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• Sci Fi Action
• Warner Bros.
• Rated R
• Released 1999
• Secular Movie
• Not to be
confused with 2
“Do you want to know what it is? The
matrix is everywhere. It is all around us.
Even now, in this very room. You can
see it when you look out your window,
or when you turn on your television.
You can feel it when you go to work,
when you go to church, when you pay
your taxes. It is the world that has been
pulled over your eyes, to blind you from
the truth.”
QUARK: The Matrix is a euphemism for

the government.

SUPERASTIC: No, The Matrix is the

system controlling our lives.
ANTHONY: I told you, honey, he may
look like just another geek but this
here is all we got left standing
between Big Brother and the New
World Order.

While Thomas
Anderson (AKA Neo)
believes he is
pursuing life – his
body is actually
lying comatose
inside a pod.
Morpheus: “What is the matrix? Control. The
matrix is a computer-generated dream world,
built to keep us under control, in order to
change a human being ... into this...”
We have been
busy with the
demands of life–
in a world
created by the
Ruling Elite,
while they work
behind the

• Jesuit Priest
• Professor of Law
• Handpicked by
the Rothschilds to
lead and develop
the Illuminati

• Studied philosophies of the

Manicheans (astrology, medicine &
• Egyptian occult practices
• Eleusinian mysteries, Pythagorian
philosophies, Essene teachings,
Masonic writings
• Rumored to be a Satanist
Launched on May 1, 1776 as the
Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria, it
became known as the Order of the
Illuminati, and the name was derived
from Luciferian teachings and meant
‘Holders of the Light.’

The name Lucifer means the ‘Bearer of

By 1783, had 600 members, but unrest-

• Baron Franz • Joseph

Knigge, lawyer & Utzschneider,
philosopher, an lawyer & 3 other
organizational professors
genius, who testified to Duke
helped merge Karl Dalberg’s
them into the Court of Inquiry,
Masons – quit. providing list of
1) Abolition of the Monarchy and all
ordered government.
2) Abolition of private property.
3) Abolition of inheritance.
4) Abolition of patriotism.
5) Abolition of the family, through
the abolition of marriage, all
morality, and the institution of
communal education for children.
6) Abolition of all religion.
At 3rd Masonic Congress in Frankfurt
the Illuminati’s goals were stated as:

• Pantheism (worship of many gods)

for the higher degrees, atheism for
the lower degrees and the populace.

• Communism of goods, women, and

general concerns.
• The destruction of the Church, and
all forms of Christianity, and the
removal of all existing human
governments to make way for a
universal republic in which the
utopian ideas of complete liberty
from existing social, moral, and
religious restraint, absolute equality,
and social fraternity, should reign.
The statement made by Morpheus, as
written by the Wachowski Brothers,
parallel the original stated goals of the
Order of the Illuminati.
Sun ⊙
It is also the
Symbol of the Illuminati
You can feel it … when you go to
First and foremost, this is a Satanic

• Ezekiel 28:12-18
• Anointed cherub … upon holy
mountain of God.
Lucifer’s kingdom on earth

• Jeremiah 4:23-26 – People on earth

before Adam
• Isaiah 14:13 – Pride caused him to
exalt his “throne” above God
• Isaiah 14:17 – Lucifer’s fall “made the
world as a wilderness…”
• Revelation 12:4 – Led a third of the
angels in a war for supremacy, which
nearly destroyed the earth
Satan is cast out of heaven

• Luke 10:18 – Jesus said, “I beheld

Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”
Brings us to Genesis 1:2

• Genesis 1:28 – Adam

and Eve was given
“dominion” of the
• This infuriated Satan
who still considered
it his and deceived
them into disobeying
2 Corinthians 4:4 – Satan is called ‘god
of this world.’

• To accomplish, will do nothing but

“steal … kill, and … destroy…” (John
Religion was first area of Satan’s attack-
sought to pull people away from God

• Nimrod established
a ‘mystery religion’
in Babylon
• People were of 1
• He built Tower of
Babel to “reach
unto heaven.”
When God saw their intent, and extent of
their idolatry, destroyed tower,
confounded speech (2234 BC)

• Genesis 10:25 – In
days of Peleg
(2248 – 2009 BC)
“earth divided”
• Ocean levels rose
to cover land
After death of Nimrod, his wife/mother,
Semiramis, proclaimed him to be a god
• He became known as a Sun god
• He was called Baal
• Sun god nothing more that
representation of Satan
Sun god worship spread

Apollo Bel Mithra


Marduk Osiris Ra Helios

Moses warned of Sun worship

Deuteronomy 4:19 –

“And lest thou lift up thine eyes

unto heaven, and when thou
seest the sun, and the moon, and
the stars, even all the host of
heaven, shouldest be driven to
worship them, and serve
Plagues of Exodus was God striking out
at false gods worshipped by Egyptians
• Animals (Hathor: goddess of love, birth
& death – depicted as a cow, or woman
with head of a cow. Apis: god of fertility
– represented by a bull)
• Boils (Qetesh: goddess of love &
• Fiery hail (Tefnut: goddess of moisture
& clouds. Set: god of storms &
• Locusts (Osiris: also known as god
of earth, vegetation, agriculture &
• Darkness (Horus: god of sky & light.
Ra: sun god)
• Death of firstborn (Anubis: god of
the dead)
Because of the show of divine power


“Thou shalt have no other gods before
me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any
graven image, or any likeness of any
thing that is in heaven above, or that is
in the earth beneath, or that is in the
water under the earth”

(Exodus 20:3-4 10 Commandments)

“And I will destroy your high places,
and cut down your images, and cast
your carcasses upon the carcasses of
your idols, and my soul shall abhor
you.” (Leviticus 26:30)
Idolatry while Moses on Mount
Sinai – led to ‘wandering’ for 40
70 year captivity in Babylon
By 4th century, pagan influence
introduced into the church
Obelisk in

of Jesus

The Druids

• Among Celts
• 3rd century BC
• Considered
had powers
• Worshiped
sun, moon,
Descendent of Druidism

• Polytheistic, nature-based
• Mother goddess (Moon), invoked
through different names, the most
popular being Diana
• Can be traced back to Semiramis,
the ‘Queen of Heaven’
Claim religion not anti-Christian,
because their gods were in existence
before Christianity.

