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We designed a report to provide a brief description about its marketing segmentation. demographic factor. targeting and Positioning. 2|Page . This report provides a brief knowledge about KFC in INDIA with respect to Global Business of KFC. We all have tried our level best to fulfill all the requirements mentioned to us. its marketing environment. marketing factors. this report includes a research base survey on KFC. Now it’s depending upon the reader to read it carefully and understand what we want to communicate. In addition to it.Preface This report focus on KFC marketing strategies.

the most beneficent & the Merciful. we especially thank to our instructor Ms. for providing us with helpful knowledge needed. After that we are able to complete this report with hard working & cooperation. Finally. thanking management of KFC. Secondly.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In the name of GOD. RAHEELA ZULFIQAR who guides us at every step & every aspect of this report. we all likely to thank mighty GOD who provides us knowledge. energy & skills to get opportunities & to increase our knowledge & experience by completing this project. Firstly. so that’s competed successfully. 3|Page .

Chapter Page No. 1 KFC History (Start Up) 5 2 KFC In INDIA 6 3 Products 7-8 4 Best Features 9 5 Research Methodology 10 6 Segmentation 11-13 7 Targeting 14 8 Positioning 15-16 9 Conclusion 17 4|Page . No.TABLE OF CONTENTS Sr.

By the time he was seven. Sadly. It is here that Sanders began experimenting with different seasonings to flavor his chicken which travelers loved and for which he soon became famous. KFC now stretches worldwide with more than 13. in the mid 1930s at the age of forty. By 1964. He sold his chicken on the highway! But when the highway was removed. 5|Page Reference: www. Colonel Sanders bought a service station. Yum! Brands own 5 brands. a town in Kentucky about 25 miles from the Tennessee border.KFC History Way back in 1930’s Colonel Harland Sanders got some distinguished Kentucky folks lickin’ their fingers.000 restaurants in more than 80 countries and territories around the world serving up the Colonel’s Original Recipe. The 65-year-old gentleman had started a worldwide empire using his $105 social security cheque. If the reaction was favorable Sanders entered into a handshake agreement on a deal which stipulated a payment to him of a nickel for each chicken the restaurant sold. His legacy lives on with KFC restaurants all over the world. Colonel Harland Sanders passed away on December 16th. Colonel Harland Sanders had 600 franchise outlets for his chicken across the United States and Canada. Kentucky.kfc. founder of the original Kentucky Fried Chicken. motel and cafe at Corbin. Later that year. out of which KFC is the largest brand within the Yum! Portfolio. 1980 aged 90. cooking chicken for restaurant owners and their employees. Colonel Sanders sold his interest in the United States operations for $2 million. he sold up and traveled the United States by car. Sander's fame grew. After a series of jobs. This meant he had to do much of the family cooking. his father died and his mother was forced to go to work while young Sanders took care of his three year old sibling. It’s been in fashion since then! Colonel Harland Sanders. founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in the year 1938. was born on September 9. . During the next nine years he developed his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices and the basic cooking technique which is still used today. Harland Sanders was a master of a range of regional from that humble beginning. It is a $13 billion brand based out of Kentucky and is the leading QSR around the world which is based in Louisville.When he was six.

the spicy. flavorful and juicy Original Recipe chicken. Renowned worldwide for its finger licking good food. Malaysia and many China. Chicken Bucket and a host of beverages and desserts. juicy inside” Hot and Crispy Chicken. South Africa. In India. Toasted Twister. KFC is the largest brand of Yum Restaurants.kfc.KFC India KFC is the world’s No. Its signature dishes include the “crispy outside. Australia. Specially for the vegetarians in India. a company that owns other leading brands like Pizza Hut. KFC also has great tasting vegetarian offerings that include the Veg Zinger and Veggie Snacker. KFC offers its signature products in India too! KFC has introduced many offerings for its growing customer base in India while staying rooted in the taste legacy of Colonel Harland Sander’s secret recipe. A&W and Long John Silver. KFC is growing rapidly and today has presence in 21 cities with close to 107 restaurants. 6|Page Reference: www.1 Chicken QSR and has industry leading stature across many countries like UK. Taco Bell. . juicy & crunchy Zinger Burger.

