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Kengyew Resume

Kengyew Resume

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Published by: Kengyew Tham on Sep 17, 2011
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Kengyew Tham

CEO, Socialwalk - Business Matching in Events thamkengyew@gmail.com

A graduate of Michigan State University with a bachelors in Computer Engineering, Keng Yew made an exit from a PhD program in 2003 to join a Silicon Valley startup (eXS Inc). Kengyew has 5 years working experience with multiple Silicon Valley startups, developing high-tech telecommunications products. Working with eXS, Kengyew has experienced first-hand, starting a company with nothing but an idea, through seed-funding, to commercial deployment with a solid product. In mid 2008 Kengyew returned to Malaysia to start up Socialwalk. Socialwalk specializes in buyer-seller matching algorithms and applies the solution to the MICE industry - Conferences and Tradeshows. By 2010, Socialwalk has won numerous awards including Singtel’s Top 50 Apps in Asia and has been featured on global technology news sites such as Techcrunch and Mashable. Socialwalk has been used by over 200 events around the region and by global clientele such as Messe Dusselsorf and Messe Frankfurt. Kengyew has served as a council member of TeAM (Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia) since 2010 - in charge of creating strategic partnerships to benefit TeAM members. In 2011, Kengyew was appointed as an exco member of TeAM in charge of facilitating in-bound and out-bound trade for Malaysian ICT Companies. In this capacity, Kengyew serves as a voice for Malaysian ICT companies to various government organizations crafting the framework for successful export of Malayian products and services. Kengyew is also a founding member and mentor of Greyattic - an ideas stage funding program designed specifically to accelerate high potential web/mobile based startups. These startups have explosive growth potential - with the right funding and guidance framework that can adapt as fast as they grow

MICE, Exhibitions, Trade shows, Trade fairs, Conferences, Buyer, Visitor, Exhibitor, Promotion, Agents, Trade Missions

Executive Committee - Treasurer at TeAM (Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia July 2009 - Present (2 years 3 months) As the council member in charge of strategic partnerships, i strive to find benefits to our members by creating win-win deals with partners. For example, a local banking and payment gateway has

agreed to adopt a Bizspark-like model for early stage technology companies in partnership with TeAM. This model allows them to setup merchant accounts and collect payments online without any setup fees and at a reduced bank rate. My responsibilities also include evangelizing the need for an objective 3rd party organization fighting for the rights and needs of small technology startups and seeking our representation within government policies and frameworks. CEO at SocialWalk July 2008 - Present (3 years 3 months) Socialwalk - Technology for Conferences & Trade Shows (MICE) Top 50 Apps in Asia | Featured on Techcrunch & Mashable --http://www.socialwalk.com Want to maximize the potential of your delegates/buyers/visitors? Want to cause some excitement and hype leading up to the show? Want to create an impact for your exhibitors/sponsors? Used by over 200 events in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, China. Global clientele such as Messe Frankfurt, Messe Dusseldorf What we do? http://www.youtube.com/v/iC5CDI4_URs&autoplay=1 Business Matching - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9EYVf2PB04 Want to test it yourself? http://socialwalkdemo.com/ 4 recommendations available upon request Engineering at eXS, Inc. January 2003 - January 2008 (5 years 1 month) eXS built wireless mesh networks - WiFi coverage over large ground areas (covering townships/campuses) enabled by multi-hop radio transmissions. My roles in eXS include: - Product spec drafting, product design in California - Overseeing product assembly manufacturing in China - Managing test labs in Kuala Lumpur - Implementation in projects in Malaysia, China, South America, North America, Vietnam. Research Assistant - DAV Robotics Program at Michigan State University January 2000 - January 2002 (2 years 1 month) DAV was designed to be a self incremental learning robot. 2 years of research resulted in a paper presented in MIT.



Michigan State University 2001 - 2003

Web2.0 Startups, CEOs, Core Teams, Founders, Interview


Kengyew Tham
CEO, Socialwalk - Business Matching in Events thamkengyew@gmail.com

4 people have recommended Kengyew
"Social Walk Provided TiE Malaysia,s Asia Pacific Conference 2009 an excellent framework on business match making....Very reliable, punctual and honest. We will be hiring them again for the APAC 10 in November 2010!!!!" — Parabvir Singh Paul, was Kengyew's client "Keng Yew is one of the most level headed leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He does not crack under difficult situations and has endless drive and passion. Keng Yew listens very closely to the needs of his target segment, has the knack of identifying opportunities which need solving and builds products which capitalized on that." — Cheryl Goh, Co-Founder, Socialwalk, worked indirectly for Kengyew at Socialwalk "I worked with Kengyew as part of TeAM go global and market access committee. He is very committed and willing to help the community. I really admired his getting along with almost everybody and the way he networks. If you are in business [around here] and don't know him, you don't know anyone." — Mohandeep Singh, Founder, CEO, Soft Solvers Technologies, was with another company when working with Kengyew at Socialwalk "Keng Yew is very creative, adventurous and daring. Started his company while young, and keeps moving forward. He has produced great work in a very short time. Although sometimes the requirements keep changing, in the course of completion of the project, he patiently listens to the customer, and suggests things that work. Ultimately, he fulfils what the customer needs. Many IT based people, are more engrossed in the technicalities, and more often than not, they always mention that things cannot be done. With him, it is the other way around. He tries to be creative, to eventually find a solution, that the customer is satisfied with. He does not give too many jargons, but says things in the simplest ways. Fantastic person!" — Vyasa Kandasamy, was Kengyew's client

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