• Don’t believe in Satan, yet…

• Worship a ‘Horned god’ known as
god of fertility, animals, woods, and
death; and is associated with the sun
• Just as Druids worshipped Samhein,
horned hunter of night, god of Dead
Druidism & Witchcraft were birthed
in the ‘mystery religion’ of Babylon

Represents Satanism because various

gods & goddesses are actually
demons. Power comes from Satan.
Order of the Knights Templar
established in 12th century to protect
visitors to Jerusalem
• Were housed in wing
in royal palace on
Temple Mount
• Later discovered that
they were secretly
excavating under the
Copper scroll found at Qumran indicate
64 treasure locations – 24 under Mount
• It is believed that
gold and silver
was found and
became the
foundation for
wealth of
By end of 12th century– 30,000
members, mostly in Europe

• Became a threat
to royalty & were
accused of trying
to overthrow
government &
Satan. Arrested,
tortured and
killed in England,
Italy & France
Birth of Freemasonry

• Most knights took refuge in Scotland

& began developing Masonic Order
• In England, first lodge at York became
known as York Rite
• In France, it was identified under the
Scottish Rite
Masonic tradition based on King
Solomon and Jewish Temple

• In reality, the name

Solomon actually
represented the
sun in Latin, Indian
& Egyptian–
Sol - om - on
Story is told of Master Mason Hiram
Abiff of Tyre who helped build Temple

• Was killed by 3
Fellow Crafts
because he
wouldn’t reveal
secret Masonic
According to Masonic writers,
Abiff represents “a popular Syrian
God,” an “Egyptian god,” and all
the pagan sun gods
At the Congress of Wilhelmsbad in
1781, a meeting of members from
various secret organizations in
Europe, America and Asia, the
Illuminati and Masons merged
Freemasonry is a Religion

• “…a worship in which all good men

may unite…” (Joseph Newton)
• “a religious institution” (Albert
• “Masonry is the universal religion only
because and so long as it embraces all
religions.” (J. D. Buck)
• “Every Masonic Lodge is Temple of
religion…” (Albert Pike)

What kind of Religion?

• Jesus was just a man, equal to

Mohammed and Krishna, the Hindu
• The name of Jesus is not allowed to
be mentioned in the Lodge
• Chase’s Digest of Masonic Law says
that “Masonry has nothing whatever
to do with the Bible ... it is not
founded upon the Bible…”
At end of initiation for Royal Arch
Degree, lost name of God whispered
• “Jebulon” which
represents a
composite of the
names of the sun god
of three religions:
‘Jah,’ the Syrian form
of Jehovah; ‘Eel,’
which is Baal; and
‘On,’ the Egyptian sun
Albert Pike, lawyer, head of U.S. Scottish Rite
Masonry, coordinated Illuminati activities in
this country, said in 1889 –
“The Masonic
religion should be,
by all of us initiates
of the high degrees,
maintained in the
purity of the
Luciferian doctrine
… Yes, Lucifer is
Adam Weishaupt said: “Behold our
secret ... in order to destroy all
Christianity, all religion, we have
pretended to have the sole true
religion ... to deliver one day the
human race from all religion.”
• Anglican, Lutheran, Southern Baptist,
Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic
Church leadership have come out
against Freemasonry
• The Masonic Order has been used to
weaken Christianity in this country
We can see a convergence of many
influences with the different Bible

King James Version

translated in
English Revised Version (1885) Darby Translation (1890) American
Standard Version (1901) The Bible in Modern English (1903)
Smith-Goodspeed Bible (1939) Revised Standard Version (1952)
The New World Translation (1961) Bible in Basic English (1964)
Amplified Bible (1965) Jerusalem Bible (1966) Modern Language
Bible (1969) New American Bible (1970) New English Bible (1970)
New American Standard (1971) Living Bible (1971) The Bible in
Living English (1972) Today’s English Version (1976) The Holy
Bible in the Language of Today (1976) New International Version
(1978) New King James Version (1982) New Jerusalem Bible (1985)
Amplified Bible (1987) New Century Version (1987) Revised
English Bible (1989) New Revised Standard Version (1990) 21 st
Century KJV (1994) Contemporary English Version (1995) God’s
Word Bible (1995) The Message (1995) New English Translation
(1996) New Living Translation (1996) Recovery Version (1999)
English Standard Version (2001) New English Translation (2001)
Today’s New International Version (2002) Sword Study Bible (2002)
After using the same Bible for 274 Years
36 Major Translations in 119 Years
• In a August 2000 survey of 518
Protestant Pastors by Ellison
Research: 34% use NIV, 24% use
KJV, 17% use NRSV, 10% use NKJ,
9% use NAS
• It is Charismatic Churches that
overwhelmingly favor KJV
“Which stood only in meats and drinks, and
divers washings, and carnal ordinances,
imposed on them until the time of
reformation.“ (Hebrews 9:10 KJV)

“They are only a matter of food and drink

and various ceremonial washings– external
regulations applying until the time of the
new order.” (Hebrews 9:10 TNIV)

The NIV is the worst of the

per-versions as far as
removing, changing, altering,
and adding
The NIV is a New Age Bible

• Preface says: “The first concern of the

translators has been the accuracy of
the translation and its fidelity to the
thought of the writers.”
The NIV is a New Age Bible

• NIV Translator Herbert Wolf said: “While it

may be true that at times the NIV
translators have been guilty of
reading something into the text, I
would contend that overall this
version has achieved a high degree of
accuracy by its philosophy of
Dr. Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, professor of
English at William Paterson College

• NIV Literary Consultant

• In 1984 wrote the book
The Divine Feminine:
Biblical Imagery of God
as a Female
• In June, 1991, publicly
admitted to being a
International Bible Society released statement
that she had only a small role in late 1960’s &
early 1970’s in regard to style, but not content

• In a radio interview with Christian talk show

host Joseph Chambers, she recalls working
on “big swatches of translations … many
chapters at a time … and my job was to read
them with an eye as to how this would
communicate with the modern reader, and to
indicate if I thought there were any infelicities
in language that could be corrected…”
Who was responsible for Deut 23:17?

