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Oracle Reports Reference 6i

Oracle Reports Reference 6i

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Published by: PERSEUS_888 on Sep 16, 2011
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Description The Between Pages trigger fires before each page of the report is formatted,
except the very first page. This trigger can be used for customized page formatting. In
the Runtime Previewer or Live Previewer, this trigger only fires the first time that you go
to a page. If you subsequently return to the page, the trigger does not fire again.
Definition Level report
On Failure

Displays an error message when you try to go to the page for which the trigger returned
FALSE. The pages subsequent to the page that returned FALSE are not formatted. If the
trigger returns FALSE on the last page, nothing happens because the report is done
formatting. The Between Pages trigger does not fire before the first page. If the trigger
returns FALSE on the first page, the first page is displayed, but, if you try to go to the
second page, an error message is displayed.

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