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Learning Log Rubric

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Outline of the Day A number of events missing Most events covered but All events covered.
some missing

Learning Intentions for key No lesson learning intentions Incomplete lesson learning Complete lesson learning
lesson or lessons (no more intentions intentions
than two and must include
numeracy, literacy or inquiry)

Depth of comment on lesson/s Just a simple list of activities Some ideas and main learning Key ideas and main learning
within the lesson points explained but not very points explained in a way that
easily understood or missing other children in the class can
some key points. easily understand and all
points are covered.

Impact on personal learning Saying how you felt about the Saying how you felt about the Saying how you think the
lesson without saying why eg lesson with some explanation lesson has benefited your
it was a good lesson for me. as to how it helped you. learning referring to past
knowledge and next steps.

Accuracy of writing The writing is full of unedited The writing has some The writing is generally free of
errors such as spelling and unedited errors such as spelling and punctuation
missing punctuation. It may spelling and missing errors and makes sense.
also not make sense in punctuation. It generally
places. makes sense.