• KJV: “There • NIV: “No Israelite

shall be no man or woman is
whore of the to become a
daughters of shrine
Israel, nor a prostitute.”
sodomite of the
sons of Israel.”
From 1980-85, Mollenkott was one of 12
members of the Inclusive Language
Lectionary Committee who was responsible
for producing an in-house version of the
Bible for the National Council of Churches
that was gender neutral. It was based on the
Revised Standard Version of the produced by
the NCC in 1952, who also spewed out the
New Revised Standard Version in 1990, which
is the Bible of choice for churches who
consider themselves liberal.
National Council of Churches
• Founded in 1908 by Walter Rauschenbusch, a
Baptist (Socialist) and Henry Ward (Communist) as
Federal Council of Churches
• Identified by Congress as “Communist
organization aimed at the establishment of a state-
• Office of Naval Intelligence reported they gave “aid
and comfort to the Communist movement and
• In 1942, their platform called for a “world
• Financially supported by Andrew Carnegie and
John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

“So it may come to pass someday … no one
will speak of ‘my country,’ but all will speak of
‘our world’.”

• Helped establish Union

Theological Seminary
• Ward taught Religion there
and was identified as “the
chief architect for
Communist infiltration and
subversion in the religious
Rockefeller donated $26 million to build
the Riverside Church in 1930
• Pastored by Rev. Harry
Emerson Fosdick (NCC
leader, former President
of Rockefeller
Foundation, who denied
the deity of Christ and
the virgin birth
• His brother, Raymond,
was a member of the
In 1950 reorganized and changed name
to the National Council of Churches
• Headquartered in
Interchurch Center,
land donated by
Rockefeller, across
from Riverside Church
• Made up of 36
Protestant, Anglican,
and Orthodox
• 140,000 churches
United Methodist Church (8,340,954) #3
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
(5,125,919) #6
National Baptist Convention of America
(3,500,000) #7
Presbyterian Church, USA (3,485,332) #8
Progressive National Baptist Convention
(2,500,000) #11
Africa Methodist Episcopal Church (2,500,000)
National Missionary Baptist Convention of
America (2,500,000) #13
• Dr. Richard Mouw of • Support the U.S.
the Fuller becoming a
Theological subordinate of UN
Seminary in • Supported Supreme
California, said that Court decision to
NCC member remove prayer &
churches are Bible reading
teaching “magic and • NCC money has
the occult and the gone to PLO, and
New Age.” during 1980’s to
Communist guerilla
In the July 15, 1968 issue of
Approach, Gus Hall, the General
Secretary of the U.S. Communist
Party said that the Communist
goals for America were “almost
identical to those espoused by
the Liberal Church. We can and
we should work together for the
same things.”
World Council of Churches
• NCC is American
subsidiary of WCC
which first met in
Amsterdam in 1948
under a banner which
read: “One World – One
• 342 member churches
in 120 countries –
representing 400 million
WCC – A Liberal Agenda
• In their socialistic quest to overthrow political
tyranny and “combat racism,” they have given
financial aid to nearly 46 revolutionary groups
in 17 countries – some Communist.
• Dr. John C. Bennett, a member of the WCC
Executive Committee, said: “Communism is to
be seen as an instrument of modernization of
national unification and increasing social
WCC – A Global Agenda
• Since the late 1970’s there have
meetings with the Vatican to unite the
group with Roman Catholics.
• In late 1990’s, overtures were even
made to Pentecostals and
• This ecumenical posturing will no
doubt lead to a World Church.
New Age is 2nd fastest growing religion
next to Islam
• Its foundation can be
explained by what
Ruth Montgomery
was told by her spirit
guides: “...We are as
much God as God is
part of us ... each of
us is God ... together
we are God.”
New Age – Is It Really New?
• This is nothing more
than the Babylon
‘mystery religion’
coming back together,
with a sprinkle of
Christianity, into a
politically correct form
of the occult
• In plain English – it is
the worship of Satan
Lola Davis, author of Toward a World
Religion for the New Age
Has said that the
“World Council of
Churches ... has the
potential to serve as
a source of unity
among the diversity
of religions.”
Corinne and Theodore Heline, New Agers,
authors–pseudo-Christian & Metaphysical books

• Said that with the

dawning of a New
Age, an evil Satan
who doesn’t exist and
will vanish from man’s
memory and that
Christians unfit for the
New Age will also
cease to exist, being
Corinne Heline wiped off the earth by
the New Age ‘Christ.’
In the New Age book Reflections on the
Christ, David Spangler wrote: “No one
will enter the New World Order unless he
or she will make a pledge to worship
Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age
unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”
Robert Mueller, a New Ager, former
Assistant Secretary-General of the UN,
suggested that religions should “create
common world religious institutions,” and
“display the UN flag in all houses of
worship.” He has even called for a
universal Bible to be written. He said:
“We must move as quickly as possible to
a one-world government; a one-world
religion; under a one-world leader.”
New Age the recipient of the ‘wearing down’

• New Age message

advocated on
television, books and
medical professionals
• The philosophy will
continue to weaken,
water-down, and
wear-out the
message of the
“You can see it when you look out
your window.”

This identifies the Matrix as an all-

encompassing system than can not be
avoided, or escaped, and brings to
mind “Big Brother” from George
Orwell’s book 1984
Part of the 5th point of the Illuminati’s goals,
was the institution of communal education
for children.
Weishaupt wrote: “I propose
academies under the direction of the
Order. This will secure us the
adherence of the Literati. Science shall
here be the lure.” He also wrote: “We
must acquire the direction of
education, of church, management of
the professorial chair, and of the
Job One, for the Illuminati, was to
indoctrinate Teachers, Professors &
Educators, so that the Illuminati
Agenda could be introduced to young
people- thus affecting the future.
Phi Beta Kappa

• Oldest & most

undergraduate honors
organization in U.S.
• Organized in 1776 as
a secret debating club
They were infiltrated, and used to
introduce Illuminati principles to America.

The fraternity had secret hand signals

and handshakes up to 1831, when it
was reorganized and changed into an
honorary society
Order of the Skull & Bones

• Founded at Yale
University in 1832
• One of its founders,
Gen. William
Russell, during a trip
to Germany, had
been introduced to
Illuminati principles
Order of the Skull & Bones

• They became a black lodge of Freemasonry

• Their membership has mainly consisted of
old-line families who can trace their ancestry
back to the 1600’s
• 15 juniors (called ‘knights’) each year are
chosen to be members, and upon graduation
they have assumed important positions in
business & government
Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762-1814)
German Philosopher
• In his 1807-08
Addresses to the
German Nation he
said that he did not
trust parental
influence & wanted
environment to be
controlled by the state
Between 1808 and 1819, Prussian government
became first to have compulsory education,
instituting 3-tier system.

Children of elite (½ of 1%) went to academies

and taught to be independent thinkers.

