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Allow More Love in Your Life

Allow More Love in Your Life

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Published by Joanne Jackson
Crystals for emotional healing
Crystals for emotional healing

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Published by: Joanne Jackson on Sep 16, 2011
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Aêêoø more Iove Jn your Ii(e

kose quartz

l belleve Lhls Lo be Lhe mosL essenLlal crysLal for fosLerlng selfŴloveŦ l encourage you Lo experlence lLs
vlbraLlons on an ongolng baslsţ elLher by wearlng lLţ carrylng lLţ medlLaLlng wlLh lLţ or keeplng lL close
Lo you when you sleep (or all of Lhe above)Ŧ

When we havenƌL experlenced enough love ln our formaLlve years we Lend Lo close off our hearLsŦ
?eL Lhls closure doesnƌL heal Lhe wound lnsldeţ and LhaL wound wlll always cry ouL Lo be healedŦ 8ose
quarLz ls an lnsLrumenL of LhaL heallngŦ

1haL doesnƌL mean LhaL lLƌs always a genLle sLoneŦ ln Lhe pasLţ when l placed lL on my hearL cenLre
(lLs naLural resLlng place) l could feel paln l hadnƌL known l had rlslng Lo Lhe surfaceŦ lf Lhls happens
Lo youţ you have a number of cholcesŦ

?ou can sLop uslng lL for a whlleţ replaclng lL wlLh avenLurlneţ whlch can help Lo genLly rebalance
emoLlonsŦ ?ou can hold a rose quarLz ln your handţ andţ whlle holdlng lLţ sllenLly or ouL loud repeaL
an afflrmaLlon %ƍ@e past |s overŤ I am a stronger person nowŦƍ ƍI accept a|| tat I amŦƍ%Ŧ

?ou can also sLlck wlLh lLţ frequenLly remlndlng yourself LhaL LhaL Lhe paln ls comlng up Lo be
releasedŦ lLƌs golngţ never Lo reLurnŦ

More Lhan any oLher crysLalţ rose quarLz Leaches Lhe lesson LhaL all emoLlonal wounds can be
healedţ and LhaL Lhe source of love comes from wlLhlnŦ


When we have emoLlonal blockages Lo lovlng ourselves fullyţ Lhoughţ lL can be dlfflculL Lo see fully
whaL ls poslLlve abouL ourselves and Lo recognlze and appreclaLe Lhe degree Lo whlch weƌre lovedŦ

@|s |s were se|fŴesteem becomes a factorŦ Wen we apprec|ate our wort we are more open to
recogn|z|ng te part|cu|ar ways |n w|c we are un|que and spec|a|Ŧ

When we are fully ln Louch wlLh our worLh we are also more able Lo ask oLhers for helpţ and Lo
asserL ourselves when Lhls ls necessaryŦ

ClLrlneţ a goldenŴhued sLoneţ relaLes Lo Lhe Lhlrd chakraţ whlch deals wlLh selfŴesLeemţ Lhe
approprlaLe use of personal powerţ and abundanceŦ

SelfŴesLeemţ whlch lncludes LrusLlng oneselfţ makes lL posslble for one Lo exerclse oneƌs personal
power ln a responslble wayŦ 1he ablllLy Lo make and acL on declslons whlch are besL for one wlll lead
Lo abundanceţ whlch ls noL only relaLed Lo moneyŦ ln Lhls book abundance means loveŦ

ClLrlne parLlcularly addresses lssues of a balanced egoŦ An unbalanced Lhlrd chakra can show up as
greedţ manlpulaLlonţ and oLher abuses of wlllŦ 1hls chakra can be balanced by guldance from Lhe
sevenLh (crown) chakraţ whlch governs our sense of lnLerconnecLedness wlLh All 1haL lsŦ As gold
(relaLlng Lo Lhe sunţ whlch shlnes wlLhouL blas on all Lhlngs) ls one of Lhe sevenLh chakra coloursţ
clLrlne can be used Lo asslsL ln Lhls balanceŦ

Þ|nk Ca|c|te

Þlnk calclLe helps Lo release old and hurLful emoLlonal paLLerns so LhaL Lhe hearL can be open Lo
recelve and glve uncondlLlonal loveŦ lL Lhus comblnes Lhe energles of rose quarLz and plnk
Lourmallneţ nurLurlng boLh our love for ourselves and our ablllLy Lo express love for oLhersŦ

Þlnk calclLe can be used on any chakra for Lhe purposes of releaslng old paln (for exampleţ Lhose
who were sexually abused as chlldren mlghL flnd lL helpful Lo place lL on Lhe second chakraŦ 1hose
who feel unable Lo express Lhemselves ln lovlng ways could place lL on Lhe LhroaL)Ŧ


1he hearL chakra ls assoclaLed wlLh boLh Lhe colours plnk and greenŦ 1radlLlonallyţ plnk relaLes more
closely Lo maLLers of loveţ and green relaLes Lo heallng (as well as Lo prosperlLy and creaLlvlLy)ţ buL
emerald ls a green sLone LhaL ls relaLed Lo loveŦ

Accordlng Lo crysLal loreţ emerald was broughL Lo earLh from Lhe planeL venusŦ ln 8oman myLhologyţ
venus ls Lhe goddess of loveŦ 1hls ls one of Lhe reasons emerald ls assoclaLed wlLh Lhe slgn of 1aurusţ
whlch ls ruled by venusŦ

l flnd emeraldƌs mosL dlsLlncLlve clalm as a love sLone relaLes Lo lLs balanclng aspecLsŦ lLƌs ofLen
known as Lhe healerƌs sLoneţ and ls especlally recommended for people who exhausL Lhelr resources
ln helplng oLhersŦ

edlcaLlon Lo heallng ls admlrableţ buL dedlcaLlon Lo Lhe polnL of maklng oneself exhausLed and lll
(and Lhus no longer able Lo pracLlce heallng) lndlcaLes an lmbalanceŦ very ofLenţ people who go Lhls
far are uslng selfŴsacrlflce ln order Lo wln loveŦ 1hey may also be among Lhose who flnd lL easler Lo
glve Lhan Lo recelveŦ

An emerald placed wlLh a rose quarLz on Lhe hearL whlle medlLaLlng can help resLore Lhe hearL Lo
balanceŦ 1hls ls useful as a regular pracLlceŦ

Lmerald also relaLes Lo unlversal love and compasslonŦ lLƌs a good sLone Lo puL ln fronL of a sLaLue of
kwan ?lnţ Lhe Chlnese goddess of compasslonŦ


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