Lesson 7

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Define the key words introduced in this lesson and use them appropriately in agricultural writing. Discuss issues related to biodiversity in your country or region using the vocabulary that you have learned.

accelerate (v) - make something go faster acceleration (n) - process of going faster accelerator (n) - device that makes a car go faster Population growth is accelerating accelerating. There has been an acceleration in the number of people leaving rural areas. He wanted his car to go faster so he pressed down hard on the accelerator pedal. biological (adj.) - of biology biology (scientific subject) - study of the life and structure of plants and animals biologist (person) biologically (adv.) bread (v) - to produce young, new offspring (breed-bred-bred) uce breeder (person) - person who works to produce new animals or plants breed (n) - family or variety of animals, plants, etc. How often do elephants breed breed? Successful breeding programs can take many years. Plant breeders are important scientists in today's world. This is a new breed of cow. building blocks (n) - the parts we use to construct something Simple nouns, verbs and adjectives are the essential building blocks of any language. Knowledge of mathematics is one of the essential building blocks leading to success in today's world. countless (adj.) - a very large number, too many to count The drought cause countless deaths. People have used animals for countless centuries. degrade (v) - to make something bad, to reduce quality omething degradation (process) - process of making something bad This land has been degraded over many years. Degradation of the environment is now a serious problem. It is difficult to grow crops on degraded land.

English For Agriculture (Agronomy)

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