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Oracle Reports Reference 6i

Oracle Reports Reference 6i

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Published by: PERSEUS_888 on Sep 16, 2011
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Description The Vertical Panels per Page property is the height of the logical page
(report page) in physical pages (printer pages). For instance, a Vertical Panels per Page
size of 1 means that each logical page is one physical page in height.
Values Any whole number from 1 through 50.
Applies to sections
Required/Optional required
Default 1

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Description The Width property is the width of one physical page (including the margin)
in the Unit of Measurement (e.g., 8.5 inches).
Values Enter a valid width of zero or more. The maximum width depends upon the Unit
of Measurement. For inches, the maximum width is 512 inches. For centimeters, it is
1,312 centimeters. For points, it is 36,864 points.
Applies to sections
Required/Optional required
Default 8.5 inches

Width restrictions


The page must be large enough to contain the section. For example, if a frame in a
section expands to a size larger than the Width, the report will not run.


If you change the Unit of Measurement after you have already specified the Width,
the Width will automatically change to the approximate width in the new Unit of


If you change the Width or Height of the physical page, the size of the logical page
will change accordingly, so that the dimensions of the margin are preserved wherever

Caution: On some printers the printable area of the physical page is restricted. For
example, the sheet of paper a printer takes may be 8.5 x 11 inches, but the printer
might only be able to print on an area of 8 x 10.5 inches. If you define a Width and
Height that is bigger than the printable area your printer allows, clipping may occur
in your report output. To avoid clipping, you can either increase the printable area
for the printer (if your operating system allows it) or you can set the Width and
Height to be the size of the printable area of the page.


You can override the dimensions of a page by specifying different values for the
PAGESIZE parameter on the command line.


The default right and left margin size is zero.

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