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Job description

Miss. Prajakta Naik (Marketing Manager) SUNSHINE SCHOOL

Job Title/Designation:Marketing manager (training and development) Name: Prajakta Naik Name Of The Organisation: Sunshine Schools Hours Of Work: 8:30-4:45 Location:Old Goa Reporting To:The Director Mr. Kush Khaitan

Objective: To expand the organisation, improve quality of the program they offer. Authority:No actual authority as such as she has to consult the director to take any decisions Type Of Work:Regular/ daily Duties:To prepare strategies and plans for the organisation.

Skills Required For Job:Good Communication, Proper Time Management, Lot of mental thinking, Proper Planning, Patience Her Education Degree:Masters in History Role:middle Person between the director and the staff people

Services Offered:Spoken english , Personality Enhancement, Wonder Lippi,Mind canvas, On Job Training Advertising Channels:Personal Marketing, Word Of Mouth, Newspapers, Regional Channels, Prints Advertisement Specification: Regional newspapers

Aim Of Marketing Department:To build communication Education Offering:From 1st 9th

Promotional Strategy:Offer the services at a lower rate for organisations who cant afford Goal:To expand the organization and to expand franchisee