About 5½ % went to Realschulen, where they

were partially taught to think.

The other 94% went to Volkschulen, where the

idea of being a follower/good citizen stressed.
William Torrey Harris, U.S.
Commissioner of Education (1889-1906)
• Graduate of Yale
• Was quoted as saying:
“Our schools have
been scientifically
designed to prevent
over-education from
• He believed schools
should alienate kids
from parents & religion
John Dewey
The Father of American Education
• Members of the
Fabian Society in
America established
the Intercollegiate
Socialist Society – to
promote socialism on
college campuses
• Dewey was a
founding member
His system of “progressive education”
used psychology to deemphasize
In My Pedagogic Creed (1897) and The School
and Society (1899) he said the schools should
be instrumental in developing socialism.

In July, 1908, Hibbert Journal quoted him as

saying: “Our schools … are performing an infinite
religious work. They are promoting the social
unity out of which in the end genuine religious
unity must grow.”
Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919)

• Came to U.S. in 1848

as a poor immigrant
from Scotland and
built the Carnegie
Steel Corp.
• In 1901 he retired &
sold the company to
J. P. Morgan for $500
• Became philanthropist
• Carnegie wrote a series of 11 essays in
1890, simply titled Wealth
• William T. Stead, editor of the Pall Mall
Gazette (London), changed the title to The
Gospel of Wealth
• Stead, follower of spiritualism, was a
confidant of Cecil Rhodes, the British
financier; and a founding member of a group
founded in 1891 to establish one-world
Rabbit Trail

• In his 7th & last will,

Rhodes established
an educational grant
known as the Rhodes
Scholarships at
Oxford University
• 2 year program used
to promote globalism
& one-world
The underlying premise was that the free-
enterprise system had been locked-up by men
like himself, J. P. Morgan and John D.
Rockefeller, who owned or controlled everything-
even the government. His concern was that
subsequent generations would realize this, and
work against them. His solution was to control
the educational system, so that children would
only be taught what the social engineers wanted
them to know.
• The Foundation (1906) is a “policy center
devoted to strengthening teaching and
• The Corporation (1911) is the financial support
used to promote the “advancement and
diffusion of knowledge and understanding.”
• Carnegie gave away $350 million to build
public libraries and endow universities
• Established in 1910, its 1st president, Elihu
Root was a socialist; its 3rd president, Alger
Hiss, was a communist
• In 1934, they identified themselves as “an
unofficial instrument of international policy,” &
in 1947 committed to supporting the United
Nations and organizations like the Council on
Foreign Relations that were working to
achieve the same goals
Norman Dodd, July 1953, appointed to head
Congressional investigation of Foundations
(AKA Reece Committee)

• Discovered that oldest

had been established
before initiation of taxes
• Carnegie Endowment
concluded that war was
most effective way to
alter the life of the
people of a nation
Dodd discovered that all high-level
appointments in the State Department were
approved by a special Board within the Carnegie

In minutes to one meeting, he saw the record of

a note to President Wilson requesting that he
“see to it that the War does not end too quickly.”
• Dodd said they wanted “to bring the idea of
‘one-world’ (government) to the point where it
was acceptable to the people of this country.
That is the primary aim…”
• He discovered they believed that the “only
way to maintain control of the population was
to obtain control of education in the U.S.”
• They teamed up with the Rockefeller
Foundation, who would handle domestic
aspects, while Carnegie would handle the
international aspects
Rene Wormser, legal counsel for Reece
Committee, said that Carnegie Endowment
was attempting to mold the minds of our
children by deciding “what should be read in
our schools and colleges.”
Augustus O. Thomas, President of the World
Federation of Education Associations

• Said in August, 1927

that we can’t jump into
a new world order, “until
the cobwebs of the old
order are brushed out
of the minds of the
people of all lands.”
In 1947, the American Education Fellowship
(formerly known as the Progressive Education
Association- a communist front organization),
founded by John Dewey, called for the
“establishment of a genuine world order, an
order in which national sovereignty is
subordinate to world authority…”
John D. Rockefeller Sr.
(1839-1937) began
Standard Oil in 1870, & it
soon became largest oil
refinery in the world

Our 1st billionaire - he was

one of a dozen men, at the
time, who controlled the
country’s business interests
• In 1911, Standard Oil of New Jersey
(Exxon), who the Congressional Record
called the “Shadow Government” was
ordered by the Supreme Court to be broken
• With Rockefeller owning 25%, that meant
that he owned 25% of the resulting 38
subsidiaries, as well as the interest he
already had in many other oil companies
• In May, 1913, Rockefeller Foundation was
• Its stated goals were “to promote the
well-being of mankind throughout the
• However, a 1946 report more accurately
stated its intent when they said that the
“challenge of the future is to make this
one world.”
Rep. Eugene E. Cox, after 1st Congressional
investigation in 1952 said that foundations
were a “using their resources for …
subversive activities or for purposes not in the
interest or tradition of the United States.”

He also said that Rockefeller Foundation has

“been used to finance individuals and
organizations whose business it has been to
get communism into private and public
schools of the country…”
Goals 2000: Educate America Act
• Was developed in early 1990’s to revamp
public school system, and was born out of the
April, 1970, Bilderberger meeting in Bad
Ragaz, Switzerland that said our schools were
“too nationalistic,” and that students needed to
be indoctrinated to consider themselves “world
• Signed into law by President Clinton in 1994
• Pushed an educational system known as
Outcome-Based Education
Went hand-in-hand with the School-to-Work
Opportunities Act (1994) and changed the
focus of education to “outcomes,”
deemphasizing education, and
concentrating more on vocational training
and enabling the student to enter the
Point # 1 – Abolition of the Monarchy
and all ordered government

Anti-Federalist Federalist Party

Party (1790) (1790)

Jeffersonian Republican (1793)
↓ ↓
Democratic-Republican →→→ National Republican
(1796) (1820)

Democratic (1826) Anti-Masonic American
↓ (1826-33) (1954-56)

Working Man’s
↓ ← ↓ ↓ ↓
Democratic Anti-Masonic National Republican
↓ ← Working Man’s ↓ American ↓
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
↓ Equal Rights ↓ ↓ ↓
↓ (1833) ↓ ↓ ↓
↓ →→→→→ Whig ↓
(1834-60) →→→ Republican (1854)

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
↓ ←←←←← ↓ Constitutional
→→→→→ ↓
↓ → Liberty ← ↓ Union (1860)
(1840-48) ↓

