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The IP Signature packages are currently used in CCNA Security, Chapter 5 Lab A: Configuring an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

using the CLI and SDM. In this lab, the minimum requirement for successful completion of the lab: version 5.x format signature package: IOS-S364-CLI.pkg (IOS-S348-CLI.pkg if memory is an issue) public crypto key used by IOS IPS: 12.4(20)T or later 192 MB DRAM for the two routers that will run IPS at least 2MB free flash memory on the two routers that will run IPS In the lab manual, the following url was referenced for downloading the signature (IOS-S364-CLI.pkg) and the public crypto key, but a valid privileged CCO account is necessary to access them. The public crypto key is published in the pdf version of lab manuals for both students and instructors. However, an instructor without a privileged CCO account cannot access the IPS signature file: IOSS364-CLI.pkg. Posting this signature file on AC maybe the only way for these instructors to access the file and teach the class temporarily.