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Management Information System Assignment No 1

Batch 2011, Section D and F PART A INDIVUAL SUBMISSION Submission last date 05 -08-2011 PART B: GROUP SUBMISSION Submission last date 08 -08-2011 General Note:

The Assignment should have a proper front page with Course Name, Submitted by (Group number-roll Numbers and names) Submitted to ( Ms Moona Kanwal) , Date of submission Proper paging should be included at header left corner, University name on footer It should not be hand written. It should be proper stapled and does not require a file for submission however all the assignment should be maintained in a file/folder . The text should be of Font size: 12, Font: Times new Roman Heading Font size: 14, Font: Times New Roman , Bold Paragraph spacing: single line, Justified

PART A: Summarize Chapter 1 Foundations of Information Systems in Business in your own words, with each sub heading not more than 1 page (A4 size atleast). The heading that should be covered are as follows a. Objective of the chapter b. Foundation concepts on System, IS, IT c. Role of IS in Business d. Components and resources of IS e. Role of E-Commerce in Business f. Conclusion Objective and conclusion should provide your views on the chapter.

PART B : Solve Case Study Questions according to below instruction: a. Group having odd number ( for example Group 1 or 9 ) will solve case study 3 only of Chapter 1. b. Group having even number ( for example Group 2 or 10) will solve case study 4 only of Chapter 1.
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