PRODUCTS KFC has segregated its product according to different segments of the society and their taste and demand. They have shifted towards the Vegetarian Snacks in India because of the Culture and Tradition of the India. Product Range  Streetwise o Veg Snacker o Chicken Snacker o Snack Box o Rizo Rice o Rizzo Gravy o Mini Krusher  Snacks o Popcorn Chicken o Hot Wings o Boneless Chicken Strips  Veggie Selections o Veg Zinger o Veg Snacker o Rizo Rice o Rizzo Gravy o Veg Strips with Salsa  Toasted Wrap o Toasted Twister 7|Page .

 Box Meals o Zing-Kong Box  Chicken Delight o Hot & Crispy o Original Recipe o Hot wings o Chicken Snacker o Chicken Bucket  Signature Sides o Corn on the Cob o Cole Slaw o Fries  Krushers o Crunchy o Smoothe o Sparkling o Frappe o Iced Mochaccino o Kappuccino  Desserts o Soft Twirl o Chocamor o Brownie Sundae 8|Page .

Yum! Global Diversity and Inclusion 9|Page .in Packaging The famous paper bucket that KFC uses for its larger sized orders of chicken and has come to signify the company was originally created by Wendy's restaurants founder Dave www. and CSPI dropped its lawsuit. In October 2006.S. Ansal Plaza Personal Visit. by April 30. Thomas was also responsible for the creation of the famous rotating bucket sign that came to be used at most KFC locations in the US.o Sundaes KFC’s BEST FEATURE Reference: KFC Restaurant.5g per serving) in the United States. In the United States.kfc. Trans fat-free soybean oil was introduced in all KFC restaurants in the U. This would also apply to their potato wedges and other fried foods. Ohio area. which increases the risk of heart disease. This oil contains relatively high levels of trans fat. His reasoning behind using the paper packaging was that it helped keep the chicken crisp by wicking away excess moisture. Thomas was originally a franchisee of the original Kentucky Fried Chicken and operated several outlets in the Columbus. and mashed potatoes would still contain trans fat. KFC said it would begin frying its chicken in trans fat-free oil (<0. the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) filed a court case against KFC with the aim of making it use other types of oils or make sure customers know about trans fat content immediately before they buy food. the biscuits. 2007. macaroni and cheese. however. Nutritional value KFC has used partially hydrogenated oil in its fried foods.

10 | P a g e .underscores the importance of actively seeking diversity in It is found that KFC has segregated its market according the community of customers and had diversified into Vegetarian products only because of Indian market where Culture is the main dominating power over the Demand by the customers. Research Methodology Reference: www. This adds perspective and depth to everything we's a way of life and a way of doing Research has been done over the KFC marketing strategies with respect to the Market Segmentation by KFC and wow they targeted the different Segments and how the position in the market has been made. and coaching and supporting every individual to grow to their full capacity. and creates a richer culture for all of us to enjoy. believing everyone has the potential to make a difference. diversity is not a target . www. Method of Research is through Internet findings and Visit to the KFC outlets in local region and finding the difference in the products of local KFC outlets and outlets Overseas. We've also found that a diverse team makes for better problem solvers.kfc.wikipedia. Scope of the Study o Globally KFC’s business is taken as scope of Study o Special coverage and focus over the local market. services all our customers more effectively.For us. Everyone can and does make a difference in our organization. Objective of the Study o To know how KFC segmented its market o How they targeted the segments o How they made their position in the globally. One of our HWWT2 principles Believe in all People .

we have considered four variables for market segmentation which are     Geographic segmentation Demographic segmentation Psychographic segmentation Behavioral segmentation World Region Asia  Geographic Segmentation “Dividing the market into different geographical units such as nations.“TODAY TASTES SO GOOD” SEGMENTATION “Dividing the market into distinct groups of buyers who have distinct needs. characteristics or behavior or who have might require separate products or marketing mix” In case of KFC. regions. cities or neighborhood. states. 11 | P a g e . countries.

family size. education. Age Gender 6-65 Both Males and Females 12 | P a g e . occupation. race and nationality. KFC divides the market on demographic basis in the following way. In India. income. religion.Country City Density Climate India I tier. gender. II tier and III tier cities Urban Not specific KFC has outlets internationally and sells its products according to geographic needs of the customer. its geographic segmentation is.  Demographic Segmentation Dividing the market into groups based on an age. above Not Specific Not Specific Not Specific Not Specific Middle class. Study bySegmentation  Psychographic Research Scholars Dividing a market into different groups based on social class. 5+ Rs. 10.Family Size Income Occupation Education Religion Generation Social Class Nationality Family lifecycle 1-2. Upper class and Not Lower class Specific Almost All Reference: www. lifestyle or personality characteristics. KFC divides market on the basis of psychographic variables such as. 13 | P a g e .

