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MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream

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MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream

The repot at hand provides useful insight about Engro food Pakistan Ltd, a private food firm that keeps about 22 % of market share in the milk food industry Pakistan. Established in 2005, a 100% owned subsidiary –First investment of dairy plant Processed milk market is growing at approx. 20% per annum Olper’s achieved peak market shares of 12.3% within 6 months of launch Other products launched – Olper’s Cream, OLwell –High Calcium Low Fat Milk (Premium Brand) Plans to expand product portfolio Milk processing capacity to increase by 200% to 200 million liters annually Will become the only company in Pakistan covering the entire milk catchments area Already has the second largest chilled milk collection system in the country Distribution network to double from 58 towns to 119 towns by the end of 2007JV with global food major in advanced stage of negotiation Forces in the external environment that affect company’s performance are, political, economic, social and technological whereas company-specific external forces are Major Players in the food Industry, which are ten in number; Nestle being the leader with 41 % market share. Typical packed milk consumers are the children. Therefore, Engrofoods has a large number of consumers throughout the country. Karachi: Engro

Foods has recently expanded its brands portfolio by launching a premium quality ice cream with the name of Omore. Omore started its sales from the city of Lahore because of the culturally inheritor of celebrator of festival of colors i.e. The Spring Festival. They have started off with 24 different

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e. engro has many consumer products. let’s review: By the end of March. trung. the area in which we are interested is food and beverages. olper. engro started its operations in 2005. every eye of Lahore was Department of commerce 3 . eglo. omore. Engro is one of the largest companies of this field and is a subsidiary of Proctor and Gamble (P&G). yummy. omore.engro food limited has provide a high quality food .Omore has initiated heavy marketing campaign. peddle etc. Introduction Krachi: Engro Foods has recently expanded its brands portfolio by launching a premium quality ice cream with the name of Omore. And presently its headquarters is at Karachi.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream packs and flavors that attract kids and adults from all walks of life. For instance hico. We consider technology as very much beneficial nowadays. They have started off with 24 different packs and flavors that attract kids and adults from all walks of life. The Spring Festival. Omore started its sales from the city of Lahore because of the culturally inheritor of celebrator of festival of colors i. Some of its popular brands are milk. But why do we likewise consider it a pain? Simple because we have too many options to choose from others ice creams. In addition. ollwe and trkha etc.

also tasty flavors . the most widely produced and sold today are.000 liters per Department of commerce 4 . as they boasted off. they had sponsored PHA in decorating Lahore with artificial and colorful flowers etc. The particular direction of the customer toward omore ice is due to its quality. The plant located at Sukkur (Sindh) on 23 acre land. Believing in the fact that a marketer believes that advertisement is not an expense. Some of these. Omore is quickly displacing the only major competitors in the market. by far.In 2009 the engro food lounched omore first time in the market surpassed sales for the first time. as opposed to the more other ice creams . Situation Analysis History of Engro food limited Engro Foods (Pvt) Limited (EFL) was established in 2005 as part of a diversification process at the Engro Group. Hico. Lahore really seemed to be in bloom. Other then the colorful advertising streamers. primarily for the home. and its sales figures relative to other food items is accelerating.Chamman and Peddle ice cream. such as Olpers. the chill milky. has the raw milk reception capability of 300. Like yummy. it’s an investment. Omore ice cream encompass a wide range of (typically) rodshaped polymers that naturally form into thin layers.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream attracted towards the catchy decoration of Lahore done by Omore. pushing all other formats into niche roles. Engro food distributes a wide variety of consumer durable products. Clearly. they have invested a lot. Omore.

