas, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

Vision:  A caring world where the basic requirements of people in need are fulfilled  Mission Statement: 


• •

Assisting individuals, groups and institutions to develop safe and caring communities Helping the poor suffering to enjoy reliance with dignity. and self

Making it possible for those who wish to support others reach people who need their help.

To provide basic education to ever person in the society so that they play their role in the development of the society. To provide basic health facilities to every person in the society so that healthy society came into existence. To improve the condition of the children To realize that all children are our children and children are born to be loved. To eliminate labor (Decrease child labor and increase the progress of the country). To provide educational facilities, providing soft loans to the families of the working children to gradually check step by step and eradicate the problem of child labor. To avoid women illiteracy in the society and helps women in their health and human rights. To eliminate violence and discrimination against women.

• • • •

One room school in those areas where there are no educational institutions. These schools will be concentrated to the development of human potential, in healing and growing forms, to serve the advancement of human kind through philosophical and ecological paths. Educational campuses for adults education in remote areas To promote awareness against HIV/AIDS through education and door to door campaigns. Mobile medical teams for free treatments and vaccinations. To aware parents about the importance of education for their children. Taking strong actions against those parents who engage their children in cheap labor work when they should be in schools striving to make a bright future. Media can serve an important role for awaring them through different program. Human rights educating to teacher /school children.

BASIC WEEK POLICY • The basic work week for OSDRA will be 40 hours, • 5 days (Monday through Friday), • 8:00 AM through 4:00 PM hours, • a lunch and prayer break of 35 minutes per working day, • Friday wherein the break will be for one hour. • During the holy month of Ramadan special timings are observed. Employees will be given adequate notice of these timings.

LEAVE Period 

The leave period will be of one month given to each permanent employee of OSDRA.   Public Holidays: • Employees will benefit from the public holidays. If a public holiday falls on a weekend, employees will be notified of an alternative weekday to replace it, which normally is either Friday or Monday. • The dates of Public Holidays should be communicated to all staff by the HR Department at the beginning of the leave year.  Sick Leave:  • Sick Leave is absence with pay for time lost due to a genuine illness or injury or dental or medical appointments of eligible staff members. Sick Leave is also provided for medical appointments. OSDRA appointed doctor can also be ask to very the claim.

Other Leaves 
OSDRA employees are granted time off and leave as follows:

Time spent by employees to attend an administrative or legal proceeding or to attend as a witness on behalf of OSDRA is counted as time worked. All employees are granted necessary time off with pay, not to exceed three hours, for voting in local bodies or general elections, providing they are scheduled to work eight hours on that day and if they do not have time to vote outside their working hours. If government of Pakistan announced public holiday OSDRA will also provide leave with pay. Employees are granted time off with pay for the purpose of donating blood up to a maximum of three hours.

• •

Unauthorized Absence from Duty without Due Cause   • Employees are responsible for informing their department / division as soon as possible if they will be late for or absent from work

If an employee remain absent from duty without informing his first level supervisor for more than three days the supervisor will report to HR. HR Manager will issue him a official memo asking him to report within three days valid justification for absence without approval. In case of non reply within the specified period of employee HR Manager will report to CD for termination of contract.

• • •

• •

• • • • • •

That employee has competed 12 months continuous employment with OSDRA. That the employee agrees to repay the loan in full within a period not exceeding 12 months. Loan repayments should be paid in equal monthly installment; however this can be agreed otherwise depending on circumstances and agreement between the parties. Loan repayments will be deducted monthly from salary. This requiring no further authorization from employee. The total amount of the loan advanced can not exceed 25 % of the employee gross annual pay if his length of service is more than three years. For a period from two years of service 15% of the employee gross annual pay. For a period of one year continuous service only one gross salary can be given as loan. Any previous loam must have been settled in full, before a request for a new loan can be submitted. That there is a six months period separating one loan from the next. All outstanding loans should be settled in full before an employee leaves Islamic Relief. The Chairman must approve the loan, granting authorization to

IS-OSDRA Information system of OSDRA plays role in assisting HR inventory. IS-OSDRA is designed to quickly fulfill human resource management informational needs of OSDRA. Replacement Charts In addition to IS-OSDRA, a senior management inventory report is also has to be generated. This report of replacement charts includes individuals from middle to upper level management positions.

The hiring process includes the following priorities
• • • • • •

Job Request Vacancy Announcement Internal Recruitment External Searches Interview Committee Application Process

Job analysis for the positions in OSDRA is done through Structured Questionnaire Method. It’s the policy of the Organization to conduct the Job analysis, by asking different questions relevant to their experience, qualification, current or previous job previews and some personal information with related scales or blanks to fill in.

Questionnaire Include various questions, few are
For how long have you worked at this job? (Mark one box)  Ten years or more  At least 6 years, but less than 10 years  At least 3 years, but less than 6 years  At least 1 year, but less than 3 years  At least 3 months, but less than 12 months  At least 1 month, but less than 3 months  Less than 1 month In your previous job, are you employed by  Government  Private for-profit company  Nonprofit organization including tax exempt  and charitable organizations  Self-employed  Family business

How important is ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT knowledge to the performance of your current job? What level of CLERICAL knowledge is needed to perform your current job? What level of ECONOMICS AND ACCOUNTING knowledge is needed to perform your current job? How important is knowledge of PERSONNEL AND HUMAN RESOURCES to the performance of your current job? How important is PROBLEM SENSITIVITY to the performance of your current job? How important is INFORMATION ORDERING to the performance of your current How important is. How important is TIME SHARING to the performance of your current job? How important is STAMINA to the performance of your current job? 

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