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Rubric: Sketchbook Cover

Rubric: Sketchbook Cover

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Published by: caro sturges on Sep 16, 2011
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RUBRIC: Sketchbook Covers & The Three Cs:
Construction, Composition, and Collage
Your covers are 10”x13”. You responded to one of the collage prompts and can articulate your artistic thinking. You used the artistic process of collage.

You considered the keys of composition (size, view, and placement) when designing your cover. Your composition is visually pleasing or otherwise strongly expressive.

Studio Skills
You used your time productively, appropriately, and safely during every class. You took care of the art materials and voluntarily assisted in clean-up on a daily basis.

Your covers show evidence of quality, time, thought, and care. You made appropriate choices when using materials. You attached your materials carefully.

Give yourself the grade you feel you earned:
/10 /10 /10 /10 /40
Unsatisfactory 0-4

Exemplary 10 Good 7-9 Needs Improvement 5-6

Reflection Questions (2 pts each, the top is 2 pts):
1. Which collage prompt did you work from? (See the back.) Explain how you interpreted it.

2. Why did you choose the materials that you did?

3. How did you manipulate (change) the materials before gluing them down?

4. Is your composition visually pleasing? Defend your statement using observations from your
covers and what we’ve learned about composition.



COLLAGE PROMPTS (from class)
1. a collage that uses shapes (not photos / pictures) to create a recognizable object 2. a collage that features people or a person in daily activities, made using shapes (not photos / pictures) 3. a collage that commemorates a significant personal event 4. a collage that commemorates a significant social / cultural / or historical event 5. a collage that describes the way a place looks through observation (interior setting, landscape, etc) 6. a collage featuring animal(s) that you know about 7. a collage that conveys an emotion 8. a collage that suggests a sound or a smell 9. a collage that shows a position about an issue (social, cultural, environmental, global) that concerns you 10.a collage that uses photos / pictoral elements - but in a way that is unusual or not normally seen (deconstruction)

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