5% animal fat base in 250 ml. Engro Foods will work with the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and its three partner organizations to help implement sustainable business models that increase farmer’s profitability and develop a positive social and business climate for growth and expansion of live stock and other forms of value added agriculture.9% fat (low fat high calcium recipe) in 1 Liter 3) Olper Cream (40% fat) 4) Tarang (7% veg. It also positions the company to leverage its corporate social responsibility initiatives and work closely with rural communities to promote integrated farming and livestock development. 1.000 liters per day.0. company’s first brand was launched in March 2009 in 8 cities of the country simultaneously. To achieve this we will settle for nothing less than the cream! Engro Foods has entered the Food business through milk processing and sale with the company’s vision to pursue growth opportunities based on country fundamentals and own strength. Our goal is to be one of the biggest players in the food business and our aim is to dominate the food business. The project cost was of $ 16 million and it provides direct employment to 750 people. 1 Liter.3. 0. Since then two other brands Olper’s cream and Olwell has been successfully launched and has established Engro Foods Limited as a major player in the foods business already. Engro Food Limited is one of the largest dairy product manufecturer of Pakistan we do have following Brands. Omore ice.5% Pack size 2) Olwell . UHT Milk . fat based tea whitener) 5) Tarkka (99.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream day and UHT milk capacity of 200. This effort is expected to play a pivotal role in poverty alleviation and improving livelihoods of the poor in the milk collection areas.8% Butter Ghee) Department of commerce 5 .5 liter.Brand Range 1) Olpers .

MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream 6) Also planning to launch anhydrous milk fat very soon. teacher. children’s etc. The News has found that almost all leading milk processing companies are present in the district for milk collection and some of them have realised its potential as a centre for dairy processing. Contact us Engro Foods Ltd [Pakistan] Address: 3rd Floor. . Its state-of-the-art milk processing and omore ice cream manufacturing plants. farmer. Export Manager Mission To be a respected and leading Family Company in Pakistan providing consumer durables to improve the quality and happiness of life of people through the provision of consumer products at affordable prices and at every point of people means to all profession of people either they are engineers . We are looking for a financially strong party . are being upgraded to meet rising demand. Engro Food is no exception.. He said Engro had already achieved break even in 2009 and would hopefully earn a good profit in 2010.. doctor. Carltons Hotel. Department of commerce 6 . lower. opened in May 2005. DHA Phase-VIII Karachi Sindh 75500 Pakistan Phone: 92-21-5849169 Contact name: Syed Hassan Imam .

The farm would be gradually developed in a way that it would become one of the biggest cattle farms in the world in the next few years. Omore. EFL needs to focus on investment in cold chain and aggressive marketing. “A sprawling livestock farm has been set up in Nara.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream He said the company was developing a Corporate Dairy Farm of international standards which would provide good quality milk to consumers. heart of the famous basmati producing zone in central Punjab. he said. Capturing 510% market share in the initial phase could result in incremental revenue of PRs400-800mn for EFL.300 high-yielding animals. Marketing Environment Microenvironment of Omore ice cream Factors affecting within the organization are called the microenvironment of the product. Engro Foods has successfully launched its ice cream brand. To compete with Omore. This includes the factors within the control of the organization which may impact upon the organization and or delivery of the marketing plan. from Lahore and a few other adjacent cities from April 6th. Sindh with 2. Pakistan has a branded ice cream market of ~70mn liters or PRs8bn. Company Resources Engro food committed its own resources to acquire 'Polka' and consolidate the ice cream market for engro food limited Pakistan Department of commerce 7 . Earnings impact for EFL will remain muted in the near term due to heavy promotional expenditure and investment apex on cold storage. and the second largest cold chain network among all FMCGs. comprising similar clusters in interior Sindh as well as in south Punjab.” he said.

