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Here Comes the Judge

W I I F M (Whats In It For Me)

Greedy is the worlds desecration poverty is its consecration. Poorness is a grace and a blessing, makes me a bit uncomfortable but living it beyond professing is courageous and admirable The perfection of my poverty is to ignore the earthly needing of wanting to own my property and to expect while not demanding As you know even though he was rich, out of love for you he became poor, in order for you to become rich he made the sacrifice to be poor1 So, perfection of my poor being is having need without attachment using without being exploiting and expecting without entrapment Renounce whats not strictly required, accept without acknowledge wanting, give affection without hugs suffered, grant without affirmation needing So, to have and to hold this blessing I cherish and practice common life, make time to share in ardent praying, and share space with those who live in strife Give help to our needy and our poor ask for the grace to rest assure2

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2 Cor. 8:9 Father Judge Meditations p93: line 42

June 30, 2011