↓ ↓ ↓
↓→Free Soil ←
(1848-54) →→→→→→→→→→→→→ ↓

Democratic Republican
↓ ↓
→ (1835-45) →→→→→→→→→→→→ ↓

Union ← ↓
↓ Greenback (1868-88) (1864) → ↓
↓ ↓ Prohibition ↓
↓ ↓ (1869) ↓ Liberal Rep. ← ↓
(1872) → ↓
↓ ↓ ↓
↓ ↓ Greenback Labor ← Anti-Monopoly ↓
↓ (1876-92) (1884-88) ↓
↓ ↓
Union Labor
↓ ↓ (1888-92) ↓
↓ ↓ ↓
↓ Populist (1892-1908) ↓
Democratic Republican
↓ ←←←←←← Populist ↓
↓ National ↓ ↓
↓ → Democrats ↓ Socialist (1901) ↓
↓ (1892) ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
↓ →→→→→ Progressive (1911-25) ←←←←← ↓ ↓
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
↓ Communist (1919) ↓ ↓ ↓
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
↓ → American Labor ←←←←←←←←←
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
(1936-56) ↓
↓ ↓ Progressive (1948)
↓ ↓
→ States’ Rights ↓
↓ ← (1948) ↓ ↓

Populist philosophy expressed concern for
financial power being concentrated in the
hands of a few, and was against the private
Wall Street banks. They were against the gold
standard. Sought labor reforms and the
establishment of unions for worker’s rights.
Wanted more currency placed into circulation
and the initiation of credit programs. They
advocated a progressive income tax.
While they became integrated into the
Democratic Party, their principles were
embraced by the Progressive Party, a
coalition of liberals, socialists, left-wing labor
leaders, and farmers who wanted aggressive
social programs, and an end to the control of
government & industry by private interests.
Their aggressive lobbying efforts helped bring
about the Federal Reserve Act and the
Federal Income Tax; while many of their other
goals were achieved during the administration
of FDR.
In 1829, a British Illuminist named Frances
Wright came to New York City to promote a
Woman’s Auxiliary of the Illuminati. She was an
associate of Robert Dale Owen, a well-known
Socialist. Those present were told that an
international movement of subversives were
being developed along the lines of Illuminati
principles. They were to be known as
‘communists.’ They were to bring chaos, so the
Illuminati could step in and bring order.
In 1843, an article written by poet Heinrich
Heine was published in a book called Letece
contained this passage:
“Communism is the secret
name of this tremendous
adversary … Communism
is nonetheless the dark
hero, cast for an enormous
if fleeting role in the
modern tragedy, and
waiting its cue to enter the
3 men were appointed to help
raise funds for this effort.
All 3 were members of the
Columbia Lodge of the Order
of the Illuminati, which had
been established in New York
City in 1785.
Clinton Roosevelt
• NY Assemblyman
• Wrote book called
Science of Government
Founded on Natural Law
in which he said: “There is
Ancestor of no God of justice to order
Franklin Roosevelt things aright on earth…”
Said that the Constitution was a “leaky vessel”
which was “hastily put together when we left
the British flag,” and therefore needed to be
Horace Greeley
• Editor of the New York
Tribune & New Yorker
• Helped reorganize the
Republican Party in
1854, then in 1872 ran
for President on the
Liberal Republican
Employed Karl Marx as
Party ticket a correspondent to
cover the 1848
European revolutions
Charles Dana
• Was the City Editor on
the New York Tribune,
then later became the
Editor of the New York
• Secretary of War Edwin
Stanton appointed him to
be Assistant Secretary of
• A Socialist, lived at Brook
Farm community
• Had doctorate in Karl Marx
Philosophy, and also
studied economics
• Although he once believed
in God, once he started
going to college, he
wanted to avenge himself
“against the One who rules
• Joined a Satanic church,
his writings mentioned
“Oulanem” a ritualistic
name for Satan.
In 1848, Marx had The Communist
Manifesto published. History tells
us that he had worked on it from
1830-47, and it represented an
extension of Friedrich Engel’s
Confessions of a Communist.
In reality, many of Marx’ ideas
were gleaned from the writings of
Weishaupt, Babeuf, Blanc, Owen,
Ogilvie, Hodgkin, Gray,
Thompson, Carpenter, as well as
Clinton Roosevelt’s book. In fact
his name was not put on it till 20
years later.
Marx had joined the They were formerly
Communist League in
London and they
commissioned the
→ known as the League of
Just Men
writing of the Manifesto
as their platform ↓
Which was an offshoot of
the Parisian Outlaws
League, which was
founded by Illuminati
members who fled
Germany and were behind
the French Revolution
At the September 28, 1864 meeting of the International
Workingmen’s Association in London, it was Illuminati
principles that were adopted, not Socialism

• Marx later wrote to • A Swiss Socialist in

Engels: “I was present, attendance said that it
only as a dumb was not true that the
personage on the Internationale was “the
platform.” creation of Karl Marx”
who was actually
“outside the preparatory
work that took place
from 1862 to 1864.”
In Taylor Caldwell’s
1972 novel Captains
and the Kings, she
wrote that it wasn’t “until
the era of the League of
Just Men and Karl Marx
that conspirators and
conspiracies became
one, with one aim, one
objective, and one
The Manifesto advocated the abolition of
property ownership, a heavy progressive or
graduated income tax, abolition of all rights of
inheritance; the confiscation of all the property
of immigrants and rebels, centralization of
credit in the hands of the State with a national
bank; centralization and State control of all
communication and transportation, and free
education for all children in public schools.

With these major points we can see the goals

of the Illuminati; Populist, and Progressive
• Nathan Rothschild (England)
• Jacob Schiff (Kuhn, Loeb; $20 million)
• Sir George Buchanan (British civil engineer)
• Paul & Felix Warburg (Kuhn, Loeb)
• Olaf Aschburg (Nye Bank of Stockholm, Sweden)
• William Boyce Thompson (Chase National, $1 million)
• Albert H. Wiggin (Chase National)
• Krupp family (German steel manufacturer)
On Feb 5, 1891, Cecil Rhodes pulled together:
Lord Alfred Arnold
Milner, British Toynbee,
Statesman, professor
Rothschild at Oxford
agent University

Arthur George Philip

Glazebrook, Parkin, Lyttleton
Bank of North Secretary Gell, Oxford
America of Rhodes University
(Canada) Trust

Sir Henry William T. Reginald
Birchenough, Stead, Brett (Lord
President of Editor of Esher),
the British Pall Mall Deputy
South Africa Gazette in Governor
Co. London of Windsor
Sir John
Seeley, Lord Albert Grey,
Historian Administrator of
Rhodesia, Director
of British South
Africa Co.

