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R 74 (Drops for nocturnal enuresis) Form: Drops Manufacturer: Dr. Reckeweg & Co.

Gmbh Packing: Bottle of 22ml Contents: Calcium phosphoric.D30, Ferrum phosphoricum.D8, Kalium phosphoricum D12, Pulsatilla D12, Sepia D6. Description: Nocturnal enuresis, bladder weakness. Many causes may precipitate nocturnal enuresis or bladder complaints and it is advisable therefore to elicit the deeper lying causes to those copmlaints. 'Spina bifida occulta' must be thought of. Inflammatory processes in the urogenital tract: compare R18 to be given in addition to or in alternation with R74. Involvement of the prostate gland: R25. tle_of_22ml.htm Cina 30 is to be given in the event that the child has the habit of digging the nose repeatedly, along with itching sensation at the anus, and suffers from white patches on the face, and grinds teeth while sleeping, he or she might have worms. Bedwetting can occur due to the presence of worms. The remedy needs to be given three times a day for six days. Causticum 200, in a dose of once every week for three weeks, is indicated for bedwetting during the first hours of sleep. Sepia officinalis 200 is to be used if the child wets the bed soon after going to sleep. The dose is once weekly for three weeks. Equisetum hyemale 30 is the remedy for bedwetting resulting from psychological distress. The medicine should be continued three times a day for seven days. Verbascum thapsus 30 needs to be given thrice daily for seven days if the child complains of burning sensation in the urine along with bedwetting. Kreosotum 30 needs to be administered in the cases that the child dream of urinating and ends up wetting the bed. Calcarea carbonica 200 must be given once a week for three weeks if the child that suffers from this illness also harbors habits of eating lime, chalk, earth and the like. To conclude, homeopathic medicines like Cina, Sepia, Causticum, Equisetum, Verbascum, Kreosotum and Calcarea carb are effective in treating the disorder, when selected as per the particular symptoms displayed.