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Retro Game Programming

Retro Game Programming

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Published by: bryan_letcher on Sep 16, 2011
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You only need three things to get started in building your own VCS games:
A text editor – to create the 6502 assembler text files
o I recommend TextPad (http://www.textpad.com/)
We will assume you can obtain, install and use a text editor. If you don‘t have a
favorite than try TextPad on your machine than just start using textpad.

A 6502 cross-assembler – to generate 6502 binary files
o I recommend DASM available at http://www.atari2600.org/DASM/
o This website has the additional support files for Atari 2600 programming.
The support files contains macros with a standard list of names and
equates for the hardware.

For Atari 2600 programming you will need to obtain the Atari2600_1_10 zip files.

An emulator to test the code – to run and test your programs
o I highly recommend Stella


There is a technique called bank-switching that is used to expand the amount of memory you can have on
a cartridge. We will discuss this technique later.

Retro Game Programming Copyright © 2011 by brainycode.com


To test that it all works together do the next lab. We will explain the code in detail in
subsequent sections:

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