Ice cream is the only food you eat frozen and offers a unique sensory experience The average number of licks to finish off a single ice pop is 50 Every year all around the world. carbohydrates and fats which give you energy and essential vitamins and minerals like calcium that help to strengthen bones and teeth. milk. HR initiatives focused on encouraging empowerment and transparency in the organization. From these ingredients you get protein that helps build body tissue. Personnel of organization People are the driving force for success.10 billion. All of these ingredients are necessary for you in your diet to lead an active lifestyle. Highly professional organization with the highly professional people. an interactive HR portal that brings employee information to everyone’s desktop. Child Day Care center allowing employees to have their infants in close proximity under very best care. a visionary organization. Launched in 2009 lik a flavor is the number one selling handheld cone in Pakistan today. Organizational Structure and Culture: Engro. omore sells enough Magnum ice creams around the world four and a half times. The society is the family and look after of family is my own responsibility Product Development: Ingredients Ice cream is made from ice (water). fat sugar and natural flavors and colors. Department of commerce 8 . In the local ice cream market not many have the capability to invest in completely new technologies. Financial assets of more than Rs.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream Low gearing and reputation as a multinational blue chip give engro ready access to capital at good terms to fund growth. Me and U.

Political Factors: Political factors also affect the industry of ice cream. Demographic Environment The concern would be releasing more product than necessary to areas that does not have the population to support the number of sales required to move the omore from the omore and other ice creams. As the political stability of the country from the last two or three years remained very much disturbed and at present it is worsen to great to Department of commerce 9 .MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream Ice cream is the only food you eat frozen and offers a unique sensory experience • The average number of licks to finish off a single ice pop is 50 • Every year all around the world. The current plan would be to ensure the distributor understands the more funds available for production and distribute the lik a_flavour to areas that would support the highest number of customers for a given area. Omore ice cream is a newly product it is effected by the political environment as much. Omore sells enough Magnum ice creams around the world four and a half times. Macro Environment The following macro environmental trends are concerns that our product will focus their attention and possible solutions to current trends identified. According to this environment our product is fall in following macro environment.

taste of people totally changed. People are reluctant to go outside. Technological Factors: Technology factors also play very important affect on the industry of omore ice cream. Some segments like youth and teenagers take it as a fashion. Due to the instability of the economic factors the ice cream industry is much affected . Ice cream eating remain popular in the country from olden times. Omore ice cream is eaten in all places of the country for freshness and taste because it has many formats and flavors. Department of commerce 10 . people used to eat Kulfi or Kulfa. The purchasing power of the middle class has very much reduced and cannot afford to spend money on such extravagances like buying an ice cream and other desserts.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream extent. They come to the place where they can enjoy The trend of outdoor eating is becoming more popular. Ice creams and desserts are such food products which are used and enjoyed at leisure time in parks and restaurants but the wave of terrorism in the country has disturbed all such activities. The people started liking ice cream with new flavors introduced by engro food for the omore ice cream that are almost 24 different formats and flavors which are much tasty. the economic condition of the country has badly deteriorated. Due to political instability and war against terrorism. Socio-Cultural Factors: People eat ice cream for happiness. but with the advancement of technology.Omore ice cream is newly product which is also affected by the economic condition of the country. Economic Factors: Political factors also affect the Economics of the country.

our company provides milky chill and flavors and formats of ice lik_ a _flavors. 3. the suggestions for using the product. Omore is now available in all the parts of the some cities of Pakistan. date of making. 12. Omore ice cream is shopping product. It creates the consumer equity due to its brand name. It has 24 different brands. 2. its contents. place of making. It is a consumer product. flavors. Omore brand contains all characteristics of a good brand. It is not available in the villager areas of the Department of commerce 11 . 6. Labeling of omore ice cream tell about the ingredients and the name of the producer 10. Simple tags related to labeling attach to the package on which it is mentioned the maker name. labeling. In Core Product lik _a _flavor of omore ice cream core product. 8. branding and design. Or engro food limited Pakistan 11. 4. Its packaging is so safe and beautiful than the competitors. 5. taste. Product omore is on its introduction stage. packaging.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream Product Evaluation 1. 9. In actual product its features. Omore provide many features such milky tasty chill and extra flavors 13. The company follows the single -branding strategy for omore ice cream because it is a newly product for the company. 7.

