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1. Medication

Take drugs as prescribed by physician. Remember to take drug on time, appropriate dosage and right route. Report immediately to the nearest health center, health care personnel or health care facility for any adverse reactions to drug and report if the drug has exacerbated or alleviated any symptom. Taught pt and SO active and passive ROM for good circulation. Balance rest with activity. Resume pre-morbid exercises and activities upon advice of physician per next visit. A healthy, balanced diet is necessary to aid in faster recovery and rehabilitation. An increase in protein could aid in faster rejuvenation of cells. A high calorie diet may also be included in the diet for increased energy requirements. An increase in calcium can help in keeping the bones strong. Health teachings should emphasize the prevention of exacerbation of condition. Patient should also be presented options on how to deal with the condition. A healthy diet should supplement patients nutritional status. Refer to scheduled visit set by the physician. Remind client about next consultation. Patient is encouraged to strengthen faith more on the Creator to give her guidance and understanding in the course of her condition. Pt is encouraged to strengthen her faith and trust that everything is min accordance with Gods plan. Pt is also encouraged to continue previously practiced religious rituals together with the family to promote family bonding as well as spiritual bonding with the Master. Lifestyle changes should include balancing rest with activity, a balanced nutrition, and facilitating prevention of exacerbation of the patients most recent case. If client is able to allot finances for it, she should refer to an oncologist.

2. Exercise

3. Diet

4. Health Teaching

5. Schedule for Next Visit

6. Spiritual

7. Lifestyle 8. Referral