Edmund Lord
Garrett, Arthur
Editor of the Balfour,
Cape Times leader of
in South House of
Africa Commons

Sir Harry
in Africa
Philip Kerr,
Central South
Robert H.
Brand, of
William S.
Marris, Deputy
Secretary of
Lord Robert
Cecil, British
lawyer &

Harold Temperly,
History professor at

Lord Eustace Perry,

Foreign Office staff
Their goal was to eventually establish a one-
world government, which would be controlled
by the international banking community,
under the cloak of socialism. They saw
England, not as a European power, but as an
Atlantic power, and wanted to have a
federation of the English-speaking world,
which would be controlled by them.
Between 1909-13, in the English-speaking countries of
the world they established Round Table groups to
facilitate their goals for world dominance.

Between 1919-27, organizations called Institutes of

International Affairs were started as cover groups to
hide their subversive activities. In the United States,
this group was known as the Council on Foreign
Council on Foreign Relations

In 1918, a group of banking and

manufacturing leaders met, under the
leadership of Elihu Root, former New York
Senator and Secretary of State under
Theodore Roosevelt

Edward House, Wilson’s advisor,

assembled a group called “The
Inquiry” to negotiate solutions for
the Paris Peace Conference
• In 1919, House formed an Institute for International
Affairs in New York City; while “The Inquiry” became
American branch of the Round Table
• In 1921, when it was clear that U.S. was not going to
join the League of Nations, “The Inquiry” and Council
on Foreign Relations merged as the CFR so as not to
be confused with their English counterpart
• By 1936, their membership reached 250, and they
had influence newspapers like: The New York Times,
New York Herald Tribune, Christian Science Monitor,
The Washington Post, Boston Evening Transcript.
Study Groups
• President Franklin Roosevelt utilized their Study Group
on Self-Sufficiency and out of that came Export-Import
Bank and the Trade Agreements Act of 1934
• In 1939, before the war, the State Department utilized 5
study groups under the umbrella name of the War and
Peace Project, to make recommendations in regard to
national security & economics
• In 1941 the Advisory Committee on Post-War Foreign
Policy was created, and consisted of mainly CFR
members whom FDR referred to as his “post-war
In December, 1943, as World War II came to an
end, CFR study groups planned the
reconstruction of Germany and Japan, the
establishment of the United Nations, the initiation
of the International Monetary Fund, and the World
Bank (the UN International Bank for
Reconstruction and Development), which was
presented at the Dumbarton Oaks Conference
The New York Times wrote: “The Council’s
membership includes some of the most
influential men in government, business,
education and the press (and) for nearly half a
century has made substantial contributions to
the basic concepts of American foreign policy.”
Newsweek called the Council’s leadership the
“foreign policy establishment of the U.S.”
Well-known political observer and writer
Theodore White said: “The Council counts
among its members probably more important
names in American life than any other private
group in the country.”
Curtis Dall wrote in his book, FDR: My
Exploited Father-in-Law: “For a long
time I felt that FDR had developed
many thoughts and ideas that were
his own to benefit this country, the
USA. But, he didn’t. Most of his
thoughts, his political ‘ammunition’ as
it were, were carefully manufactured
for him in advance by the CFR-One
World money group.”
In Sen. Barry
Goldwater’s 1979
memoir, With No
Apologies, he wrote:
“When a new President
comes on board, there is
a great turnover in
personnel but no change
in policy.”
That’s because CFR members have held
almost every key position, in every
Administration, from Franklin D. Roosevelt
to George W. Bush.
Bush’s CFR cronies-

Colin Powell
Secretary of Condoleezza
State Rice
National Paul
Security Advisor Wolfowitz
Dep Sec of
James P. Warburg (banker, economist, a member of
FDR’s brain trust, and son of Paul M. Warburg) of the
CFR, told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee on
February 17, 1950:
“We shall have world
government whether or not
we like it. The only question
is whether world government
will be achieved by conquest
or consent.”
The Chicago Tribune (December 9, 1950) said:
“The members of the Council are persons of
much more than average influence in the
community. They have used the prestige that
their wealth, their social position, and their
education have given them to lead their
country towards bankruptcy and military
debacle. They should look at their hands. There
is blood on them– the dried blood of the last
war and the fresh blood of the present one.”
In 1954 the Special House Committee to
Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations (the
Reece Committee) said that the CFR was
“in essence an agency of the United
States Government,” and discovered that
their directives were aimed
“overwhelmingly at promoting the
globalistic concept.”
July, 1958 Harper’s article said that CFR “want to
bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and
the national independence of the U.S. … What
they strive for would inevitably lead to
dictatorship and loss of freedoms by the people.
The CFR was founded for ‘the purpose of
promoting disarmament and submergence of U.S.
sovereignty and national independence into an all-
powerful one-world government’.”
On December 23, 1961, columnist Edith Kermit
Roosevelt (granddaughter of President Theodore
Roosevelt) wrote in the Indianapolis News that
CFR policies “favor ... gradual surrender of United
States sovereignty to the United Nations.”

Researcher Dan Smoot, a former

FBI agent, said their goal was “to
create a one-world socialist system
and make the United States an
official part of it.”
Rep. John R. Rarick of
Louisiana said in 1971 that
the CFR was “dedicated to
one-world government,
financed by a number of the
largest tax-exempt
foundations, and wielding
such power and influence
over our lives in the areas of
finance, business, labor,
military, education and mass
In 1975 book Kissinger on the
Couch by Phyllis Schlafly and
Rear Admiral Chester Ward
(former Judge Advocate General
of the Navy from 1956-60), who
was a member of the CFR for 16
years, wrote:

“Once the ruling members of the CFR have decided

that the U.S. Government should adopt a particular
policy, the very substantial research facilities of
CFR are put to work to develop arguments,
intellectual and emotional, to support the new
policy, and to confound and discredit, intellectually
and politically, any opposition.”
Roone Arledge, David
Tom Brokaw, Bill
Brinkley, Barbara
Moyers, John
Walters, Diane Sawyer,
Chancellor, Irving
George Stephanopoulos,