Retailers store the product in the refrigerators that the company provides to the retailers. 14. Product overall strengths are its different its quality and its different formats and flavors. First engro faced a problem with its distribution but now it’s providing goods properly to some cities. SWOT Analysis Department of commerce 12 . It has only 10% shares of total market. 15.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream country. The product has unique features that differentiate it from competitors such as low price. beautiful packaging. Omore is a newly launched product so that it cannot more shares of the market. more ice cream.

MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream Omore has several powerful strengths on which to build. The major opportunity is growing demand for multibranding We also face the threat of pressure on pricing. Engro provide different flavors of omore ice cream and lick a flavors is one of the best due low price and quality. but our major weakness is lack of brand awareness and image. The engro omore ice includes a fragrance and chilly flavors. that delivers entertainment facilities and provides happiness and other benefits. ever-higher competition and downward Strengths Strengths are internal capabilities that can help the company reach its objectives. Department of commerce 13 .

• • • Increasing competition Downward pricing pressure Compressed product life • Availability of diverse Product life cycle Availability of product for • consumer and business Use Department of commerce 14 . Opportunities Threats • Increased demand for Multiple flavors and formats in the market. Strengths • Weaknesses • It provide different types of flavors to Value pricing Compatibility with affordable price Lack of brand awareness Lack of information Lack of information provide customers valu • • and image • provided by the company • and easy available facility also about the brand in villages areas. Low awareness of brands among the people and disturbed network of distribution all over the country.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream Weaknesses Weaknesses are internal elements that may interfere with the company’s ability to achieve its objectives.

MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream Consumer analysis: Here we will analysis our consumer on following two bases Department of commerce 15 .

special occasions • Usage rate – thand hai to kya hua!! • Benefits – quality. PSYCHOGRAPHIC Engro food segment its product on the basis of lifestyle social class and personality characteristics .. commercial packs are popular in families as whole. Omore was for “anyone. Omore have created many sorts of ice creams to cater all age groups. Is targeting upper.The psychographic segmenting is done on the basis of the taste and health conscious consumer. Multan. Karachi . omore targeted its market by creating an image of high quality and hygienic products. Cater both females and males in the society. Rawalpindi and some other cities of Pakistan and is increasing its distribution network in whole of the country in next years. If we consider the income segmentation. and lower middle income levels. NWFP. Peshawar .stabri. presentation. balochistan and Punjab. Also relating fun and Shugal with ice cream helps depicting the life style of its potential user. BEHAVIORAL The behavioral segmentation is done on three different variables that tend to define a particular behavior or attitude of a consumer. taste TYPICAL BUYING PATTERN Department of commerce 16 . such as the cities of sindh.sahiwal.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream Few of the characteristics upon which the market has been segmented are discussed below: GEOGRAPHIC Omore ice have segmented its market in cities like Lahore. These are: • Occasions – regular occasions. this very well explains psychographic characteristic of omore consumer. Like the income group of 5-100. The most popular ice creams amongst kids are lick a flavour. middle. any where and at any time”. DEMOGRAPHIC Demographic variables of omore target market are mostly age and income based.

Consumers with high purchasing power are becoming heavy user of products available by omore. Pakistan is a nation with a tendency to get influenced by others and especially by Pakistani society. by producing a high quality ice cream it has proved itself to be the best in the market. Upper class 2. The density of user can also be categorized geographically. Although Pakistan is considered a hot climate country generally but it does have areas with low temperature so omore is not that much consumed in those areas.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream Omore’s lick a flavor enjoys leading the market from the day it came in the business. 1. Teenagers 3. which is a symbol of Pakistani community. Lower-Middle Class 3. Upper Middle class OMORE’S divided its items in to category of individual and family consumption.. Lower middle class Segmentation on Age 1. The nation have a tendency to follow others to the maximum extend. so we can very well imagine ice cream gaining its popularity. Adults Family Item Segmentation. what quantity to buy Department of commerce 17 Price Quality Customer Service Location . Upper class 2. We can categorize ice cream as fast food. And the individual consumption is that of impulse products and usually fort an ice cream for family consumption one decides what flavor to buy. Upper middle class 3. Kids 2. Where else the consumers with very low purchasing power are light users. Segmentation on Income Classes 1. Omore is more popular in urban areas.

