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This is to certify that Sagar Ramakant Bane (32) & Rahul Hemant Naik (30) has successfully done their case study on, GYM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Guided By : Mrs. Rupali Patil




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Topic. Organization Overview. Objectives of Proposed System. Current System. Limitations of Current System. Advantages of Proposed System. GNATT Chart. E-R Diagram. Context Level Diagram. Functional Decomposition. Logical DFD. DFD Fragmentation. System Flowchart. Menu Tree. Table Listing. Report Listing. Form Layout. Conclusion. Reference.

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Our Gym Management Software is a gym and health club membership management system. You can keep records on your members, their memberships, and have quick and easy

communication between you and your members. Gym Management also includes a booking system, point of sale, banking, accounting, concessions and has a range of reports that help in the management of your club. Our Gym Management Software is a complete gym and recreation facility system program which looks after all of your members, memberships and activities. It is designed for gyms, recreation centers, and health clubs. Our Gym management Software provides lots of functions such data entry of customer, keeping records of all the things about customers fees, plan, and physical fitness which help to provide good quality of services to customer from Gym managers. In this proposed system also provide the total information about machinery and data of coaches is also stored in it. Services provided by Gym are also handled by this system.

This system structure is become very simple to understand because of Data Flow Diagram provided by us. Context level Diagram and Some chart are also available in this case study. The demo of using the software such as customer detail form, data base of software is also provided by us.

Limitation of Existing System

The existing System such as Gym Master is not as much as user (Customer) friendly as compare to our Proposed System. The communication with members is not well in Existing System because all the data is handled by Gym manager. Customers dont get full accessibility to Gym center and all permissions are allowed only for Gym manager. Todays System cannot take effort out of finances and debt collection. Todays systems are time taking software and cannot be easily install in Operating System like Linux , Vista , Mc-OS, and Novel. And also need high configuration of PC. Normal PCs cannot install in it. Lot of memory space is required for installing existing software. Existing Gym management software cannot perform all operation expected by manager such as keeping record of machinery maintenance and service data.

Proposed System
Advantages: Stores member details and their involvement with the organization including their financial account. Records key details about each program group and individual program. Provides a wide range of reporting on member and programmers. Take the effort out of finances and debt collection. Membership validation to allow access control through proximity cards, swipe cards etc. This can also be linked to a gate or door lock control. Ability to download transaction from bank files and allocated against a member account. Can be integrated with Web functionality to enable line booking and data input. Improve communication with members. Bookings form for instructors, classes, equipment or facilities. Provides point of sale functions. is an online service that can be setup for your gym to help manage classes, memberships, receive payments (merchant and cash), keep track with detailed statistics, customer management, surveys and it even has an online store so you can sell products to your customers. Its simple, its effective and its the way customers want their gym! Here is our feature list which is continually growing:

Manage customers Manage customer health question forms Manage customer surveys

Screenshot of Customer Options

Complete site statistics (graphs) membership lists

Screenshot of User Statistics graphs

Complete payment statistics with downloadable content to excel and csv file format.

Export functions; to download customer details to create mailing lists, databases

Manage your trainers and class schedules.

Class management

Create recurring classes and class types Create multiple locations and trainers Create plans & passes Manage customer barcode/RFID/membership cards for customers.

Customers can see their own statistics and payment history. Complete Online Store for your products, membership plans & passes.


Entity Relationship Diagram


who who

Who Changing Rooms


Manage Service in Gym

Aerobics room Steam Bath Timing of Gym

customer data
Customer Id Customer Fees Customer Name Given by Maintenance of equipments Yoga Teaching Place of Equipment s Manage Equip. in Gym

ID Name

Types of Equipment s

No. of each type of Equip.


Customer ID Name
Used by





Gym Management system

Gym Management System Context Level Diagram



Gym Management system


Gym Management System Level 0 DFD



customer record

Create New Customer Record

manager Manager

Trainer Customer
Look up trainer availability




Time to produce customer record Absence/Presence


DFD Fragments

Trainer Details
Trainer Details

Input Master Nos of cust_detail

Customer Details

Transaction Nos of cust_detail

Salary Details
Trainer Details

Input Master Equipment Details

Bill Details

Money collector manager Service in gym Received & transform customer gym offer

file Main Manager

Update customer Look up trainer timing record Customer record (formatted)


Manage service in Gym Equipment detail file


Manage equip- ment in gym

Update trainer timing record

Complete DFD of a Gym management System

Gym Management System Customer Trainer Trainer Details Customer Details Bill Details


Manage All Records Service Details

Equipments Details

Total Amount Calculate Charges

Customer Data Report


Gym Management Customer Data Add Delete Modify Equipments in Gym Type of Equipments New modified Equipments Maintenance Places of Equipments Services in Gym Changing rooms Steam bath AC/Non AC Offer like monthly, quarterly, yearly Music System Aerobics rooms Yoga teaching Well certified coaches Adjustable timing of Gym for customers Health checking after regular period Body building competitions Overview Manager Add Edit Help About project


Customers Identity Card

i) System helps to keep all the data about customers, trainer to be stored in computer and there is no need to do paper work. ii) Data longer period hence there is going to be preserved carefully proper back up is required for


is chance of losing entries. iii) This project is an attempt of automating an

gym application had added to our learning experience. iv) It has also helped in adopting an analytical

approach to problem solving and made us realize that system development is a step by step process.


The system is designed to perform the task for individual user. The case study is referenced through many books. The main source is Internet.