William Paley, Dan Rather, Harry

Reasoner, Marvin Kalb, John Scali,
Daniel Schorr

William Buckley, Robert McNeil, Jim Lehrer,

Hodding Carter III
New York Times Newspapers & News
Washington Post Services
Wall Street Journal
Boston Globe Press
Baltimore Sun United Press
Chicago Sun-Times
Reuters News
L.A. Times Syndicate Service
Houston Post
Arkansas Gazette
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Louisville Courier
Des Moines Register &
USA Today
Magazines Saturday Review
National Review
Reader’s Digest
Business Week
Atlantic Monthly
Entertainment Weekly
Sports Illustrated
U.S. News & World
Report Harper’s Magazine.
David Rockefeller said in 1991: “We are grateful to
the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time
magazine, and other great publications whose
directors have attended our meetings and respected
their promises of discretion for almost forty years ...
It would have been impossible for us to develop our
plan for the world if we had been subject to the
bright lights of publicity during these years. But, the
world is now more sophisticated and prepared to
march towards a world government. The
supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and
world bankers is surely preferable to the national
auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

David Rockefeller, high ranking

leader in CFR, head of Chase
Manhattan Bank, and Director
of the Federal Reserve Bank of
New York was identified in
Thomas Dye’s 1979 book
Who’s Running America? as
the most powerful man in
Zbigniew Brzezinski, professor at
Columbia University, Rockefeller advisor,
and specialist on international affairs

Henry Owen (a Foreign Policy Studies

Director with the Brookings Institution),

George S. Franklin (Rockefeller assistant, CFR), Robert

Bowie (Foreign Policy Association, Director of the Harvard
Center for International Affairs), Gerard Smith (Salt I
negotiator), Marshall Hornblower, William Scranton
(former Governor of PA), Edwin Reischauer (Harvard
professor), Max Kohnstamm (European Policy Center).
• In 1972, Rockefeller initially had proposed an International
Commission of Peace and Prosperity to “bring the best
brains in the world to bear on problems of the future” to “be
of help to government by providing measured judgment.”
• Represents a union of experts and transnational elite from
the three noncommunist industrial regions of the world:
North America, Japan, and Western Europe
• First meeting was at Rockefeller’s compound in New
York’s Hudson Valley in July 1972
• It is considered by some researchers to be an inner circle
of the CFR because of the cross membership

David Rockefeller said in a Saturday
Evening Post article that TC was “a
group of concerned citizens interested
in fostering greater understanding and
cooperation among international

Antony Sutton wrote in the Trilateral

Observer that they have rejected the
U.S. Constitution and the democratic
political process; and their objective is to
have a one-world socialist government,
with them in control.
Sen. Barry Goldwater wrote in his
book With No Apologies:
“In my view, the Trilateral
Commission represents a skillful,
coordinated effort to seize control
and consolidate the four centers of
power: political, monetary,
intellectual, and ecclesiastical
…creation of a worldwide economic power superior to
the political governments of the nation-states involved
… (and) As managers and creators of the system they
will rule the future ... In other words, what they are
driving, orchestrating, meshing and gearing to
accomplish is the New World Order, the one-world
In Fall of 1973, James Earl
Carter, Gov. of Georgia was
recruited to run for President
In December, 1975, seven
months before the Democratic
National Convention, the
Gallop Poll indicated that only
4% of the country’s Democrats
wanted Carter.
Even the Atlantic Constitution in his own state, ran a
headline which said: “Jimmy Carter Running For
What?” Within six months, the nomination was his
because of the most elaborate media campaign in
During his acceptance speech, after winning the
nomination at the Democratic National Convention,
Carter attacked the “political and economic elite
who have shaped decisions and never had to
account for mistakes nor to suffer from injustice.”

Yet when he took the oath of office, he said that the

“United States will help erect ... a world order.”
About 40% of the American Trilateral members joined
the Carter Administration. In all, 291 members of the
Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign
Relations joined the Administration.

Craig S. Karpel wrote in his Penthouse article

Cartergate: The Death of Democracy: “It would be
unfair to say that the Trilateral Commission dominates
the Carter Administration. The Trilateral Commission is
the Carter Administration.” He called them “the closest
thing possible to a board of directors of the world.”
Among Trilateralists in Bush’s

Richard Colin Powell Donald

Cheney Secretary of Rumsfeld
Vice State Secretary
President of Defense
Electoral College

Because delegates to the Constitutional Convention,

which met in Philadelphia in 1787, thought that the
general public lacked the insight and the judgment
necessary to elect a President, and could be easily
misled by irresponsible candidates, they enacted the
Electoral College to do the job.
California (55) Ohio (20)
Texas (34) Michigan (17)
New York (31) New Jersey (15)
Florida (27) Georgia (15)
Pennsylvania (21) North Carolina (15)
Illinois (21)
If a candidate could be guaranteed just eleven states
he will win the Presidency- combined, these states
have 271 electoral votes (leaving 267 remaining
electoral votes in 39 states, and the District of
Election of 1912

Democrat Republican Progressive

Challenger 27th President (former Rep.)
26th President
Woodrow William Taft
Wilson Theodore
Election of 1912

435 8 Electoral 88 Electoral

Electoral Votes Votes
3,483,922 4,126,020
To achieve the necessary electoral votes
(266), Wilson only needed a victory in 13
states, he won 11, and came real close in
another (4%)
Woodrow Wilson was elected by Ruling Elite
for a purpose
“You can feel it when you go to work…”
The Federal Reserve Act
In 1787, our new Constitution gave Congress the
power to “coin money, (and) regulate the value

Yet, in 1790 Alexander

Hamilton, Secretary of
Treasury, favored a Central
Bank, and in 1791 President
George Washington signed
into law the Bank of the United
Hamilton’s elitist views and
real purpose came to light,
when he wrote: “All
communities divide
themselves into the few and
the many. The first are rich
and well-born, the other the
mass of the people. The
people are turbulent and
changing; they seldom judge
or determine right.”
When Andrew Jackson ran for
President in 1828, he said that
with a Central Bank power is
“exercised by a few over the
political conduct of the many
by first acquiring that control
over the labor and earnings of
the great body of people.”

To a group of bankers he said: “You are a den of vipers.

I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will
rout you out.”
Jackson did veto the Charter, and abolished the
Bank in 1832. He ordered the Secretary of the
Treasury to remove all Government deposits from
U.S. Banks and deposit them in state banks. On
January 8, 1835, Jackson paid off the final
installment on our national debt, and it was the
only time in history that our national debt was
reduced to zero.
Paul Moritz Warburg (1868-1932)

Out of Rothschild-allied European

banking family M. M. Warburg
and Co.