On these bases OMORE’S has divided the market of impulse items on the bases of income classes and demographics. Competitor analysis Direct competitors The direct competitors with respect to omore ice cream are.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream and for how much to buy. Yummy Hico IGLOO Department of commerce 18 .


design. • Expiry: 24 months. Brand name omore is not against the feelings of any religion.  PERISHIBILITY • Required Temp: -18°C. PACKING • Packaging: Multiple packaging • Small packs: • Sticks • Cones • Cups • Take home packs: Department of commerce 20 . • Life time (Out of freezer): 25 min. Omore is easily translated into the foreign language. The brand name of product is "Omore" which can be easily vocalized. term. design. which is very attractive to the target customers. The management of omore uses pink color for name.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream Brand is the name. or a combination of these intended to identify the goods or services of a one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors. or distinctive coloring or lettering. Brand Mark: Brand mark is a part of brand that appears in the form of a symbol. sign and the symbol of the product. It is recognized by sight but may not be expressed when a person pronounces the brand name. Red. A name. Omore brand name can be extended. sign. symbol. yellow and green background.

Sales volume Profit Market growth Pricing Objective of omore are market growth. Pricing decision is very important because the survival of a company in the market depends upon pricing decision. 1.. and competitor's prices. Pricing is important because it is a reward to the company and must be in hand to complete the other three "P" of the marketing mix. Pricing strategy depends on pricing objectives. sales volume and also making profit. 3. The various product line of Omore is as follows Intro. market share. Omore has very long range of its line of products.25 4 8. To achieve these objectives Omore often add new features in the product and also decrease its price.5 18 110 Department of commerce 21 Product Orange loly Choc head Proposed competitive price for future(Rs) 7 8 15 18 22 135 Lick a flavor kulfi 15 Nutty 20 chocbar Mango 120 . Pricing objectives may be. Product Line Pricing Setting the price steps between various productions in product line.5 13. Retail prices(Rs) 5 5 10 Wholesale prices(Rs) 4.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream • ½ liter packs • 1 liter packs • Tubs PRICING Introduction: "Price" is one of the most important "P" of the marketing Mix. 2. consumer evaluation of features. based on cost difference between the production. and profit) for market penetration or positioning. They may price for results (sales. Pricing Objectives Companies use their price strategies to achieve one or many of the several objectives.

There are major steps in an analysis of competitors after identifying the present and potential close rivals.S Strengths     High quality Rich in flavors Multiple formats Made with pure milk Weakness  Weak in distribution network YUMMY Strengths  Made with pure dairy milk  Low prices Weakness  Weak distribution network  Lack of brand management MARKETING OBJECTIVES OJECTIVES OF OMORES: Department of commerce 22 . including the likelihood that each will change it’s strategy and how it will respond to move make by other. COMPETITORS OMORE. Company provides off-season quantity discount (5extra ice cream pieces on the purchase of a cart on to their dealers.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream flavor(ls) Special cup 150 140 167 PRICE ADJUSTMENT STRATEGIES Omore uses the same price strategies for all regions. The analysis consist of examine objectives strategy performance. They are giving 16% discount to their wholesalers and 8% to their retailers. strength and weaknesses and than predicting the feature behavior of each.

