Luis Casanova Sorolla

Interview with Daniel Medvedov

Wien 2011

Q.: Why are you in Vienna? A.: After a tempest at sea, I was released on the shore, in this Lonely Island . . . Q.: What are you doing here? A.: In fact, nothing. I have no projects, no interests, search for nothing, know nothing. Q.: Do you need something? A.: Not at all. Need nothing. Q.: What do you think of the trees of that Island? A.: The trees are tall, elegant foliage, but bear no fruit. Q.: Are you decided to established yourself on that Island? A.: A cast-away case has no answer to that question. One established oneself forever in such a place. I have to look for water, change the diet to vegetarian, make an abode, invent fire, and write a message in a

bottle . . .

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