Eight Minutes

♫Music:Gheorghe Zamfir

The legend tells that a poor woman with a boy in the arms, passing in front of a cavern, a listened mysterious voice saying: " Enter and take everything that you desire, but do not forget of the main thing.

Remember something: After you leave, the door will close for ever. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity, but do not forget of the main thing...

The woman entered the cavern and found many wealth. Fascinated by the gold and by the jewels, she put the boy in the flat and she began collects the treasure, anxiously, everything that she was able. The mysterious voice spoke again… "You have only eight minutes, Do not forget of the main thing”

The eight minutes passed away, the loaded woman of gold and precious stones, run from the cavern and the door closed forever... Then she remembered, that the boy remained there and the door was closed for ever… She forget of the main thing…

The same thing occurs, at times, with us. Something always notifies us: "Do not forget you of the main thing!"

And the main thing are the Spiritual values, The prayer, The caution, The family, The friends, The life…

But the profit, the wealth, the material pleasures fascinate us so much that the main thing always remains to a side. Thus we exhaust our time here, and we leave to one side the essential thing: "The treasures of the soul!".


greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.”

Created By: Svetlana