Games with Rhymes The Rhyming Dice Game 1) Start off by playing this a s class game: split the

class into 2 teams and give each a dice. 2) Draw 2 grids (one for each team) on the board/OHP (see Figure 1) 3) Team 1 rolls the dice and if, for example, they get 2 they have to think of a words that rhymes with rain (e. Spain, Plane. Train, came) If it is correct they write it in the next box. 4) Team 2 then rolls the dice and does the same, writing their rhyming word into their own grid. The first team to complete the line wins the game. 5) The game can now be played in groups. The teacher monitors and helps with suggestions. This game can be played over and over again with new words. 1 2 3 4 5 6 fly rain chair fruit go feet

Figure 1 : The Rhyming dice game

The multicoloured rhyme train This is a team game for the whole class. 1) Divide the class into 2 teams and draw the train on the board see Figure . 2) Decide on a starter colour ( eg. Red, green, blue, white) 3) The teams have to shout out a word in turn that rhymes with the colour, and these are added to the train as shown. They get a point every time they provide a correct word and the game finishes when one team had 5 points. 4) Repeat the game with different colour starter words.




Other possible colour rhymes: Green: queen, dream, team, seem, mean, mean, bean, seen White: night, flight, light, write, right, kite, might, Red: bed, head, said, dead, bread, fed, led Brown: town, down, clown, crown, noun Grey: day, play, stay, they, may, say, hey The rhymabout

MGP go head skirt seen sink tea .This is a matching game. February 1993. as a warm up or simply to change the teaching focus after a more concentrated activity. but it is also a physical activity and can be used for revision. bed cat pin head mat win 2) They walk around and say their word until they find their ‘partner’ who has a word that rhymes with their own. 1) Give each child a card with a word on it like the ones below. 3) The activity can be extended by putting 2 or3 words on each card know bed shirt mean pink tree Ideas are taken from JET.

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