Milk 2.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream    The objective of omore's as under: To defend current market share. Pure water 3. Indirect competitors 1.  Continue product modification and improvement effort to increase customer benefit and reduce cost. Customer satisfaction. Sale Growth. loyalty. Moreover the goodwill and image of the competitors are very high.  Develop a multiple line extension offering targeted to the need of several users segment in the market. These competitors used price penetration strategies in their new product development and earned huge revenue in early stages. kulfi Future competitors The future competitors of omore ice cream are yummy. omores.  Increase satisfaction. Now omore is increasing its market shares by producing more product and services to its target customers. peddle and chamman ice cream. These competitors may be a big threat in future for the omore ice cream and its earning in the future because of they are in huge market shares and omore has small market share . Marketing objectives Department of commerce 23 . Strength & weaknesses of direct competitors The direct competitors of omore are well established in all over the country because they have captured the market for a long time ago. They have a lot of distributors in all over the Pakistan and they provide every product in time. and repurchase among current customers by building on existing strengths apple to late adopters with same attribute and same benefit offered to early adopters. hico. With the arrivals of new competitors like omore they have to decrease the prices of their product because of new competitor entry into the market which was charging comparatively low prices.  Meet and beat lower prices or heavier promotional efforts by competitors.  Expand production capacity in advance of increasing demand to avoid stock out.

For this purpose omore gives a margin of 16% to its retailers\distributors. However. PRODUCER Department of commerce 24 . which are involved. which is ensured by extensive distribution. The cooperation of channel members is also of vital importance. Distribution is such an activity. Selection of proper distribution channel is very important aspect because if the channel is managed efficiently. the future of product would be uncertain. We will also get more market shares than our competitors’. Pakistan is divided in three major sections. both are indirect channels. It reaches different customers through different systems. The distribution of ice cream is different from other products. which could decide the fate of the product. quality and services offered. which is distributed over entire channel.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream As our company is a new omore introducer in the market that’s why our main objective of this marketing plan is to make the customers aware of our product and about the features. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL Distribution channel consists of all the people and organizations. Distribution is making the product available but this availability should ensure that product must be: If there is any deficiency in any of these basic elements of distribution. Marketing strategy Distribution One of the competitive advantages of OMORE’S is its availability. Our main purpose is neither to make more sales nor more profit but our purpose is only to get the customer’s attention toward our product. in the physical distribution of goods. We will capture our market more then our competitors . OMORE’S is using two types of distribution channels. Companies can save high costs and thus generate profits. For this purpose deep freezers are used. If we succeed in achieve our main purpose the other goals will be automatically achieved. OMORE’S has a Hybrid Distribution System. To keep it in a good form it must be chilled at appropriate temperature. the running costs are to be paid by the retailer. which are provided by the company. Our other main purpose to make a marketing plan for our product is to provide the product to the customers on home.

which acts as a direct marketing for it.000 15.000 That’s why most retailers are attracted to the OMORE’S.000 12-15. Thus. So this has now become a permanent distribution channel of OMORE’S. Department of commerce 25 . Another important thing which needs to be discussed about the distribution is that during this distribution channel. The second type of system was more a short term distribution system which has just for the introduction stage to actually made the product reach every where and the system was more of creating awareness than actual retailing purpose. Now the cycle contributes a big percentage of shares in the overall sale of the company. OMORE’S has always tried its best to ensure the availability of the product as close to the customers as possible and OMORE’S has been very successful in that. the investment he needs to do is as: Security for Retailer the freezers Others OMORE’S 15000 10000 Investment on Ice cream products 12-15. The retailer then sells it to the customer. The reason for such an excellent distribution system is the distribution policy. the standard temperature of the cold chain is maintained. The specialty and effectiveness of this system is excellent. in which the OMORE’S factory send the products to the local distributors who supply the products to the retailer in the required quantity. which is ensured through extensive distribution.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream DISTRIBUTOR RETAILER CONSUMER This is commonly used.000 Board for advertisement Total investment required 3000 1000 30. now omore is applying the cycle distribution system yielded excellent results in terms of sales and creating awareness about the products. One of the major reasons of early success and clean sweep given by omores is its availability. If a retailer wants to sell an ice cream. There is not even a single city in the country where one cannot find a omores freezer or hear the sweet music of the trike (tricycles).

MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream DISTRIBUTION STRATEGIES There are two main distribution strategies. It uses Pull strategy for promoting its product because omore spent a lot on advertising and consumer promotion to build up consumer demand. 1. that ice cream really does make you happy!   Promotional Strategies: Promotional strategies omore ice-cream are consistent. Life is the name of happines. promotion plays the most important role in fulfilling the quest for market share. which OMORE’S has very effectively used. MARKETING PROMOTIONAL PROMOTION “Our aim is to spark the taste and feeling of summer in everyone’s day. which are frequently offered by the company. So we now have scientific evidence to prove what we all already knew. discounts on bulk purchases. and showed that eatingomore had an immediate effect on the part of the brain that is activated when someone is really enjoying themselves – the please areas. Although the process of promotion is very complex and can be looked in detail: Ice Cream makes you happy – its official! Omore carried out scientific research which shows that ice cream actually makes you happy. We constantly provide new products and experiences that excite the senses and inspire people of all ages to 'taste the fun side of life” Promotion Statement For any company to capture the market of its own wish and target. Promotional Objectives Promotional objectives of the omore ice-cream are as follows • • • Inform the people Persuade the customers Remind the customers Department of commerce 26 . which is facilitated by price offs. In first strategy include incentives like free deep freezers. The study was carried out using FMRI brain scanners. Advertising campaign that reminds and persuades customers to buy ice cream supports 2nd strategy. 2.

Omore is not promoting its products individually because omore believe that the high quality it is providing through its products are more than sufficient to prove its identity. 7. 3. The mediums used in omore promotional activities are: 1. 11. actors. With promotional tools company can tell about the availability of product. company can justify prices or can communicate the features of the product. PROMOTIONAL TOOLS 1. We believe that now there is a need for omore promote its products separately as international competition is coming as well. models Event arrangements Department of commerce 27 . 8. 4. TV Billboards News papers Magazines Radio Banners Pamphlets Stands in shops Shop boards Sponsorships of pop stars. 9. 10.MARKETING PLAN Omore Ice cream Companies inform the people when they don’t know about the product. persuasion takes place when people already know about the product and company forces them to buy the product and when companies is selling enough quantities of a product it reminds consumers about the product to keep the sales at the same level in future. 2. 6. 5. ADVERTISEMENT Omore have used all sorts of mediums of mass communication and one to one bases.

 Discount Coupons: OMORE launches very low price products for the purpose of both market expansion and sales promotion. OMORE uses such occasions to not only promote its sales but also to build strong public relationships through sponsoring events on this day..120 was also to boost sales. which is totally a family affair. PUBLIC RELATIONS For strengthening itself in relationship markets OMORE is not only going for customer satisfaction but also stressing upon building strong public relations. it has recently started organizing colorful Fun Carnivals too.  Discounts and Offerings: Omore offered 16% discount in off-season. 28000 Free freezers’ maintenance DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 28 . Distributors Shares 25% of the distributors' expenses Off season discounts: 5% c. And also cycling system has proved excellent in terms of sales and promotion. SALES PROMOTION OMORE has been going a number of sales promotion activities like the:  Cycling System/ vendors: OMORE started its cycling system for awareness but after that its task was modified into doing sales promotions for the company. Like Solo for Rs. Moreover. Retailers Free freezers to retailers Investment on each retailer: Rs. This is just an instance OMORE tries to gain maximum of such opportunities. a. 3.5 and Liter pack for Rs. OMORE has been trying to part in charity activities and also to stay in front in national and religion events. Customers Price discounts Quantity discounts b.MARKETING PLAN ON omore ice cream 2.

DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 29 .MARKETING PLAN ON omore ice cream d. Evaluation. Street Vendors Free Trikes To strengthen its relationship with the various public and customers Omore sponsors an Art exhibition. Monitoring & Control In order to attack these problems. modern omore use an active policy to provide the product at home.


















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