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Sookie Stackhouse Trading Card

Sookie Stackhouse Trading Card

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copyright Amy Starkey, 2011
copyright Amy Starkey, 2011

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Published by: amy_branch421 on Sep 16, 2011
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Sookie Stackhouse: Vampire Magnet, Fairy Princess, But Not a Fangbanger
Poor Sookie. She's 25, a cocktail waitress at a backwoods bar/restaurant in Bon Temps, LA, and she's a telepath. She can't help it; she can just hear what people are thinking. One night, a dark stranger—a vampire—enters the bar, and Sookie's life is changed forever. What follows in the Southern Vam pire series by Charlaine Harris is Sookie's struggle with her own identity (she's got a fairy godmother, the m beautiful creature ost ever seen, and a fairy godfather—sort of. Claude is a little narcissistic. And mean.), the love of a vam pire...and then two vampires...and then two vampires and a werewolf. She's dragged along into the supernatural world despite herself, but she maintains her independence and power. Even though any of the men in her life could physically overpower her, she does not let them rule her—Sookie makes her own choices, and she is one witty, intelligent fairy. Oh, yes...Sookie is a fairy. Her blood is intoxicating to vam pires. As Sookie deals with all of that, the vampire intrigues and werewolf/shape-shifter struggles begin to consum her life; but she stays as true to herself as she can, despite e all of the events that change her. No shrinking lily, Sookie—she'll get down and dirty with the best of them, and stakes her fair share of vampires while still keeping true to those who care about her.

Fun Fac ts
Sookie's parents were murdered by enemy fairies who caused them to drown in their car. Claude, Sookie's reluctant fairy godfather, is a stripper in Shreveport. Sookie's brother, Jason, also has fairy blood, but it manifests in sexual virility and attractiveness to humans. Sookie's favorite thing to do on her day off is lay on a chaise in her backyard and get a suntan.

Fairy Princess Tales...

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