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Multi Cultural. Cosmopolitan.

Ease of doing business: Ranked #1

Free market, liberal economy
Spending capacity. Lucrative

Mature market for ice-creams

Location as a strategic trading port supports raw material import. The lack of local sourcing does not pose as a problem; imports are a cheaper alternative. Singapore has a tropical climate, the tastes and preferences of people will affect our flavour spread ie; more local, seasonal flavours.

Free market economy with encouraging economic indicators. Positive growth projections ensure sustainability. Per capita GDP of US$ 62,100 indicates high purchasing power parity. Research indicates high propensity to spend on food and beverages and leisure activities Stable currency Economic policy encourages foreign investment Well developed infrastructure supports transportation, storage and distribution. Public transportation is cheap, efficient. Advanced health services. Well developed market for ice cream.

Multicultural society with three main ethnic groups: Indian, Malay and Chinese. Cultural obstacles: Most Singaporeans are said to be over compliant, too left brained, afraid of failing and over pampered. This is a consideration in formulating product adaptation & communication strategy. The national culture is Kiasu which means afraid to lose and refers to the wish to come first in lines, competitions, negotiations, and so forth. Materialistic culture: Pursuit of the 5Cs cash, car, condo, credit card and country club. Singaporeans are very fond of their food and this comes across in the Singapore Food Festival , an annual event held in July. Food is also often eaten outside the home in food centres where food is reasonably priced, tasty, and freshly made. There exist many cafs, coffeehouses and teahouses, and formal restaurants.

Malays do not eat pork, Indians do not eat beef, and many Buddhist Chinese are parttime vegetarians. Many people do not drink alcohol. Holy places are arenas for religious activities. There are different street festivals according to the ritual calendars of the different ethnic groups. Every ethnic group celebrates their respective festivals. A wide variety of tropical fruits are available all year round, though most of them are imported from neighbouring countries. By far the most well known is the durian, known as the "King of Fruits
The existence of multiple cultures, ethnicities and religions calls for sensitive and thoughtful communication that does not hurt the sentiments of people. Singaporeans are peace lovers and very polite . Elders in the family are treated with respect and a joyful environment is maintained throughout.

Multi-ethnic society; Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions coexist beneath the veneer of a modern, western cosmopolitan metropolis. Majority of population lives in nuclear families. High quality transport and infrastructure. Scores high on safety and low on crime rates. Global food capital, legendary for the diversity, richness and creativity of its culinary scene. One of the main drivers behind the spurt in Singapore tourism is its popularity in terms of food. Round tables are a crucial part of Singaporean food culture. Food courts: Popular lunch options for office workers; found in the basement or top floor of nearly every shopping mall. Being time-orientated multi-taskers, Singaporeans generally do not have the luxury of socialising during meals. Hence importance is placed to the last meal of the day i.e. dinner, which becomes a leisurely activity where people get together in various social groups.

Government Type: Parliamentary Republic, The People's Action Party (PAP), headed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is the ruling political party in Singapore, reelected continuously since 1959. Has been labeled a hybrid democracy Stable and orderly government Pro-business environment - favourable tax laws and funding for business ventures. Several initiatives supportive of business start-ups. Although dominant in its activities, the government has a clean, corruption-free image. Singapore has consistently been rated as the least-corrupt country in Asia and amongst the top ten cleanest in the world by Transparency International

Population Size - 5.08 million as of June-end 2010 Age Structure: The proportion of Singapore residents aged 45 years and over in 2010 was higher as compared to a decade ago. Sex Composition: There are more females than males in Singapores resident population since 2000. Household Structure: Rise in the number of nuclear families and in the number of marriages rose. Divorce rates did not rise significantly.

Labor Union: Any manufacturing process needs labor. Since Natural is manufacturing its own ice- cream it needs labor and Singapores Labor Union is organized and provides full employment. Employment: Singapores employment regulations set guidelines for steady wage increase, bargaining and negotiation, etc. Immigration: Immigration regulations in Singapore are uncomplicated and it is easy for noncitizens to enter Singapore. Competition Act: The Competition Act promotes healthy competition and prohibits practices like price-fixing, bid-rigging, market-sharing and abusing market power. Free Trade Agreements with multiple nations.