Colonel Ely Garrison (the financial advisor to

Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson)
wrote in his book Roosevelt, Wilson and the Federal
Reserve Act that, “Mr. Paul Warburg is the man who
got the Federal Reserve Act together…”
Jacob Schiff, with the
financial backing of the
Rothschilds came to U.S. in
1873 and bought into the
Kuhn and Loeb partnership in
New York City– became a full
partner in 1875 and became
a millionaire by financing
railroads. He was the
Illuminati liaison in the United
Edward Mandell House
(1858-1938), the son of
British financier Thomas W.
House, a Rothschild agent,
was liaison between Schiff
and Wilson
Wilson wrote: “Mr. House is
my second personality. He is
my independent self. His
thoughts and mine are one.
If I were in his place, I would do just as he suggested ...
If anyone thinks he is reflecting my opinion, by
whatever action he takes, they are welcome to the
On November 22, 1910, the financial and banking elite
of the country met at the Jekyll Island Hunting Club
Out of that meeting came 2 plans

Plan A

Sen. Nelson W. Aldrich (father-

in-law of John D. Rockefeller
Jr.), was the most powerful man
in Congress, a member of
Congress for 40 years, 36 of
them in the Senate, Chairman
of the powerful Senate Finance
Committee & Illuminati’s man in
That plan failed
because it, and
Aldrich was so
closely connected to
the banker J. P.
Morgan, one of the
most powerful men in
the country
In January, 1913, Rep.
Carter Glass of Virginia,
Chairman of the Banking
and Currency Committee;
and H. Parker Willis (who
was Dean of Political
Science at George
Washington University) of
the National Citizens
League, began preparing
the Glass Bill, based on
Plan B.
It would succeed because it would not use the
term Central Bank, instead they would be known
as Federal Reserve Banks
The bill was passed on December 23, 1913, and the
Federal Reserve System was established on October 25,
1914, and began operating in 1915. The country was
divided up into 12
Federal Regions,
and the gold and
silver in the nation’s
vaults were now
owned by the
Federal Reserve.

Remember, it was the stated goal of Communist

Manifesto to have a National Bank
Rep. Glass would later write: “I had never thought
the Federal Bank System would prove such a failure.
The country is in a state of irretrievable bankruptcy.”

Three years later, Woodrow Wilson would say that

“all our activities are in the hands of a few men…”
It was discovered the Federal Reserve was
made up of stockholders who were aligned with
the Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin;
Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris; Israel Moses
Seif Bank of Italy; Warburg Bank of Hamburg
and Amsterdam; Lehman Brothers Bank of
New York; Kuhn, Loeb, and Co. of New York;
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York; and
Goldman, Sachs of New York.
In 1933, Vice-
President John
Garner, when
referring to the
bankers, said:
“You see,
gentlemen, who
owns the United
Sen. Barry Goldwater wrote
in his book With No
Apologies: “Does it not
seem strange to you that
these men just happened to
be CFR and just happened to
be on the Board of
Governors of the Federal
Reserve, that absolutely
controls the money and interest rates of this great
country. A privately owned organization ... which
has absolutely nothing to do with the United
States of America!”
The Federal Reserve System has never been audited,
and their meetings, and minutes of those meetings, are
not open to the public. They have repelled all attempts to
be audited. In 1967, Arthur Burns, the Chairman of the
Federal Reserve, said that an audit would threaten the
independence of the Reserve.

Rep. John R. Rarick of Louisiana

said: “The Federal Reserve is not an
agency of government. It is a private
banking monopoly.”
Rep. Wright Patman of Texas (who was the House
Banking Chairman until 1975), said “In the United
States we have, in effect, two governments ... We
have the duly constituted Government ... Then we
have an independent, uncontrolled and uncoordinated
government in the Federal Reserve System…”
Henry Ford said: “It is well enough that the
people of the nation do not understand our
banking and monetary system, for if they did, I
believe there would be a revolution before
tomorrow morning.”
In 1957, Sen. George W. Malone of Nevada said
before Congress about the Federal Reserve: “I
believe that if the people of this nation fully
understood what Congress has done to them
over the past 49 years, they would move on
Washington: they would not wait for an
election ... It adds up to a preconceived plan to
destroy the economic and social independence
of the United States.”
Federal Income Tax

“You can feel it … when you pay your taxes”

A graduated income tax and abolition of

property ownership was part of the
Communist Manifesto

Abolition of private property was one of

Weishaupt’s goals for the Illuminati
When the income tax legislation was
introduced in the Senate in 1894, Sen.
Aldrich had come out against it, saying
it was “communistic and socialistic,”
but in 1909, he proposed the 16th
Amendment to the Constitution, with
the support of President Taft, which called for the
creation of a progressive graduated income tax.

Although praised by reformers, conservatives said

it was “a first step toward complete confiscation of
private property.”
According to a 2-volume investigative report called
The Law That Never Was, by William J. Benson
(who had been a special agent with the Illinois
Department of Revenue for 10 years) and M. J.
Beckman, the Amendment was never properly
Their exhaustive investigation indicated that there
was only a proper ratification by 27 states, far less
than the Constitutionally-mandated 36.
Secretary of State Philander C.
Knox ignored various
irregularities, and fraudulently
declared that the 16th
Amendment had been ratified by
three-fourths of the states. A
memo dated February 15, 1913,
to Knox, from his solicitor,
stated that only four states had
“correctly” ratified the
amendment, that Minnesota had not forwarded their
copy yet, and that the resolutions from 33 states
contained punctuation, capitalization, or wording
different than the Resolution that was approved by
When did we
enter the Matrix?

When did we enter

the Matrix?
When Franklin D. Roosevelt
was inaugurated on March 4,
1933, he called for an
emergency session of
Congress on March 9th , where
the Emergency Banking Relief
Act was passed, which gave
FDR the power to issue any
order, and do anything he felt
was necessary to run the country, without restriction.
According to Congressional Record in 1933, Rep.
James Buck said: “...the doctrine of emergency is the
worst. It means that when Congress declares an
emergency, there is no Constitution. This means it’s
The Symbol of the Illuminati

“Announcing the Birth of a New Secular Order.”

It was put on the back of
the One Dollar Bill in 1935
A History of the
New World Order

Available from the