Positive and Indifferent Attitude towards Product 14 | P a g e .Life Style Personality Not Specific Authoritarians. desirous and intending to buy Enthusiastic. Gregarious and Ambitious  Behavioral Segmentation “Dividing a market into groups based on consumer knowledge. attitude. Service And Speed Potential status. informed. Convenience. ex-users. interested. first time user and regular users Medium and Strong User Status Loyalty Status Readiness Status Aware. use or response to a product” KFC divides the market on the basis of psychographic variables as Occasion Benefits Regular Occasion Quality.

TARGET MARKET “The process of evaluating each market segment’s attractiveness and selecting two or more segments” Target market depends upon size and growth rate of population. They have started this concept after the Happy meal Concept made by Mc Donald their rival Company who are leading ahead in India over the number of outlets and count of customers. KFC also targeting the KIDS with some packs for Kids. In India it has targeted to the people who are mad for Chicken. POSITIONING 15 | P a g e . They have also introduced the Veg products so that they can accompany the Chicken lovers in the restaurants. Company resources and structural attractiveness of market segment. As the outlets of KFC are in posh area and prices are too high. varieties of salads to youth who are always conscious for the health. Thirdly with its Nutritious Product they are targeting with Oil free chicken. For KFC. so KFC is targeting upper class. this as a plus point over the other Restaurant Chains like Mc Donald that they give variety of products so targeted the each segment of market very efficiently.

 USP (Chicken) KFC‘s unique selling possession is that they are the only fried Chicken seller globally. KFC brand name itself is (C) Chicken which even a layman can know that its brand name of Chicken restaurant. distinctive and desirable place relative to competing products in the minds of target consumer. Example: Advertisement by KFC in which 4 guys in Car are eating chicken wings are totally unaware about the outside environment when eating KFC product that shows that it is so tasty and mind blowing. They have the largest Chain providing variety of Chicken Products.  User Positioning With user positioning strategy KFC shows the people who use and like this product. So it creates a healthy image of KFC in the minds of customers that if you want to have best Chicken Snacks so come KFC  Benefit Positioning 16 | P a g e . All users are from Posh Society who can spend lot of bucks on Chicken Buckets and positioned in the mind of Youth that it is so notorious for health.KFC focuses on pure and fresh food in order to create a distinct and clear position in the minds of customers KFC has a strong brand name and they are leading the market in fried chicken. KFC adopting positioning strategies  Brand positioning KFC (Kentucky fried Chicken) has used its Brand name to make position in the minds of people.” In KFC feedback is taken from the customer in order to know the customer demands and then improvements are made in products.Arranging for a product to occupy a clear.

Discounts: They provide special discounts to only employees. Old name and its reliability makes it as famous brand in the eyes of customers. List Price: KCF offer different products at different prices. Payment period: Customer pays when the services are delivered to them.KFC products have also beneficial and have less adverse affect over the health because its use less oil to fry the Chicken and Chicken gives its proper fat to the customer. teams of Quality Inspectors are ready to inspect and rectify the situation as soon as possible. CONCLUSION 17 | P a g e . It is an edge over the other players in the Non Veg Market. Whenever any dispute arises of some problem with environment or food quality.  Price Positioning Price is the amounts of money customers have to pay to obtain the product. Allowances and credit terms: They provide no credit terms and allowances to customer  Attribute Positioning KFC is an old name in the Business of Chicken snacks and also diversified into Veg products.

It gives quality. From above analysis.Each new outlet developed by KFC INDIA spends 40 million rupees that’s a massive amount for this industry. segmenting the market to segmentation variables and increasing their market share. KFC is also following marketing strategies. variety and fresh meal as of its competitors. KFC is leading in Fried Chicken. THANK YOU 18 | P a g e . it’s clear that KFC and INDIA are growing together. So KFC is doing well at Pakistan.

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