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***** PRESS RELEASE *****

The Golf Industrys Most Complete Training Schools Our 2011 -2012 Schedules are about to commence and we have limited spaces available.
Three levels of expertise: The Complete Clubmakers training School (4-days) 19-22 September, 17-20 October 21-24 November, 12-15 December 16-19 January 2012, 20-22 February 2012 19-22 March 2012 The Advanced Clubfitting & Repair School (2-days) 28-29 November - 27-28 February 2012 Master Craftsman Clubmaking School (2-days) 30 November 1st December 2011 29 February 1 March 2012
Since 1970, the Golfsmith training schools have been offering expert instruction in a handson working environment where many of Europes finest golf clubmakers have earned Diplomas. Most successful custom clubmakers begin by learning and honing their hand craftsmanship and bench skills, and then build on that ability by acquiring and implementing technical and clubfitting know-how. This combination of skills sets the expert custom-fitters apart from the rest of the industry and positions them to build the most valuable products of golfs modern era: custom-made, custom-fit golf clubs.

To book your place on one of our schools, call Jenny on: Tel: 01480 423610 or Fax 01480 423611