Ranking Category Asias Most Technologically Ready Nation

Singapores Ranking Source 2 Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007

1. Establishment of technological and research institute- R&D. 2. Positive Technical policy - e-government 3. High Growth Rate of Information Technology in Singapore 4. Incentive for promoting Technology in Singapore

1. The Monetary Authority of Singapore 2. Singapore's development 3.Banks in Singapore 4. Exchange restrictions Taxation In Singapore Tax benefits for small-to-midsize companies. Tax rate is still a low 17% Capital gains taxes- 0% Pro business Environment Time Government assistance Industrialization programme

Raison DEtre Product Description Target Group Product Variants Benefits Pricing Competition

Brand Personality

To fulfill the consumer need for a healthy, preservative-free, artisan variety of ice cream in local and seasonal fruit flavours

With the goodness of real, handpicked fresh fruit that perfectly complements the richness of smooth, creamy ice cream, each scoop of Natural ice cream is made to give you a gratifying experience. All this with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, made using traditional methods that have stood the test of time.

Mass brand with a broad appeal; primarily adult men and women aged 22 -55, who are moderately health conscious. The core target group is aged, 22-40 both male and female, working professionals and/or newlyweds or young parents who have the money, time and willingness to spend on premium quality fresh fruit ice cream. They induce family members to trial.

1. Impulse Category: Cups and oven-fresh waffle cones 2. Sundaes: Elaborate custom made desserts prepared at outlet 3. Take-home packs: SKUs of 0.5 litres or more for take away or home delivery.

Functional Benefit The taste of fresh fruit with good quality ice cream Impulse Category: Quick, convenient snack eaten on-the-go Sundae: A delicious, indulgent dessert for planned outings, customised to individual preference. Take-home packs: For prolonged personal use and storage, can be served to guests, at parties or family gatherings Emotional Benefit: Fulfilment of having eaten handpicked fruit and ice cream made from the finest ingredients. Healthier alternative to non-fruit ice cream

Premium pricing, at par with competing premium ice cream brands (Haagen Dasz, Magnolia, Magnum, Ben& Jerrys, Breyers etc.) for the following reasons: -Break even, make profits -Higher perceived quality of ingredients

Direct Competition: Existing brands of Ice Cream; Ben and Jerry, Haagen Dazs, Magnolia, Baskin Robbins, Unilever brands and Nestle brands. Indirect Competition: Other dessert eateries, cafs, fast food joints, bakeries, street food carts. Brand Differentiator: The only fresh fruit offering in the premium category. Quality of ingredients and freshness are key selling points.

business, socio-cultural environments, consumer attitudes, tastes and preferences of consumers in Singapore.
Product Adaptations with respect to

Flavours according to local tastes, preferences and popular desserts. Fruit flavours : 1. Durian 2.Passion fruit 3.Rambutan 4. Tender Coconut 5. Jackfruit 6. Mangosteen 7. Longan 8. Regular flavours like mango, strawberry, malai, pineapple, lychee, etc

For sundaes: 1. Almond Jelly squares with icecream 2. Beancurd barley ice cream with gingko nuts and snow fungus 3. Momochacha 4. Honeydew sago, served with tender coconut icecream. 5. Ice kacang sundae

Natural is a colourful yet calm, approachable, generous brand that offers the goodness of nature. It is friendly, caring and ensures that its consumers get the best of everything.

Outlet ambience-interiors, staff, service, menus (descriptive) Pricing Premiumly priced for perceived aspirational value due to materialistic culture. Packaging eco friendly packaging (cups, tubs, brown paper bags) to reinforce the idea of natural goodness

Given the mature market scenario with respect to ice creams and market readiness for a fruit variety, the simultaneous launch of outlets is an appropriate entry strategy. High visibility and key considerations for the same.



Picking fruits Artisan Factory process Lab testing and QC

Storage (2 days)

Distribution (refrigerated vans)

Franchise (for outlets and not for the manufacturing process) Reasons: Shared investment Profitable in a multi store scenario Ease of management

Natural ice cream will be available at/through: Franchise outlets at strategic locations with high human traffic, eg singular outlets in downtown areas, and in premium and high street shopping malls. Home delivery from the nearest franchise outlet

Manufacturer to Multiple Retail Outlets Reasons: Scale of operations small Geographical area small Cost optimization

Warehouse Despatch - refrigerated vans


The key communication message used for the advertising campaign, basis of the same and media mix

For a health conscious adult population aged 22-55, Natural is the premium ice cream that delivers a quality product, made fresh with the best ingredients using the best processes because only Natural offers real fruit flavours and is completely preservative-free

The message will echo key product features and benefits Natural is an Honest to goodness ice cream.

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